Gastbeitrag: Ein neuer hippokratischer Eid - Der Eid eines Medicus

Mai 19, 2022

Datum:19 Mai 2022

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  • Preamble from Rob Verkerk PhD, ANH founder, scientific and executive director
  • Oath of A Medicus

Preamble from Rob Verkerk PhD, ANH founder, scientific and executive director

SARS-CoV-2, covid-19 and the authoritarian regimes that have been installed on the back of the pandemic that has blighted many lives over the last two years, have been a scourge on both people and planet.

But one of the blessings has been the many extraordinary people who have come together and united to help create a better world. One of these people that has brought light to our darkened world is Dr Kat Lindley, who I’ve had the great pleasure of working with over the last few months in our respective roles in the non-profit World Council for Health (WCH). Kat sits on the steering committee and I co-chair the Health & Humanity Committee with another bright light (another Dr Kat, believe it or not) – Dr Naseeba Kathrada.

Kat (as in Dr Lindley) and I also work together on the Bioethics Committee of the WCH that she chairs. We are both, like our committee colleagues, deeply disturbed by the free fall in bioethics that has happened in recent years (especially the last two) affecting both the clinical practice of medicine and research.

We are working on creating an entire new charter that takes the best elements of the great, ancient traditions in healthcare that understood what humanity is all about, and we’re merging it with the best of the modern world, recognising also the role that technology inevitably plays.  

Kat started at the right place: the beginning. She wanted to see a revised Hippocratic Oath that has increasingly been disbanded by medical licensing boards. So what you see below is her revised oath – called the Oath of a Medicus – to which I have provided input.

If doctors and health practitioners out there would heed the 13 promises set out in the Oath of a Medicus solemnly, freely, and upon their honour, the world would be better place for all of us – and more particularly for the next generation.

If you’re a doctor or health practitioner reading this – please indulge and see if these promises resonate and whether you’re prepared to heed them. You can also print out the Oath of a Medicus (see below), frame it and place it on your clinic wall.

If you are someone who seeks guidance from doctors or health practitioners, print it out and give it to your doctor or other health practitioner and ask if he or she is willing to make these promises. If the answer is no, walk away and find another doctor or health practitioner who will heed these promises.

Thank you for being an active bystander in this time of great transition.

Over to Kat. 



“Dr. Kat Lindley D.O. FACOFP is Board Certified Family Medicine Physician who has served her profession in several leadership roles and is currently the Immediate Past President of Texas ACOFP, President-Elect of TOMA, President Elect of Texas Chapter of AAPS and Board member of DPCAction”


The new era of reclaiming medicine and empowering a person to be an active participant in ones health, with physician by his or her side, has come. With it, the need for a new oath, a promise made from the heart, has also risen.

Here is the Oath of a Medicus, that I wrote for the World Council for Health, with input from my colleague Rob Verkerk PhD from the Alliance for Natural Health International. I chose the word Medicus because in Latin it means A Healer. In the world we live in, there is a need for all the medical and health professionals to come together and stand alongside the patients on this journey of healing. There is a better way and together we will make it happen.




Oath of A Medicus

Click on the image to download a PDF version of the Oath

I make these promises solemnly, freely, and upon my honor.

Dr. Kat


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