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Jun 13, 2024

Date:13 June 2024

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  • Natural News
  • ANH-USA Update
  • Covid Update

In Brief (click on the links to read more)

  • We’ve been nominated for a UK Health Radio award!
  • Shocking levels of glyphosate found in gluten-free foods
  • Declining sperm health plus its effects on offspring
  • Forced water fluoridation in New Zealand
  • Have you commented on the UK government’s fluoridation consultation?
  • Food emulsifiers linked to cancer risk
  • Sweeteners harm heart health
  • Will the ‘Chevron doctrine’ be overturned and strip US regulators of powers?
  • Bath Council plans 5G test in city centre
  • Lawsuit to stop introduction of smart meters in New Mexico
  • Poor gut health linked to neurological issues in children
  • Industry tries to prevent PFAS cleanup regulations being implemented in US
  • Bitter or not bitter? Gene editing the bitter out of plants
  • ANH-USA Update
  • Covid News
    • The People’s Vaccine Inquiry
    • One rule for supporting covid shots / another if you warn against them
    • Covid shots ‘not vaccines’ because they don’t stop transmission
    • US government pushing pandemic preparedness behind the scenes

Natural News

  • The ANH International team are delighted to have been nominated for an award by ANH friend, Robin Daly of the Yes to Life Show, as part of the UK Health Radio awards, in the category of Holistic Health Care. We’d be honoured if you would consider voting for us in recognition of our work protecting and promoting natural health options. To vote click HERE. You will need to navigate to page 2 of the nominations and scroll down to the Holistic Health Care category.

  • Testing of gluten-free foods for glyphosate and pesticide contamination by US organisation, Moms Across America, has revealed a shocking 44 out of 46 samples tested positive for glyphosate. 21% of the samples contained more than 10 ppb (parts per billion) and 95.6% had levels higher than 0.1 ppb. The highest level of glyphosate was found in chickpea pasta, which recorded the highest amount of glyphosate in human food ever seen by the testing lab. Find the full report via Moms Across America
  • Sperm samples taken from Danish men, donating to sperm banks, show significantly decreased motility between 2019 and 2022 (with the greatest drop seen in 2022). The authors of the study, published in Human Reproduction, cite covid interventions as a possible reason for the decline. Alex Kriel, writing on the Thinking Coalition Substack asks “Are we being sterilised?” as he analyses the study
  • It’s well accepted that poor sperm health can negatively affect children’s health. A new mouse study published in Nature, suggests the offspring of male mice fed a high fat diet (60% fat from soy bean oil), were more likely to develop metabolic diseases due to changes in the RNA in the energy systems of the sperm. The use of soy bean oil, which mice wouldn’t normally eat, readily replicates the sort of changes that might be seen in someone eating a diet high in ultra-processed foods and damaged fats. Read more about the study
  • Despite widespread opposition, including from the local Council, New Zealand’s Director-General of Health has mandated water supplies in Ōamaru district be fluoridated. Rather than continuing to oppose the directive the Council has folded, due to the threat of having to pay massive fines if it doesn’t comply and is now working to implement the directive. The move is being justified due to poor dental health in children, but rather than educating parents on good oral hygiene and improving diets, the government is resorting to poisoning the water supply
  • There’s still time to register your opposition to water fluoridation in the UK by commenting on the UK government’s consultation in relation to the introduction of fluoridation in NE England. The Fluoride Free Alliance UK has created guidance to help you complete the consultation and stop the fluoridation of England’s water supplies.

>>> Read more about the harms of water fluoridation – Coming to a tap near you

  • Emulsifiers are food-like molecules, widely used in highly processed foods, that can cross the gut wall and activate an immune response leading to the disruption of our metabolism. A new study, published in PLOS Medicine links them to an increasing risk of developing breast and prostate cancer. Our advice – keep an eye on your food labels and avoid wherever possible – or just avoid processed food!

>>> Ultra-processed food dangers – why we need to cook more from scratch

  • Consuming large quantities of the sweetener, xylitol may increase the risk of cardiovascular disease according to a new study published in the European Heart Journal. The study comes hot on the heels of a study, published in Nature Medicine last year, also linking the artificial sweetener erythritol to an increased risk of cardiac disease. The industry backed Calorie Control Council, has been quick to dismiss the results of the study as it strives to re-emphasise the supposed safety of non-nutritive sweeteners. However, eating a lot of sugar alcohols such as xylitol and erythritol can result in gut issues. Listen to Dr Ron Hoffman discussing the study

>>>  Low cal industry lobby finds sweeteners safe for gut microbiome

  • Eyes are on the US Supreme Court as legal observers await what could be one of the most far-reaching decisions ever handed down by the Court. The decisions in two cases – Loper Bright Enterprises v Raimondo and Relentless, Inc. v Department of Commerce, could overturn what’s known as the “Chevron deference or doctrine”, which has the potential to strip government regulators of their decision-making powers and take away the duty of federal courts to automatically defer to government agencies where the law is murky
  • Bath Council is planning an 18-month trial of 5G smart city hardware called ONE WORD in partnership with tech giant, Telet, despite opposing the installation of a 5G mast four years ago. On the 7th July 2024 at 2pm a ‘Rally for Sanity’ will take place to show the widespread public rejection of the pilot, which is being run without adequate risk assessment or public consultation
  • New Mexico, US – a lawsuit has been filed by Arthur Firstenberg, to prevent the introduction of legislation requiring the installation of smart meters.

>>> The 5G disconnect – the biggest next gen uncontrolled experiment?

  • Poor gut health in babies and young children, has been linked to an increased risk for children to develop neurodevelopmental disorders. Swedish researchers publishing in Cell, followed children through to their twenties, to ascertain factors that cause children to develop conditions such as ADHD and autism. High antibiotic use is cited as one contributor due to the disruption it causes to the gut microbiome
  • Industry lobby groups are lining up to challenge the US Environmental Protection Agency’s recent regulation limiting the levels of 6 ‘Forever Chemicals’ in drinking water. The American Water Works Association and Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies along with trade groups have filed lawsuits challenging the limits placed on levels of highly toxic PFAS in drinking water as they face the enormity of the cleanup task ahead of them.

>>> The PFAS ‘Dirty Dozen’ Exposed

  • Prefer not to eat bitter greens? Then Bayer has the solution in the shape of salad greens that have been genetically edited to be less bitter. In a new collaboration with Pairwise, it will start with mustard greens with a view to creating more varieties of less bitter green veggies. However, remove the glucosinolates, which make plants taste bitter and you remove the cancer protective compounds, as well as many other important phytonutrients.

ANH-USA Update

  • What happened at the recent World Health Assembly? From the Pandemic Agreement to changes to the International Health Regulations, which were hastily adopted at very last minute. What can you do to continue to oppose the introduction of the WHO Pandemic Policies?
  • New documents from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) show it lied when it stated PFAS chemicals hadn’t been found in certain pesticides even though they did contain PFAS. Read more and help to ban “Forever Chemicals” forever!

Covid Update

  • The UK Covid Enquiry has delayed the Vaccines and Therapeutics module of its enquiry until at least January 2025, triggering the launch of The People’s Vaccine Inquiry by an expert group on 10 June. Find out more and follow the Inquiry’s work on its X feed
  • Four years after the covid pandemic was declared and fully a year after the head of the World Health Organization declared an end to the said health emergency, a family is still fighting to protect their severely disabled son from covid shots, even though he’s had covid. Tom, now 24 years old, has a mental age of 18 months, but since he turned 18 he’s legally considered to be an adult. His mother has spent the past two years fighting the authorities to prevent him from receiving covid vaccines due to his complex medical needs, verified by medical experts, yet the Court process persists and continues again in July, even though there is no longer any need for Tom to receive covid shots. Read more about a mother’s fight to protect her child, that shouldn’t even be happening
  • Doctors that spoke out against covid restrictions and genetic vaccines were censored, vilified, sacked and struck off for caring about their patient’s health, across the world. Yet, UK TV doctors with, undeclared, financial relationships with pharma companies, that endorsed covid shots, are being revered and rewarded by the self-same system. It’s interesting to note that a report by The Telegraph on this topic a few days ago has conveniently disappeared. This smacks of serious conflicts of interest as evidenced by the UK’s General Medical Council’s investments in fast food firms, pharmaceutical companies, private medical insurers and private healthcare providers, revealed by the BMJ in 2023. An issue that’s also, conveniently, gone extremely quiet since it was revealed
  • In an astonishing revelation, The Telegraph reports that whistleblower doctors in the UK, are being threatened with referral to the GMC for investigation in order to intimidate and shut them up. This is yet more GMC misdeeds which really call into question the validity of the organisation as a whole and whether they are fit to adjudicate on matters of ethics and governance for medical doctors
  • In a huge win for medical freedom, a US court has ruled that vaccine mandates instituted by the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) were unlawful. The judgement is based on the misapplication of a prior legal precedent – Jacobson v. Massachusetts – because covid vaccines can’t be considered to be ‘traditional’ vaccines as they don’t stop the transmission and spread of covid
  • A report from Dutch news site De Andere Krant (in Dutch), recounts the tale of an unvaccinated woman who received a blood transfusion whilst dealing with cancer. Despite requesting unvaccinated blood she ended up being given a transfusion from the main blood transfusion stocks and developed blood clots, which allegedly hastened her death
  • The Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) has announced the launch of a new medical journal, the Journal of the FLCCC Alliance. The journal, which will publish research particularly related to alternative therapies and use of repurposed drugs, will not accept funding from pharmaceutical companies or governmental agencies
  • A new preprint study, from researchers at Oxford University, tosses the need for children to be covid vaccinated out of the window. The study also found that there was little difference between the severity of covid infection between vaccinated and unvaccinated children. However, all cases of peri- or myocarditis documented, were in vaccinated adolescents
  • The US government recently issued its own ‘vision’ for global pandemic preparedness under the tag of global health security, which looks an awful lot like the World Health Organization’s pandemic agreement and contains many of the provisions in the IHR amendments. The new strategy expands global partners from 50 to over 100 countries. Read Meryl Nass’s overview of the document and Health Policy Watch’s interview with Stephanie Psaki, US Coordinator for Global Health Security and Deputy Senior Director for Global health security and biodefense at the US National Security Council, as she attempts to justify its existence
  • While the world watched proceedings at the recent World Health Assembly another conference was taking place alongside. The Geneva Health Forum Conference brought forward many of the themes of the World Health Assembly including the WHO’s ‘One Health’ agenda as speakers set out to dismiss concerns by low-income countries about the imposition of measures by higher income countries.


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