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Jun 28, 2024

Date:28 June 2024

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  • Natural News
  • ANH-USA Update
  • Covid Update

In Brief (click on the links to read more)

  • Court judgement vindicates free speech in health
  • Chevron Doctrine overturned
  • Profound Health Summit recordings now available to buy
  • Study confirms effectiveness of mindfulness practices in reducing stress
  • UK GM opponents come together to change UK precision breeding legislation
  • EU pushback against plans to fasttrack gene editing deregulation
  • Sustainable agriculture hijacked by Big Biotech
  • Synbio companies go to wall as Bezos funds new Sustainable Protein centre
  • Australian Senators push for Digital ID legislation to be repealed
  • Media misuse to promote restrictive health narratives
  • Birth rate in high-income countries halves since 1960
  • UK children are shorter and fatter than ever before
  • Bird flu hysteria ramps up
  • ANH-USA Update
  • Covid News
    • Court rules in favour of US government in free speech case
    • NewsGuard’s role in censorship investigated
    • New survey finds Americans believe covid shots ‘killed people’ and wish they hadn’t had the jabs
    • Vitamin D paper retracted four years after publication

Natural News

  • The need to protect free speech in health has been highlighted by the judgement in a high profile defamation case in the UK. Five years ago, Zoë Harcombe PhD and Dr Malcolm McKendrick, brought a case against journalist Barney Calman and The Mail on Sunday for defamation. This week the Court issued a judgement dismissing the Mail’s public interest defence and accusing the Mail of misinforming its readers. Drs Harcombe and McKendrick are understandably delighted by the judgement, though the case continues.

  • A US Supreme Court judgement in the case of Loper Bright Enterprises vs. Raimondo, will severely blunt the power of federal officials in future. The decision overturns what’s known as the Chevron Doctrine/Defence in which Courts give preference to government agency opinion when determing cases where the law may be murky. In his ruling, Chief Justice John Roberts, wrote “Perhaps most fundamentally, Chevron’s presumption is misguided because agencies have no special competence in resolving statutory ambiguities”.

>>> Chevron Revisited: Natural Health Game Changer?

  • For anyone that was unable to attend the recent Profound Health Summit: Maximising Healthspan, the recordings are now available to purchase at a very reasonable cost of GBP £79.00 / USD $100. Check out the articles below for more about the Summit from Rob Verkerk PhD, who was one of the expert speakers, along with ANH’s executive coordinator Meleni Aldridge, covering a range of topics including micronutrients, brain health, stem cells, peptides, hormones, nutrition, and lifestyle and the need to prevent disease states and trigger regeneration for healthy ageing.

>>> Click here to purchase access to the recordings

>>> Profound health mavericks in Luton (Part 1 of 3)

>>> Profound health mavericks in Luton (Part 2 of 3)

  • We already know mindfulness and meditation are powerful ways to reduce stress. Centuries of use is a testimony to its effectiveness. A new large-scale study, published in Nature Human Behaviour reinforces the effectiveness of mindfulness practices for reducing stress whether self-administered or led by mindfulness practitioners.

>>> Join Meleni Aldridge for her monthly Intention Circle meditation journeys, which are free to access, to help you relax and deal with the stresses and strains of everyday life

  • The pushback against deregulation of so called NGTs (new genomic technologies) and ‘precision bred’ organisms has stepped up a notch. In the UK, GM campaign groups are working together to take advantage of the general election to change new regulations.

>>> Write to your UK election candidate to tell them genetically edited/modified organisms must be labelled and traceable

  • In the EU, a range of interested parties are working together to stop the Belgian government’s attempt to push through radical deregulation of gene edited organisms before the end of its Council Presidency. The proposal was removed from the EU Ambassador’s meeting slated for the 26 June after there was a failure to agree a common position on NGT Rules showing the extent of the disagreement. Big Biotech is still doing its best to force through regulations to deregulate gene edited organisms including the lack of labelling of products to show they include gene edited organisms
  • GM rice being grown in an open field trial has been destroyed by opponents of the technology in Italy. Decrying the destruction, pro-GM organisation, Euroseeds, supported the use and introduction of gene edited plants by hijacking the term ‘sustainable agriculture’, suggesting they are necessary to counter environmental issues and feed the planet
  • Amidst reports that synbio companies are going to the wall despite eye-wateringly high sums of investment, comes an announcement from London’s Imperial College of the launch of the Bezos Centre for Sustainable Protein to advance research into the development of frankenstein foods — supposedly to save the planet. The centre is being established with a $30m grant from the Bezos Earth Fund as attempts to force new-to-nature ‘food’ products on unsuspecting consumers continues apace.

>>> Is Big Food Banking on Synbio for its Future?

  • Australian Senators have introduced the ‘Digital ID Repeal Bill 2024’ as they work to get two digital ID Acts that were enacted in May, repealed, as well as reversing amendments to several related Acts, which were pushed through at the same time. Despite government assurances that any Digital ID scheme will be voluntary, the Senators behind the Bill have expressed strong doubts this will be the case, in reality, saying that anyone choosing not to use such systems could find it extremely hard to interact in society making the system virtually mandatory. Rebekah Barnett has the full story
  • The misuse of the media to promote specific health narratives is discussed in a new paper published in The Lancet Global Health, which seeks to explore the role of news media through traditional outlets, online and social media platform, as a commercial determinant of health framework
  • Birth rates across high-income countries have dropped sharply in recent decades according to a new report from the OECD. Since the 1960s the number of children born per woman (classified as the total fertility rate (TFR)) has dropped from an average of 3.3 in 1960 to 1.5 children in 2022. Of particular concern are the birth rates for Korea at 1.7 and Italy and Spain with 1.2 children per woman. The main reasons cited for the reduction is people waiting until later in life to have children or deciding not to have children at all
  • Children in the UK are shorter and heavier than ever before according to a new report from the Food Foundation, as well as being at a significantly increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes as they get older. The data is indicative of wider health issues driven by the consumption of high calorie, nutrient-poor foods. The report places the blame for this fairly and squarely on the rise in the cost of living in recent years, with little mention being made of the increased consumption of highly processed foods in preference to wholefoods that are minimally processed.

>>> Ultra-processed food dangers – why we need to cook more from scratch

>>> RESET EATING is designed to help you and your family to make the changes needed to move from ultra-processed to ultra-vibrant health

  • As the narrative and hype round bird flu builds, the US government is reported to be negotiating with Moderna to fund a late-stage trial for a bird flu mRNA vaccine. Finland has announced it will start vaccinating some people working with animals using a non-mRNA vaccine. While in the US, the US Dept of Agriculture (USDA) is recommending implementation of stringent biosecurity measures, along with giving loans to farmers so they can institute the measures to combat the spread of bird flu from infected cattle. Such measures could potentially, severely impact smaller family run farms who can’t afford them. The US Food and Drug Administration has also banned the sale of raw milk across the country. Alexis Baden-Mayer of the Organic Consumers Association (OCA), explores the issue and its ramifications in more detail.

ANH-USA Update

  • Moves to change food systems as we know them, are moving forward at increasing speed as efforts to replace traditional farming methods with lab-grown foods are thrust upon us. Claims that such foods are superior to natural foods are spurious at least and premature at best due to a lack of understanding about long-term health impacts of such foods along with little to no safety testing. Find out more and share the article widely to help others understand the dangers from such ‘foods’
  • Representative Anna Paulina Luna (R-FL) has introduced legislation in the US to ban ingredients such as high fructose corn syrup and synthetic food dyes from highly processed foods, which are known to be harming Americans’ health. Support Rep. Luna’s bill by writing to your representative to tell them to co-sponsor the Bill.

Covid Update

  • Judges hearing a landmark US lawsuit, Murthy v Missouri, challenging the US government’s role in censoring social media posts, have issued an opinion, which removes the injunction on the US government, which prevented it from interacting with social media companies directly to direct censorship of content, even though lower courts have consistently found the government’s actions to be unconstitutional and that it coerced social media platforms to censor posts. In the ruling, Justice Amy Coney Barrett wrote that the states and other parties did not have the legal right, or standing, to sue. Three judges dissented the decision. The decision shows just how captured the Courts in the US are and illustrates the extent to which the judges exist in different information filter bubbles. Regardless of the decision, it’s important for people to read the evidence to understand the issue. Here are two articles with more information: Reclaim the Net; and a Twitter thread from Tracy Beanz.

>>> What’s next following the ruling?

>>> Find out more about the case and it’s implications for free speech

  • NewsGuard’s role in suppressing so-called misinformation and censorship of voices speaking out against mainstream narratives, is under the microscope of the US House Committee on Oversight and Accountability, given the funding it’s receiving from the US government. The Defender has the full story
  • Thirty three percent of Americans surveyed in a new Rasmussen Survey agreed that covid vaccines are ‘killing large numbers of people’, whilst 25% of those who received covid shots said they regret it
  • A paper published in PLOS One in 2020 linking low levels of vitamin D with a higher risk of more severe covid illness, has been retracted four years after its publication. The journal issued an expression of concern in October 2020 after concerns were raised about the supposed conflicts of interest of one author, Prof Michael F Holick, a prominent vitamin D researcher and concerns that the paper suggests vitamin D can help reduce the severity of covid infections – something that’s well recognised and documented scientifically. Concerns over conflicts of interest are ironic given the levels of COIs in papers supporting mainstream and pharma narratives, which are standard these days
  • One year after Preprints with The Lancet retracted a systematic review of autopsy deaths following covid shots, within 24 hours of publication, it has now been republished in Forensic Science International. The paper found that 74% of the 325 cases and 1 necropsy case in published autopsy results reviewed, that mentioned covid vaccination, were directly related to the shots
  • Effectiveness of the BioNTech/Pfizer mRNA covid jab wanes rapidly following injection with a reported zero efficacy against hospitalisation and emergency room visits at 12 months according to a new paper published in JAMA. However, the authors of the paper have used this to justify the continued delivery of annual ‘updated’ covid injections.


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