August Acceleration: Awakening – a doctor’s journey

Aug 9, 2022

Date:9 August 2022

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One of the great positives to rise out of the challenges of the past two and a half years, is that people who’s paths would never normally cross, have connected and come together to collaborate from all over the world. For many, as their own circle of family and friends has fractured, new ‘soul families’ and friendships across the globe have been struck. For us at ANH, one of our most treasured, has been with Dr Katarina Lindley. Dr Lindley is a Croatian born, US-trained, conventional medical doctor, who majored in osteopathy (which you can do in the US!), which brings a strong holistic dimension to her practice. She’s also the Operations Director of the US-based, Global Covid Summit and sits on the Steering Committee of the World Council for Health. Of all her affiliations and credentials, the one she’s most committed to is her role as mother to five wonderful children.

Join us for this deeply heartfelt, open and wide-ranging discussion with Meleni and Dr Lindley as they explore the journey that Kat has been on since the covid pandemic started, the cost of speaking out, the breakdown of medical systems and her journey of awakening.

Dr Lindley is deeply committed to speaking out and helping people, it’s why she became a doctor, yet you’ll find her modest about her achievements and all she’s doing. Growing up in a communist country, she really understands better than many, that there comes a time in your life when you realise there’s nothing more important than freedom and you need to stand up for that freedom. She, like the other doctors she works with in the Global Covid Summit, has risked everything for freedom.

With great insight she pinpoints that the current situation is not about covid, about the jabs or the lockdowns, it’s about about the way people have given power and freedoms away.

Kat has found her solace — and her expression — in words during this time and has written some beautiful poetry. You’ll find the poem she shared in her conversation with Meleni, below.

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Dr Lindley’s Poem


By Katarina Lindley

What do you do when you feel like you died?
Your heart is beating
Your mind is running
Your blood is flowing
But your soul was ripped apart
And your dreams have died

You feel like the world has turned dark
You feel lost and sad
You feel broken and mad
You feel shipwrecked and alone
You feel empty and black

Take a breath and pause…
It’s ok to cry
It’s ok to wallow and feel down
It’s ok to sleep and not think
It’s ok…

Don’t think…
Start looking around at new life
Start seeing the good, the hope, the love
Your soul never left
It just fell apart for a while
And now with the new dawn
Your soul is awake, shining bright
And with each and every day
Your soul will show you the way

Your soul shines bright.

© Katerina Lindley 2022


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