Covid News Unwrapped (week 43/2022)

Oct 27, 2022

Date:27 October 2022

The walls of the ‘covid castle’ are being breached. Corruption and Lies. The foundations of the covid crisis are being exposed. From damning science giving more credence to the lab theory of origin of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, publication of scientific papers exposing the true extent of covid jab harms to the exposure of what ‘they’ have planned for our future. It’s all coming out, but we know… And we don’t consent!

They seem to have forgotten with knowledge comes power. The power to change the future. To sculpt and create a world full of love and respect that works in harmony with Nature to nurture her gifts to provide for our future wellbeing and health.

Over to this week’s covid roundup and exposing further the contents of ‘the castle’.

Pushbacks & positives!

  • Dr Christian Perronne has been cleared of all charges of covid misinformation brought against him after he spoke out publicly about the French government’s handling of the covid situation. A disciplinary hearing by a regional Disciplinary Chamber of the “Ordre des Médecins” (National Council of the Order of Physicians, CNOM) found he hadn’t contravened any regulations and won’t be subject to any disciplinary actions
  • The new Premier of Alberta, Canada has continued to speak out against covid restrictions and the treatment of those who refused covid jabs. Danielle Smith apologised last week for the discrimination against anyone as a result of their vaccine status. She also reached out to government employees who had lost their jobs because of their jab status saying she would welcome them back if they want to return to their jobs. She has also said that the Albertan government should cut all ties with the World Economic Forum
  • A federal judge in the US has ordered Dr Anthony Fauci and various other White House officials to testify under oath as part of a lawsuit alleging the Biden Administration colluded with Big Tech companies to suppress content criticising and questioning covid restrictions and mandates
  • New York’s vaccine mandate is now deemed to be ‘null and void’ after it was ruled to be unconstitutional, arbitrary and capricious by a New York Supreme Court judge. He also said federal employees that refused to be injected should not have lost their jobs and the employees who brought the case should be reinstated immediately with back pay.

Censorship and restrictions

  • A US voter analytics firm, PredictWise, harvested data from millions of US citizens mobile phones during covid lockdowns. The data it grabbed was then used to assign a ‘Covid-19 decree violation’ score to the phone’s owner. People who moved around more had a higher score, while those who were less mobile scored lower. The data was also used to assign covid concern scores, which were used during elections to target those deemed to be more worried about covid with covid-related ads. Reclaim the Net has the full story.


  • A new preprint paper further presents strong evidence that the SARS-CoV-2 virus originated from a lab. One of the authors, Alex Washburne provides a lay person’s summary of the findings, inviting others to replicate the science to either support or disprove the researchers conclusions.

Covid injections

  • People who’ve had 3 covid jabs are more likely to get covid than those who’re jab-free according to a new study published in JAMA
  • The decline in jab protection is echoed in a new study quietly published by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) showing protection against hospitalisation from covid following 3 covid jabs, declines to a meagre 29% after 4 months. The study follows revelations that the jabs don’t prevent transmission of the virus or protect against becoming ill although authorities have doubled down on claims they reduce the seriousness of infection and protect against hospitalisation and death….
  • Jessica Rose PhD takes a detailed look at a recent study published in the New England Journal of Medicine assessing Moderna covid jabs in babies and children aged 6 months – 5 years. Deep in the supplementary information she finds much to be concerned about including a report of a 1 year old child that developed type 1 diabetes. She draws attention to the number of babies requiring hospital treatment, the fact that unsolicited adverse events were reported for over 65% of the children involved in the study – not the 50% the researchers reported, and questions the report of hand, foot and mouth infections in 80% of the placebo group. Far from being a safe intervention for children that are at negligent risk from covid, it appears serious questions should be being asked, particularly as the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has voted to add the covid jabs to the childhood vaccination schedule and the UK regulator is also considering approving the Moderna jabs for babies and young children
  • Boosting the elderly results in damage to the immune system resulting in lower protection against catching covid according to a new preprint study
  • Internet searches for information on menstrual irregularities following vaccination jumped considerably after covid jabs were rolled out. Researchers publishing in Scientific Reports used data from Google and Tik Tok to assess the level of concern in English speaking countries and the US. In a separate article, Steve Kirsch, highlights the huge rise in reports of menstrual issues following covid jabs to the US VAERS adverse event reporting system
  • The risk of myocarditis following covid jabs affects all age groups, not just young men as has been previously documented. A new preprint paper from Japanese researchers, estimates the risk of myocarditis may be far more serious than has previously been reported
  • New research from Switzerland, led by Prof Christian Mueller, turns what’s been reported on heart issues following mRNA covid jabs on its head. The team measured troponin levels to look for evidence of damage to the heart in people attending hospital with chest pains. The majority of the study population had received 3 covid jabs. More women than men were found to have suffered damage to their hearts with 28 people per 1,000 estimated to be experiencing heart issues. The research was presented at the recent European Society of Cardiology Congress (ESC 2022). Vinay Prasad MD MPH, explores the data and what it means in a new YouTube video
  • The increased risk of developing myocarditis following covid mRNA injections is acknowledged in a new review article on myocarditis published in the New England Journal of Medicine
  • Just to muddy the waters, a Letter to Editor published in the New England Journal of Medicine using Israeli data, concludes vaccine induced myocarditis is a rare event that occurs mainly in young men following the second dose of mRNA jabs
  • An email leaked to the Epoch Times sounds a klaxon warning over a huge increase in stillbirths in a US hospital. Prior to covid 2 to 3 stillbirths a month were expected but according to the email the hospital dealt with over 20 stillbirths in July and August and 7 up to the 8th of September
  • Retired infectious disease specialist, sborg40, discusses two recent myocarditis papers in a Twitter thread. One claims the risk of myocarditis following covid infection is 7 times higher than after covid jabs, the other finding a significantly higher risk of heart issues following covid injections.

Other News

  • The World Health Organization appears to be using news of a Pandemic Treaty as a ‘decoy’ to divert attention away from its work to adopt amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHRs). James Roguski raises a red flag as news of secret proposals submitted by 14 countries for amendments to the IHRs are revealed. Along with news that the proposals will be considered by a newly created private IHR Review Committee
  • A recent paper published in The Lancet Global Health seeks to identify gaps in pandemic preparedness and calls for high level political agreement on what should be done to prepare for future global health threats. While a second paper from members of the French COVID-19 Scientific Council, calls for an integrated worldwide ‘One Health’ solution to pandemic preparedness. The European Union has also set out its support for the creation of a legally binding pandemic treaty with a stronger WHO at its centre in a document published last month ‘EU response to COVID-19: preparing for autumn and winter 2023’, which also sets out its commitment to the use of restrictions such as mask mandates and vaccine passports through the Winter to control covid
  • Australia’s Commonwealth Bank is giving its customers the option to monitor their carbon footprint based on what they’re buying. Customers are being offered the option to pay to offset their previous month’s purchases by buying carbon credits.


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