News in Brief (week 50/2022)

Dec 15, 2022

Date:15 December 2022

  • UK government authorises fluoridation of water in North East England 
  • Eating herbs and spices improves the health of your gut microbiome
  • Vitamin D improves vaginal microbiome and reduces Alzheimer’s risk
  • Ultra-processed foods increase dementia risk and accelerate cognitive decline
  • The harms of artificial sweeteners
  • FDA outlaws homeopathy in USA
  • Micronutrients to improve heart health
  • WHO issues warning over increasing antimicrobial resistance
  • UK MP calls for immediate stop to covid jab programme and alleges cover up of harms by British Heart Foundation
  • Lawsuit filed to prevent implementation of covid misinformation bill in California
  • Governor Ron DeSantis calls for Supreme Court investigation into wrongdoing around covid injections
  • Drs Malone and McCullough released from Twitter jail
  • New US based poll finds high rate of jab free people and major adverse reactions
  • Bitchute is still unable to access funds after its bank account was blocked over 2 years ago
  • Myocarditis in young boys and men happens more often following second jab, but not considered serious
  • Discrimination against jab-free individuals explored in new Nature paper
  • US school hosts vaccine festival and uses bribes to get kids jabbed with covid and flu injections
  • Letter from Dr Carlton Brown details covid jabs toxicity
  • Sudden deaths in Germany more than doubled in 2021/2022
  • US attorneys urges state attorney generals to investigate and prosecute CDC for withholding adverse event data
  • Contracts awarded to General Dynamics for VAERS data management under the microscope
  • Dr Pierre Kory charts ivermectin takedown timeline
  • Igor Chudov asks if use of molnupiravir is creating a covid variant soup
  • Catastrophic Contagion models pandemic with higher mortality that predominatly affects children and young people
  • UK government to fast track consultation on digital currency
  • How much of a problem is long covid?
  • Unexplained increase in child deaths in Queensland, Australia
  • World Health Organization forges ahead with Pandemic Treaty
  • Artificial wombs take a huge step forward. Could they become reality in the next decade?
  • Pfizer and Moderna pin future profits on mRNA technology
  • If you’re jab-free a new piece of science thinks you’re more likely to have a road traffic accident!
  • Sir Jeremy Farrar appointed as Chief Scientist to the World Health Organization
  • Modelled study attempts to sideline jab related injuries and deaths by claiming covid injections saved millions
  • The effects and harms of covid jabs have been uniquely documented in Jewish communities

The long reads

Water fluoridation

The UK Minister of State for the Department of Health and Social Care has announced his intention to proceed with the fluoridation of water in North East England. He justified the scheme on the basis it will reduce levels of tooth decay. The announcement met with pushback from local MPs on the basis that fluoridation of water amounts to compulsory mass medication, breaches human rights and removes decisions on such matters from local authorities.

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Eating herbs & spices

Adding just a couple of teaspoons of herbs and spices to your food improves the health of your gut microbiome. Researchers publishing in the Journal of Nutrition found that including a range of herbs and spices in your daily diet improves the diversity of organisms in the gut. Not only are herbs and spices good for our gut, they also colour and flavour our food elevating it from OK to delicious! They pack such a nutritional punch that they warrant their own section in the ANH-Intl Food4Health guidelines and are sprinkled liberally throughout the recipes in our book, RESET EATING.

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Vitamin D

Women with low levels of vitamin D are more likely to develop bacterial vaginosis in pregnancy according to a new meta-analysis published in Frontiers in Nutrition. The analysis also referenced research suggesting women who aren’t pregnant could benefit from increasing their levels of vitamin D to improve the health of their vaginal microbiome. Being deficient in vitamin D, could also increase the risk of developing dementia according to a new study published in Alzheimer’s & Dementia. None of the participants of the Rush Memory and Ageing Project had dementia when they were enrolled into the project. They were followed until their death, after which the brains of 290 individuals were examined post-mortem. Researchers found higher levels of vitamin D in the brain were associated with a 25-33% reduced risk of developing Alzheimer’s.

>>> Visit our Test and Take: Vitamin D campaign for more information about the importance of vitamin D to our health

Ultra-processed foods

The news that ultra-processed foods (UPFs) accelerate the onset of cognitive decline shouldn’t be a surprise for anyone that’s been following us for any length of time. Yet, it will still be news to many who don’t pay attention to how the food we eat impacts our health. It’s shocking to find that over 73% of the US food supply is now classed as ultra-processed. A new Brazilian study of over 10,000 individuals, published in JAMA Neurology, provides more evidence of the impact that ultra-processed foods have on our brain health. Participants with the highest intake of UPFs were found to have a much higher likelihood of experiencing a decline in cognitive function, which is often the first sign of dementia. Researchers publishing in Nutrients caution against over consumption of highly processed plant-based ‘meat’ alternatives due to their lack of iron and high phytate content, which can affect the absorption of nutrients from the gut.

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Artificial sweeteners

Often a key ingredient in ultra-processed foods, the dangers of artificial sweeteners to our health is rarely mentioned in the mainstream media despite the ever-growing evidence base of the risks to our health. Instead, they continue to promote the message that we must use artificial sweeteners to reduce sugar consumption, help us lose weight, tackle type 2 diabetes and other metabolic conditions in order to improve our health. In a sharp about turn, the Guardian published a long-read article recently warning of the very real problems posed by sweeteners to our health and wellbeing. One of the key claims for the use of sweeteners is that they provide the sweet hit required without the impact of sugar on our metabolism. All of that’s been turned on its head in a recent study published in Cell, which found two of the sweeteners tested (sucralose and saccharin) raised the blood sugar of all those that consumed them. We couldn’t agree more and reiterate that rather than constantly trying to replace sugar, we should be aiming to reduce the amount of sweet foods we include in our daily diets.

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FDA outlaws homeopathy

The US Food & Drugs Administration (FDA) has completed their overhaul of homeopathy regulation, and it is as feared: in the FDA’s view, all homeopathic products are illegal. This interpretation gives the agency the power to remove any homeopathic medicine it wants to, whenever it wants to. We must convey consumer outrage to Congress and the FDA if we want to save homeopathy. Homeopathic drugs will not all disappear overnight. The FDA will probably adopt a similar playbook as the one they’re using to eliminate compounded medications — employing a strategy of “death by a thousand cuts.” Slowly but surely the agency will target and eliminate homeopathic medicines one by one until it is impossible for companies to stay in business. Clearing the market in one fell swoop would create headlines; picking off medicines one by one over time allows the agency to accomplish the same goal without drawing as much attention or generating as much outrage. Find out more from the team at ANH-USA and please take action.

Micronutrients & heart health

Ensuring we have a diverse range of micronutrients is essential for supporting heart health. A new systematic review and meta-analysis of randomised controlled studies published in The Journal of the American College of Cardiology sets out a comprehensive list of micronutrients that can reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Amongst the nutrients found to be beneficial, were omega 3 fatty acids, folate (particularly for strokes), magnesium, zinc, curcumin and coenzyme Q10. Data on supplementation of micronutrients was also included in the analysis.

Antimicrobial resistance

A new report from the World Health Organization, the Global Antimicrobial Resistance and Use Surveillance System (GLASS) report, has sounded a klaxon warning over significantly increased levels of antimicrobial resistance (AMR). Of particular concern is the level of AMR in pathogens that cause blood infections. AMR is now developing to the so called ‘last resort’ antibiotics, carbapenams. The report blames the continued high levels of use of antibiotics globally for driving AMR. It’s important to understand that AMR is a serious threat to animal and environmental health as well as humans. Suffice to say there are non-pharma, natural options for tackling ailments for which antibiotics are routinely prescribed as there may come a day when even a simple infection could kill if we don’t make changes to how we approach healthcare.

Covid News

  • UK MP, Andrew Brigden, called for an immediate stop to the covid jab programme when he led a ‘debate’ (watch from 19:00) on the safety of covid injections in Parliament this week. He also alleged that important research revealing the extent of the jab harms to heart health is being actively suppressed by a senior member of the British Heart Foundation, which swiftly issued a rebuttal. Sadly, the chamber was devoid of MPs to hear what he had to say and fully debate the issue in a full and transparent manner
  • Lawyers working on behalf of Children’s Health Defense have filed a motion to prevent doctors from being punished for speaking out about covid related issues under California’s new misinformation bill AB2098, whilst it’s being fought in court
  • Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced that he will be petitioning for a statewide grand jury to investigate “…any and all wrongdoing in Florida with respect to COVID-19 vaccines” during a roundtable discussion on covid jab accountability
  • Drs Malone and McCullough have been released from ‘Twitter jail’ and had their accounts reinstated as Elon Musk lives up to his promise to bring back banned accounts
  • American pollsters, Rasmussen, conducted a poll of 1,000 Americans asking about covid jabs. They found 32% were jab free, 7% had suffered a major adverse reaction following injection, while 57% expressed concerns about the possibility of major adverse reactions. Steve Kirsch has the lowdown on his Substack, and Prof Norman Fenton comments on the finding that 32% of those polled, said they’re jab ree
  • Bitchute is asking for support after it failed to obtain access to funds held by HSBC which closed its account two years ago following an attack by an activist group that tried to shut it down.
  • The incidence of myocarditis following covid jabs is higher in male adolescents and young men following their second shot. The acknowledgement comes as part of a systematic review and meta-analysis published in JAMA Pediatrics, which concludes that even though many people required hospitalisation, because that data analysed didn’t show any deaths or patients requiring ventilation it’s not a major issue to be concerned about
  • The level to which jab free citizens across 21 countries were discriminated against because of their choice to refuse covid jabs is documented in a new paper published in Nature
  • A school in a deprived area of California, hosted a Holiday Festival Vaccine clinic offering bribes for kids to receive covid and flu jabs. The ‘bribes’ included free food and $1,000 worth of free toys
  • Sasha Latypova has shared an ‘evidentiary document’ on her Substack written by Dr Carlton Brown covering the body of evidence in regard to the toxicity of covid jabs
  • Sudden deaths in Germany are reported to have more than doubled in 2021 and 2022. The report on the No Tricks Zone website uses data taken from the German Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KBV)
  • US attorney, Edward A. Berkovich, recently sent letters to 13 US state attorneys general asking them to consider taking state-level action to investigate and prosecute officials from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for reckless endangerment or similar state crimes due to its three-month delay in reporting the first statistically significant signal of myocarditis incidence following covid jabs
  • Josh Guetzkow discusses contracts awarded to General Dynamics in the US to handle an anticipated onslaught of jab related adverse event reports to VAERS just after the start of trials for covid jabs and well before emergency use authorisation was granted
  • Dr Pierre Kory charts the timeline of the disinformation wars around the use of ivermectin to treat covid on his Substack
  • Igor Chudov asks if the use of molnupiravir to treat covid could be contributing to the development of a covid variant soup?
  • Catastrophic Contagion was yet another tabletop exercise carried out by the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, in partnership with the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation at the Grand Challenges Annual Meeting Belgium in October. The scenario saw the ante upped by featuring a pandemic with a mortality rate higher than covid that mainly affects children and young people
  • The UK Chancellor, Jeremy Hunt, has announced that a consultation to explore the case for a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) will be brought forward to take place in the next few weeks. During the festive holidays so that people’s attention is elsewhere perhaps?
  • Marty Makary asks just how much of an issue is Long Covid in an op ed published in the Wall Street Journal. An article in STAT, reveals that over 3,500 US deaths have been listed as due to long covid
  • The number of children and young people that have died in Queensland, Australia has increased over the past two years, stopping the downward trend seen over the past couple of decades. Of particular note is the number of unexpected infant deaths – the highest in 8 years, the cause of which has yet to be established
  • The World Health Organization (WHO) is continuing to push forwards on its Pandemic Treaty, now dubbed ‘Pandemic Accord’ in a tweet from Dr Tedros Ghebreyesus, as part of the third meeting of the Intergovernmental Negotiating Body (INB), which took place last week. The conceptual zero draft along with comments from the meeting will be passed to the WHO to form the basis of the treaty. James Roguski has more
  • For any transhumanists among you, you’ll be thrilled to hear that the reality of artificial wombs has taken a step forward with the unveiling of Ectolife. Ectolife has revealed its concept of growing designer babies in artificial wombs, where parents can choose up to five desirable traits. It’s creator, Hasem Al-Ghaili, believes his vision could become reality in the next 10 years
  • Pfizer is reporting expected income of US$ 10-15 billion by 2030 from its anticipated portfolio of mRNA jabs as it seeks to allay fears of loss of income from covid jabs in the coming years. Moderna has also revealed its suit of mRNA products in a recent presentation revealed by Jessica Rose PhD
  • Possibly one of the most ridiculous pieces of covid related science has been published in the American Journal of Science. The study from Canadian researchers links vaccine hesitancy with an increased risk of having a car accident. The authors worked on the theory that adults who neglect health recommendations may also neglect basic road safety guidelines!
  • The WHO has appointed Sir Jeremy Farrar, Director of the Wellcome Trust, as its new Chief Scientist. Farrar is notorious for his role in publishing a letter in The Lancet dismissing the theory that the SARS-CoV-2 virus leaked from a lab in Wuhan in early 2020
  • In an effort to combat the data emerging on jab related deaths, the Commonwealth Fund has resorted to modelling the supposed success of the covid jab programme and would have us believe that without the jabs there would’ve been more than 18 million additional hospitalisations and over 3 million more deaths. The study makes no mention of the many harmed by the exact same jabs
  • Due to the specific tracking of menstrual cycles and the celebration of births, the adverse effects of covid jabs were noticed very quickly in Jewish communities. Birth rates appear to have halved since the rollout of the jabs, with reports of increased stillbirths, babies being born with missing hands and feet along with an increase in people dying at home unexpectedly.


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