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Who are we?

Alliance for Natural Health (ANH) Europe is the European, Netherlands-based representative of the ANH International, an internationally active, UK headquartered, non-profit organisation founded in 2002 that seeks to protect and promote natural and sustainable approaches to health care.

We support approaches to self-care and health care that work with, rather than against, nature.

Members of our alliance include health professionals, scientists, lawyers, natural product companies and members of the public. 

Our mission

Our mission is to help inspire and enable as many people as possible to adopt natural and sustainable approaches to health care by promoting more diverse, health choices, encouraging appropriate actions, evaluating and curating relevant research and providing education (C.A.R.E.).

We accomplish our mission through a unique application of ‘good science’ and ‘good law’.

We work with a vertical cross-section of interests in and outside the natural health sector, from citizens, to doctors and other practitioners, scientists, lawyers, academics, retailers and manufacturers.


Our vision

A world in which all individuals are able to enjoy their fundamental right and freedom to choose natural health as their overriding approach to the management or optimisation of their health and those for whom they care, consistent with the principles of rational science and the just rule of law.

There should be no negative or undue interference by governments or corporations in the ability of individuals to exercise these fundamental rights, particularly when such interference involves concealing or misrepresenting relevant information, or seeks to gain power or influence for their own benefit.

ANH International

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