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Feb 22, 2024

Date:22 February 2024

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In Brief (click on the links to read more)

  • French government sneak Article 4 back into new legislation
  • German government attacks natual health options as ‘anti-semitic’
  • What we’re listening to – Rob Verkerk PhD and Dr Ron Hoffman discuss how to safeguard natural health options
  • Viridian Nutrition launches ‘No Junk’ campaign
  • Forever chemicals damage children’s bone health
  • Phthalate exposure increases risk of premature birth
  • Water flouridation doesn’t prevent tooth decay and damages children’s IQ
  • UK Councils opt for locally-based produce, rejecting plant-based-only menus
  • US FDA approves gene edited purple tomatoes for sale, but are they safe?
  • Google readies launch of prebunking ads
  • Lab-grown meat disguised as rice
  • ANH-USA Update
  • Covid News inc:
    • Paper calling for global moratorium on mRNA jabs to be retracted
    • UK Open letter asks why the role of covid shots in excess deaths is being ignored
    • New Zealand health authorities release covid ‘vaccine’ data
    • UK Office for National Statistics change excess death model and reduces excess deaths
    • Covid jabs adverse reactions risks confirmed
    • Plus more…

Natural News

  • In December 2023, we raised the alarm about a proposed law in France containing a clause that could potentially remove medical freedom from French people and punish those who speak out against novel treatments such as covid and cancer shots. Following a huge outcry, Article 4 was deleted from the proposed legislation. However, following much ducking, diving and conniving, Article 4 was rewritten and snuck back in at the last minute, preventing dissenters from stopping the legislation, along with Article 4, from being voted through. Article 4 continues to pose a serious threat to natural health practitioners who may be attacked using the law, which now sees the initial fine doubling to €30,000 (from €15,000), by those trying to stop the practice of natural health therapies. Although a new clause, that allows for fully informed consent to take place has been included, it’s unclear how this would work in reality given the ability for the authorities to define what they constitute to be ‘clear and comprehensive information’. The Bill now returns to the French Senate, which previously rejected Article 4
  • A German government official has inferred natural health practitioners in Germany are ‘anti-semitic’ if they criticise conventional medicine or covid policies. German homeopathic practitioner organisation, Fachverband Deutscher Heilpraktiker e.V. has published an Open Letter, challenging the Minister’s comments. In response to recent calls by the German Health Minister, a petition has been set up by, calling for homeopathy to remain available through health insurance.

>>> Article 4 poses a huge threat to natural health options and French people’s ability to choose how they look after their health

  • Rob Verkerk PhD joined Dr Ron Hoffman recently to discuss safeguarding our ability to choose and access a range of healthcare options in order to maintain our health on the Intelligent Medicine Podcast. Listen to Parts 1 and 2 below

  • UK supplement manufacturer, Viridian Nutrition, is on a mission to expose supplements that aren’t as healthy as they claim. It’s new ‘No Junk’ campaign shines a spotlight on dietary supplements that are laden with a multitude of additives that are far from the healthy option they’re held up to be
  • Exposure to PFAS chemicals is associated with a loss of bone mineral density in children, putting them at greater risk of developing osteoporosis later in life, according to a new study published in Environmental Research
  • The risks of harm to babies of another highly toxic group of chemicals, phthalates, is highlighted by a new study, published in The Lancet Planetary Health. US researchers found that babies exposed to phthalates, before birth, are at increased risk of being born prematurely, which often comes with a myriad of health issues that can impact future health
  • As the UK government moves to increase water fluoridation in England, two new studies cast serious doubt on the safety of and need to fluoridate water supplies. A massive new study, the LOTUS Study, funded by the UK government, found there was virtually no reduction in tooth decay for those living in areas where the water is fluoridated. The study also undertook a cost-benefit analysis, which concluded that millions could be spent on expanding water fluoridation in England, with virtually no benefit. In Canada, a study published in Critical Reviews in Toxicology, commissioned by Health Canada, found strong evidence connecting water fluoridation with fluorosis and a reduction in IQ in children along with moderate evidence of thyroid dysfunction. The Canadian study forms a part of a key lawsuit seeking to ban water fluoridation in the US.

>>> The perils of water fluoridation

  • Councils in the UK are being targeted to impose plant-based-only menus at their catered events. However, thankfully there are those that are now rejecting plant-based-only menus in favour of supporting produce from local farmers. Wiltshire council has become the latest council to vote on the issue following a campaign by the Countryside Alliance to get local councils to publicly support locally produced food including meat and dairy.

>>> Plant-based doesn’t have to mean no animal foods

  • Purple tomatoes, genetically engineered, using snapdragon genes, to contain higher levels of antioxidants, have been approved for sale to gardeners in the US. The plant’s release comes with a caveat though, it’s not known how safe they are for human consumption. GM Watch has the full details
  • Prebunking is about to emerge from the shadows as Google prepares to run a series of ads in five EU countries from Spring 2024, ahead of the EU elections as part of efforts to combat ‘misinformation’ under the new Digital Services Act, which came into force for 450 million Europeans, on February 17th. Viewers of the prebunking ads, which will air on TikTok and YouTube, will be asked to complete a short multiple-choice questionnaire to ascertain what they’ve learnt (or been conditioned to learn) about misinformation
  • As consumers increasingly reject lab-grown meat, researchers are looking for new ways to disguise the products to gain consumer acceptance. Korean scientists have taken a step towards this goal by creating beef rice – rice grains with animal muscle and fat cells inside, grown in a petri dish. The research is in it’s early stages, but it could potentially be used as a way to desensitise younger people into accepting lab-grown meat products.

ANH-USA Update

  • Large sectors of the American public are blissfully unaware of the threat to national sovereignty from the World Health Organization’s Pandemic Treaty and the amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHRs) because it’s not being reported. They’re also not aware that the US can sign up to the whole kit and caboodle, without the need for Senate ratification. Find out more and how you can oppose adoption of the Treaty and IHRs…
  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) updated immunization schedule for 2024 increases the minimum number of doses of vaccines given to children aged 0-18, to 76 doses of 18 different vaccines. Questioning vaccine safety is never easy but for the sake of the children it’s important that robust safety data is made available. Find out more…
  • Dr Ron Hoffman shares his top tips to get you through the late Winter blues. Read more…

Covid News

  • The UK government’s Petitions Committee has decided a petition calling for the UK to withdraw its membership of the World Health Organization (WHO), which attracted more than 100,000 signatures should not be debated by the UK Parliament. The move was justified because the matter “has already been discussed” in previous debates about the Pandemic Treaty and International Health Regulations (IHRs) 
  • A peer-reviewed paper calling for a global moratorium on mRNA vaccines, published in Cureus in January, is being threatened with retraction, because it’s conclusions are counter to the mainstream narrative
  • Concerns over continued increases in excess deaths, along with increased levels of sickness and disability in the UK workforce have been brought to the fore in a Joint Open Letter sent to the UK’s Secretary of State for Health. The letter from the Health Advisory and Recovery Team (HART), UK Medical Freedom Alliance (UKMFA) and Children’s Covid Vaccines Advisory Council (CCVAC) and co-signed by over a 100 doctors and healthcare practitioners, asks a simple question. Why is the role of covid shots not being considered?
  • Following in Australia’s footsteps, the UK Office of National Statistics (ONS) has announced a change in the way it calculates excess deaths. In revising its methodology, the ONS has reduced excess deaths in 2023 from just over 30,000 to just over 11,000 and wiped off 8,000 excess deaths in 2020
  • Following the release of New Zealand covid vaccine data by whistleblower, Barry Young, New Zealand health authorities have released additional data in response to an OIA Request (similar to a freedom of information request). Steve Kirsch has analysed the additional data finding a direct link between covid jabs and increased mortality
  • Using data from nearly a million people given covid shots across eight countries, a team of researchers from the Global Vaccine Data Network have assessed the risks of 13 adverse reactions occurring following covid shots. The study, published in Vaccine, confirmed the Pfizer, Moderna and Astrazeneca jabs come with a significantly higher risk of five medical conditions including myo- and pericarditis, neurological damage, blood clots and Guillain-Barre syndrome. The study only considered data for a 42 day period post ‘vaccination’. Having confirmed the association between the jabs and serious adverse reactions the researchers were also at pains to reinforce how ‘rare’ such occurrences are compared to the number of jabs administered. Dr James Lyons Weiler takes a deep dive into the research to assess the validity of its conclusions
  • Fact checkers now have a new tool in their armoury after a recent study, published in Scientific Reports, found that fact checks that confirm accurate information are more successful in engaging people, than those that state misinformation is false
  • Following on from previous investigations of studies supporting the safety of covid jabs in pregnancy, Igor Chudov explores a 2022 study published in JAMA, which also promotes the safety of the jabs for pregnant women. However, diving into the supplemental data finds the same pattern as the two previous papers. Women who received covid shots in their first or second trimester have a higher risk of their babies experiencing complications after birth than women who weren’t vaccinated.


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