ANH News Beat (week 11/2023)

Mar 16, 2023

Date:16 March 2023

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  • Natural News
  • Covid News

In Brief (click on the links to read more)

  • Homeopathic remedies emit electromagnetic frequencies
  • New film explores the hidden story behind the contraceptive pill
  • Microplastics found to cross placenta in rat study
  • Eat less ultra-processed food to reduce cancer rates
  • Call to stop 5G rollout
  • UK 5G legal challenge fails
  • Exercise more effective than antidepressants
  • Buyer beware as fake manuka honey revealed
  • Suppressed US government report confirms fluoride reduces children’s IQ
  • Rise in toxic drug prescription to ‘treat’ autism
  • Eat more vegetables to prevent Alzheimer’s
  • Has key Alzheimer’s research been falsified?
  • Attack on Food Symposium & solutions to fight back
  • Consumers demand regulation, labelling and safety testing of gene edited foods
  • Astroturfing Africans over GMOs
  • Covid News inc:
    • Cochrane apologises for Review conclusion on masks
    • Covid injections mortality, injury, contamination…
    • UK Yellow Card reporting to be scaled back
    • FDA and CDC seek to discredit Florida’s Surgeon General
    • Ex-CDC Director supports lab leak theory
    • Plus much more…

Natural News

  • Homeopathic medicines emit electromagnetic frequencies that can be measured. Indian researchers publishing in Materials Science and Engineering: B found different remedies emit a unique electromagnetic signal. Funny that. Some of you may remember the Water Conference when Rob Verkerk joined Luc Montagnier and others at the Royal Society of Medicine? The research helps to explain the mechanisms behind the efficacy of homeopathic remedies

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  • The Business of Birth Control is a new film exploring the history of hormonal contraceptives. Sold to women for the past 60 years as a way to achieve freedom through the control of their fertility the film traces the history of ‘the pill’ and its risks, that are so often downplayed. It’s a must watch for anyone using hormonal contraceptives or know women who are or are likely to be doing so. There is a cost to access the film but it’s a perfect opportunity to bring the women around you together who have concerns or are looking for more natural alternatives, to share both the story and the cost. This is a story that needs to be heard. As with so many things we take for granted or don’t even really think about, there’s a story within a story and in this case it is and has been, harming women
  • Microplastics can pass through the placental barrier in rats, leading to developmental issues in the pups. Published in Nanomaterials, a new study shows how microplastics fed to pregnant rats cross the placenta and enter the hearts, lungs, liver and brains of the rat pups. The researchers have concluded it’s possible the same could happen in humans
  • Cancer is now the leading cause of death worldwide. Researchers publishing in The Lancet Planetary Health suggest eating more nutrient dense wholefoods and reducing our consumption of ultra-processed foods could significantly reduce our risk of developing cancer

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  • The roll out of 5G technologies should be stopped due to the lack of safety data, say leading independent experts in the field publishing in the Annals of Clinical and Medical Case Reports. The authors are also calling for more stringent regulatory frameworks to be put in place around microwave radiation from wireless technologies. Corresponding author, Dr Lennart Hardell, told The Defender it’s time for ethical discussions around the safety of the technology to take place
  • A judicial review against the UK government contesting its assertion that 5G technology is safe has found in favour of the government. Are you surprised given the way the revolving doors work? The judgement has exposed the government’s position where it’s deciding what should be classed as ‘disinformation’ including peer-reviewed scientific evidence that doesn’t support its position. 

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  • Exercise is more effective at tackling anxiety and depression than medication. A review of 97 systematic reviews published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine found doing a variety of physical exercise for 150 minutes a week significantly reduces mental health issues compared to medication
  • Lab testing of honey labelled as manuka produced outside of New Zealand has found that all 41 brands tested didn’t come from the New Zealand manuka tree. None of the honey tested contained a critical marker, leptosperin, which gives manuka honey it’s health promoting benefits
  • A key report on fluoride neurotoxicity has been released by the US National Toxicology Program (NTP) following attempts to suppress it. The report concludes and strengthens finding from previous iterations that fluoride exposure reduces IQ in children.

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  • Big Pharma is profiting from skyrocketing rates of autism and preying on families desperate for help. The value of the market is projected to soar to over $11 billion by 2028. Children’s Health Defense explores the rise in the use of toxic drugs that come with serious side effects to ‘treat’ autism.

>>> ANH’s Food4Health guidelines prioritise a wide diversity of plant foods and healthy fats for vibrant health
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  • Eating a diet rich in green leafy, vegetables along with a wide range a diversity of other vegetables and healthy fats reduces the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease. Post-mortem data showed people who followed a Mediterranean style diet rich in vegetables and healthy fats had much lower levels of amyloid plaques and tau tangles than those who’d been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease
  • An op-ed in the Daily Mail draws attention to claims published by Science that Alzheimer’s research, which has informed ongoing research efforts and drug development, may have been fabricated. The key paper published in Nature now bears an Editor’s Note in relation to the concerns, but as yet no further comments have been made in relation to the accusations.

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  • If you’re concerned about the emerging threats to our planet and our food systems you can learn how to grow your own, create community and become more self-reliant! Watch the Attack on Food Symposium and solutions to fight back hosted by CHD.TV
  • Public awareness of gene editing and precision breeding was found to be low as part of consumer research conducted by the UK Food Standards Agency (FSA). Those who participated in workshops felt the benefits outweighed the risks as long as the technology is properly safety tested and regulated and also wanted products using ingredients that have been gene edited or precision bred to be labelled. Organisers of the Third International Summit on Human Genome Editing have concluded that it’s still too early to use powerful new techniques to edit genes that can be passed down the generations as there are still so many unknowns
  • A ‘new’ organisation, called RePlanet Africa, has popped up in Africa to push GM crops. However, scratch the surface and it’s obvious this is a clear case of astroturfing as those involved are being financed by the Gates Foundation. GM Watch has the full lowdown.

Covid News

  • Authors of the recent Cochrane Review that found masks were ineffective at preventing the spread of covid are pushing back after Cochrane’s Editor in Chief published what’s being seen as an apology for the conclusions of the Review, following pressure from a New York Times US journalist. Lead author Tom Jefferson has written to the New York Times to complain about their coverage of the Review. Maryanne Demasi has the full story.

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  • New data quietly released by the Israeli Ministry of Health appears to show covid shots increase the risk of dying for at least 180 days after being jabbed. Steve Kirsch has obtained a copy of the report and discusses the data on his Substack
  • Yellow Card reporting of adverse events following covid jabs will be scaled back due the supposed ‘stable safety profile’ of the shots. Data will now be available via an interactive system that collects adverse event data for all medicines in the UK
  • Utah: Safe and Effective? is a brand new documentary about the covid crisis and jabs. The makers of the film interview doctors, nurses and others to explore their experience during the coronavirus crisis and the rollout of the shots
  • The US Senate and House of Representatives unanimously passed the COVID-19 Origin Act of 2023 requiring the US government to declassify documents relating to the origins of covid. However, experts are warning that the legislation limits the type of documents the government must release raising questions over the purpose of the Bill
  • Germany’s Federal Minister of Health has admitted in an interview that covid shots caused adverse reactions and that his previous comments promoting the safety of the injections didn’t represent his true position. Dr Byram Bridle has more on his Substack
  • Babies aged 6 months and up are now eligible to receive a 4th Pfizer covid jab in the US. Babies receiving a fourth jab may actually have received more if their mother was jabbed during pregnancy or whilst breastfeeding
  • Dr Robert Redfield, former health of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), has thrown Dr Anthony Fauci and the US government under the bus during Congressional hearings over the origin of covid as he said he was sidelined from discussions over where the virus came from. He also said both the NIH and US government were funding gain of function work and that it wasn’t ‘scientifically plausible’ that the virus evolved naturally
  • Covid bivalent booster shots don’t provide any additional protection against severe covid disease in those aged 18-64 years and any additional protection given to those over the age of 64 years waned within two months of the shots
  • An FDA Briefing document acknowledges Guillain- Barré syndrome is an “…important potential risk.” related to the Pfizer covid shots
  • A row has broken out in the state of Montana in the US over proposed legislation (House Bill 645), which would effectively ban those given covid jabs from donating blood
  • Last month Dr Ladapo, Florida’s Surgeon General, sent a letter to federal health agencies expressing concern over adverse events to covid shots referring to data in the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). In response the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have sent a response seeking to debunk his claims and discredit Dr Ladapo as a misinformation spreader
  • Many people have suffered severe adverse reactions to covid shots and died. We’re including two incidents this week that illustrate what’s happening and the continued dismissal by health authorities and governments of concerns over the supposed ‘safety’ of the injections. In the US, 17-year old football player, Markus Martinez, has undergone a heart transplant after his heart failed in November 2022. Since the transplant he’s suffered multiple blood clots. His great aunt has attributed the problems to the covid shots. In Japan a 42-year-old woman died less than 2 hours after she received a covid booster. The Japanese health ministry panel has acknowledged her death was a result of the covid shot she received.


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