ANH News Beat (week 12/2023)

Mar 23, 2023

Date:23 March 2023

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In Brief (click on the links to read more)

  • New US alliance calls for law to promote regenerative agriculture
  • Artificial sweetener depresses immune system
  • Mexico stands firm against pressure to allow GMO corn imports
  • EU countries call for strict regulation of ‘new genomic’ technologies
  • Sleeping badly increases risk of heart disease
  • Poor gut health linked to migraine risk
  • Tooth loss and diabetes increases dementia risk
  • Humans need for spiritual fulfilment
  • Gut bugs can be shared with those closest to us
  • ‘Cookbook’ for the removal of glyphosate in the EU
  • Natural health options left off table to combat avian flu
  • Probiotics and herbs improve asthma sufferers lung function
  • US needs to drastically cut consumption of ultra-processed foods
  • LCHF diet reduce anxiety and depression
  • Legislation to legalise CBD in supplements in US
  • Personalising health advice reduces healthcare burdens
  • Covid News inc:
    • SARS-CoV-2 origin
    • Covid injections mortality, injury, contamination…
    • Andrographis reduces covid pneumonia risk
    • New documents show Pfizer knew about myocarditis risk
    • UK MPs snub Andrew Bridgen’s speech on adverse reactions
    • Plus much more…

Natural News

  • More than 60 US food, farming, indigenous, faith and climate advocacy groups have come together to form the Alliance Against Farm Bill Offsets group. The Alliance plans to lobby Congress ahead of debate around the Farm Bill, to call for legislation to be passed that will promote biodiverse, regenerative and sustainable food and agricultural systems
  • Artificial sweetener, Sucralose, depresses the immune system, so says the findings of a new mouse study, published in Nature. Rather than raising an alarm about the impact of the sweetener on the immune system, researchers are suggesting it could be used as a cheap way to calm overactive immune responses such as those seen in autoimmune disease.

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  • Mexico has vowed to stand firm in its plans to ban GM corn for both human and animal consumption due to its potential harms despite enormous pressure from US authorities for Mexican authorities to back down
  • Multiple EU countries are calling for strict regulation of so called ‘new genomic techniques’ in the face of continued pressure from biotech companies to deregulate such technologies
  • If like so many, you don’t sleep well, you could be at higher risk of developing heart disease according to a new study published in BMC Medicine, which found those who experienced poor sleep were likely to develop heart disease 2 years earlier than those who sleep better.

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  • Migraine sufferers are more likely to have an imbalanced gut microbiome than those who don’t experience migraines. A new study, published in Scientific Reports, found a significant association between poor gut health and clinical characteristics of migraine, such as headache frequency and severe headache intensity.

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  • Few people realise how intimately our oral health is connected to our overall health and wellbeing, both physical and emotional. It’s also been closely linked with the development of Alzheimer’s disease. A new long-term study, published in the Journal of Dental Research, reinforces the link between poor oral health and dementia, finding that older adults with diabetes and significant tooth loss were more likely to experience faster cognitive decline
  • So often when it comes to our health and wellbeing, our spiritual needs are overlooked. A new study of Danish people, published in The Lancet Regional Health – Europe, emphasises the importance for humans to satisfy their spiritual needs in order to maintain vital health.

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  • The extent to which we share our microbiota with those closest to us has been revealed in a recent study published in Nature. The biggest transfer of microbes was found to be between mother and child, but we also share our microbiomes with those we’re closest to as adults. It gives rise to the question of whether or not this sharing can also influence our risk of developing what have previously been thought of as non-communicable chronic diseases
  • PAN Europe’s new ‘cookbook’ reveals its recipes for the elimination of glyphosate use in agriculture. Publication of the ‘cookbook’ comes as EU policymakers seek to cut pesticide use in half
  • Fearmongering over a possible avian flu pandemic continues with reports that jab manufacturers stand ready to produce required shots. It’s of no surprise there’s no mention of the importance of having a resilient immune system in order to bounce back from any illness — or the promotion of natural health options such as vitamin C, zinc and other vitamins and minerals essential for robust immune health.

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  • Asthmatics taking a blend of probiotics with herbal extracts from the Adhatoda vasica root (vasaka), Ocimum sanctum (holy basil) and Curcuma longa (turmeric) showed significant improvements in lung function over a four-week period
  • A new op-ed in Harvard Public Health calls on the US Food and Drug Administration and US Department of Agriculture to take urgent action to drastically cut consumption of ultra-processed foods due to their huge influence on the ongoing increase in levels of obesity. The final line of the article neatly sums up the situation, “Our lives literally depend on it”. Yet we should also say ‘our lives and the lives of our children…’
  • Those who eat a diet higher in healthy fats and protein and lower in carbs are less likely to experience anxiety and depression, whilst higher consumption of carbs is linked to increased mental health issues in a new preprint study.

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  • Two new bills have been introduced to the US Congress seeking to create a legal pathway for the marketing and sale of CBD based supplements. The ‘Hemp and Hemp Derived CBD Consumer Protection and Market Stabilization Act of 2023’, would see the legalisation of CBD from hemp as an ingredient in supplements, whilst the ‘CBD Product Safety and Standardization Act of 2023’ would require the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) to set regulations for the use of CBD in food.

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  • The continued growth of mega-journals now accounts for nearly a quarter of all journal articles published in 2022. John Ioannidis et al discuss the pros and cons of mega-journals and their influence on published science in an article in JAMA. which concludes it’s not the amount of items they publish but whether they encourage and facilitate the best research practices that matters
  • Personalising health advice using genetic testing, individualised nutrition plans and other tailored interventions can significantly reduce the risks of individuals developing chronic diseases, thus reducing the burden on healthcare systems and the associated costs according to a new study published in Frontiers of Public Health.

Covid News Beat

  • If you thought the origin saga of the SARS-CoV-2 virus was wrapped up as being from a lab, you’d be seriously mistaken. A new row has broken out after a group of French scientists posted a paper suggesting the virus may have originated from an animal reservoir, such as racoon dogs after coming across genetic sequences posted on GISAID from the Wuhan wet market
  • Following the publication of the above paper and subsequent media reports, Biosafety Now, is calling for the new paper to be retracted due to what it considers to be, deeply misleading claims based on data that’s not available to other researchers to independently verify along with cherry picking of the data to fit a particular narrative
  • Josh Guetzkow reveals FOIA information showing how record numbers of VAERS reports of adverse reactions following covid jabs overwhelmed staff hired to process them. It also reveals how jab manufacturers have been allowed to code adverse event reports in order to obscure data damning the ‘safety’ of the shots
  • The Twitter files continue to expose the US government’s involvement in the censorship of voices critical of pandemic interventions. Matt Taibbi reveals The Virality Project’s role in flagging millions of items of online content for review and moderation as it worked alongside the US government
  • As ‘they’ scrabble to shore up and restore trust in science and their response to the coronavirus crisis, the Georgia State University Law School along with state agencies is running a conference titled ‘The Public Health Administrative State Under Fire’. Originally an in-person event it switched to online seemingly after Steve Kirsch publicised the event
  • Adverse events following covid shots in Western Australia (WA) were reported at almost 24x the rate of adverse reactions than for all other vaccines combined. The report released by the WA government, 6 months later than originally scheduled, refers to this as an ‘exponential increase’
  • Andrographis has been found to be effective in reducing the risk of developing pneumonia in covid patients in a small trial in Thailand
  • Project Veritas has released confidential documents that show Pfizer was aware of the risk of myocarditis in young men following covid shots. Project Veritas has the complete lowdown
  • The National Citizen’s Inquiry (NCI) is an independent Canadian citizen led and funded inquiry into the handling of the coronavirus crisis by the Canadian government. The NCI will hear from experts and Canadian citizens alike as part of its investigations
  • Blindsight 2020 is a new book from medical writer, Gabrielle Bauer. In it she brings together pandemic perspectives from 46 scientists, ethicists, writers and other thinkers on the harms brought about the response to covid from the human point of view
  • As UK MP, Andrew Bridgen, stood to give a speech to the House of Commons highlighting the many adverse reactions suffered by those who’ve been covid jabbed, using government data, virtually every other MP in the house left the Chamber, in what appeared to be, a highly coordinated and shameful action. Bridgen refused to be cowed and did not allow the exodus to dampen the delivery of his speech
  • The more covid jabs given in 2021, the higher the level of all-cause mortality in 2022. The link between covid jabs and all-cause mortality is made by a recent preprint study from Norwegian scientists assessing data across 31 countries. Dr John Campbell discusses the paper and its findings in his own inimitable way
  • Retired Swiss banker, Pascal Najadi, has reportedly filed a civil lawsuit in the US against the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA), Pfizer and the Swiss President Alain Berset. Najadi, who is jab injured, has also filed a complaint against the doctors who injected him without first obtaining his fully informed consent
  • Serious questions are being asked about the New Zealand regulator’s approval of covid jabs and subsequent representation of the safety of the jabs by the government after it emerged both were aware that the jabs wouldn’t prevent or limit transmission of covid
  • UK media outlet, the Daily Express, has started a campaign designed to get justice and compensation for UK covid jab victims
  • Attempts by the US government to have a First Amendment lawsuit, accusing the government of censorship, against it dismissed has been knocked back by the Court. The Judge said based on past censorship there’s a ‘substantial’ threat of future censorship and that the case should be heard.
  • ICYMI: Utah: Safe and Effective? is a brand new documentary about the covid crisis and jabs. The makers of the film interview doctors, nurses and others to explore their experience during the coronavirus crisis and the rollout of the shots
  • ICYMI: If you or anyone you know has been affected by covid injections then this conference is for you. Hosted by GMO Science, the two-day conference, taking place at the beginning of April, will explore issues such as how you can protect your long-term health from shedding by those who’ve been jabbed, how to minimise health issues after being covid jabbed, plus how you can regain your health if you’ve suffered adverse effects following covid injection. Full details of the conferenc can be found here.


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