ANH News Beat (week 14/2024)

Apr 4, 2024

Date:4 April 2024

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  • In Brief (click on the links to read more)
  • Natural News
  • ANH-USA Update
  • Covid Update

In Brief (click on the links to read more)

  • French Senate rejects anti-cult Bill amendments
  • Studies ‘reconceptualise’ Eat Lancet Planetary Health Diet
  • Vaping and poor diet promote cancer causing oral bacteria
  • US state legalises ‘vaccine’ containing plants as drugs
  • US Surgeon General backpedals on support for water fluoridation
  • US government lawyers accused of concealing vaccine/autism link evidence
  • Artificially sweetened drinks and atrial fibrillation
  • Artificial sweeteners not the baddies they’re made out to be?
  • Acupuncture and cancer
  • Keto diet improves mental health issues
  • ANH-USA Update
  • Covid News inc:
    • World Health Organization shares open letter urging sign up to Pandemic Treaty
    • FOIA documents reveal German government overrode scientific advice
    • Us For Them letter challenges WHO Director over IHR amendments
    • Dr Gary Sidley investigates unethical use of covid behavioural-science techniques

Natural News

  • Amendments to an anti-cult law, that threatens natural health practitioners in France, have been defeated in the Senate. The Senate rejected proposed amendments to the Sectarian Bill at the beginning of March, referring the document back to the National Assembly. On the 2nd April 2024 the French Senate once again rejected the draft law because the wording for Sections 1 and 4 cannot be agreed.

>>> French anti-cult law proposes to criminalise natural health

  • Not one but two new papers, published in Cambridge Core and Science Advances (here and here) attempt to reframe (read that as disguise) the EAT Lancet Planetary Health Diet’s recommendations to make them more palatable as the pressure to reduce meat eating to ‘protect the planet’ revs up. Such, so-called, ‘climate-friendly’ dietary shifts are now referred to as being ‘flexitarian’ as the authors seek to nudge people away from the consumption of animal products towards plant-based and new-to-nature food products, including ‘aternative’ proteins and ‘precision fermented’ food products.

>>> ANH-Intl Special Report: Analysis of the EAT-Lancet report

>>> Open letter to Simon Roberts, CEO of Sainsbury’s

  • Poor oral health is contributing to the development of cancer. Fusobacterium nucleatum (F. nucleatum) bacteria, a key player in the development of periodontal disease, is also implicated in the development of a range of cancers from oral to colorectal cancer. Western style diets, poor oral health and vaping have all been connected to changes in the oralome, which allow F. Nucleatum to flourish and in turn travel around the body to sites where cancer thrives.

>>> Speaking Naturally with holistic dentist Dr Elmar Jung

>>> The oralome: your secret to good health

  • In a bizarre turn of events, the Tennessee Senate has passed a bill (HB 1894) that would allow ‘vaccine’ laden plants to be defined as drugs. The Bill is now awaiting the Governor’s signature to allow it to pass into law. Newsweek has more…
  • Despite decades of support for water fluoridation, it appears officials at the US Office of the Surgeon General are backpedalling on its support, due to the publication of a systematic review by the National Toxicology Program (NTP). The review, for which publication was extremely delayed, found fluoridation harms children’s brain development. The Defender has been given access to emails released by a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request as part of a lawsuit seeking to end water fluoridation in the US
  • A lawsuit has been filed in the US, alleging lawyers from the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) fraudulently concealed evidence that vaccines cause autism. Their actions led to thousands of vaccine-injured children’s families being denied the right to receive compensation for their injuries. The Defender has the full story
  • Drinking a lot of artificially sweetened drinks puts individuals at high risk of developing atrial fibrillation according to a new study published in Circulation: Arrhythmia and Electrophysiology
  • According to a new randomised control study published in eBiomedicine, neotame (a sweeter cousin of aspartame) and stevia rebaudioside M, don’t affect appetite or endocrine responses when compared to sucrose sweetened biscuits, but can reduce postprandial and insulin response in overweight and obese individuals. However, neotame in particular caused a high level of gut issues. The study has been undertaken as part of the SWEET Project, which is also supported by a range of industry players.

>>> Low cal industry lobby finds sweeteners safe for gut microbiome

  • Acupuncture can be beneficial for relieving the unpleasant side effects of cancer treatment. Updated peer-reviewed guidelines for acupuncturists working with cancer patients have been published by an international, multidisciplinary expert group, in Supportive Care in Cancer to support acupuncturists working with cancer patients. The recommendations are the first official update since Filshie and Hester’s 2006 guidelines
  • Ketogenic diets have been found to be a powerful aid in treating mental health problems. A new pilot study published in Psychiatric Research found psychiatric patients that adopted and maintained a keto diet, experienced significant improvements to both their metabolic and mental health. We recommend consulting a practitioner specialised in using keto diets in order to get the best results should you wish to trial such an approach to support your mental health.

>>> Rebuttal of study that says keto diets don’t work

>>> Going keto: Disease prevention or promotion?

ANH-USA Update

  • The US Food and Drug Authority (FDA) has settled a lawsuit, brought by three doctors alleging it overstepped its authority when it demonised ivermectin and any doctor that tried to prescribe it to treat covid. Rather than fight the lawsuit, the FDA has settled, and in so doing has had to make a full U turn and agree to remove social media posts and webpages warning people of the supposed ‘dangers’ of using ivermectin to combat covid. Find out more…
  • Big Chem companies such as Bayer/Monsanto are pressuring US state regulators to bring in laws to protect them from being prosecuted for harms caused by their products, in the same way that Big Pharma is protected from being sued due to vaccine injuries. Read more and find out how you can stop such laws from being enacted…

Covid Update

  • A press release urges swift action from world leaders to sign up to the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Pandemic Treaty/Accord as opposition grows. The press release includes an open letter from previous world leaders calling out those opposing the treaty, “This global effort is being threatened by misinformation and disinformation.”
  • The Us for Them legal team tackle the deliberate obfuscation by the Director of the World Health Organization, as he refuses to tackle the increasingly serious concerns about the International Health Regulations’ ability to remove sovereignty from both countries and individuals in the event of future declared pandemics
  • Many member states don’t have legislation that aligns with the WHO’s, in order to grant it the, “…power to determine when to alert the world to potential threats and coordinate global responses”. The authors of a study, published in The Lancet are at pains to point out that such deficiencies in local legislation need to be addressed in order to. “…maximise national engagement” in the event of a future pandemic
  • German politicians overrode the advice of scientists from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) to bring in punitive covid policies. The new information, which is shaking up German politicians, has come to light through the release of over 1,000 pages of heavily censored, German government documents obtained via a court order by German magazine Multipolar
  • Dr Gary Sidley, Retired NHS Consultant Clinical Psychologist, conducts an in-depth investigation into the UK government’s deliberate use of powerful behavioural-science techniques and strategies, designed to deliberately and unethically ‘nudge’ people into following ‘orders’ during covid.

>>> The WHO pandemic treaty: a backdoor to global governance?

>>> FEATURE: Why the WHO’s pandemic plan transgresses medical ethics


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