ANH News Beat (week 15/2024)

Apr 11, 2024

Date:11 April 2024

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  • In Brief (click on the links to read more)
  • Natural News
  • ANH-USA Update
  • Covid Update

In Brief (click on the links to read more)

  • UK regulator looks to make sweeping changes to novel food regulations
  • Prostate cancer test causing more harm than good
  • US legal ruling puts a spoke in Big Tech plans to roll out 5G tech
  • Belgium supports EU plans to de-regulate gene-edited plants
  • Casein – from potatoes? The latest new to nature food
  • Surge in UK Autism and ADHD diagnoses
  • Microplastics found in plaques in arteries
  • Hush, hush geoengineering project in US
  • Tennessee passes Bill outlawing geoengineering
  • EU Nature Restoration Law under threat
  • ANH-USA Update
  • Covid News inc:
    • WHO Pandemic Treaty / IHR amendments update
    • Free speech under threat
    • Moderna trial under scrutiny for offering children money to participate
    • New model tells authorities when and how long to lock down for
    • Plus more…

Natural News

  • Companies looking for regulatory approval of novel foods in the UK may no longer be required to navigate a laborious process under sweeping new changes put forward by the UK Food Standards Agency (FSA). Under its proposals, now out for consultation, the FSA wants to do away with the current process, in order to ‘streamline’ the system and make it faster to process applications. Raising many eyebrows though, are its plans to start using approvals from ‘trusted’ regulators from other countries, such as Singapore’s approval of lab-grown meat to bypass UK approval processes. It could also open the door to give gene-edited foods an easy pass into human food systems, bypassing the need for stringent safety studies
  • Screening for prostate cancer is doing more harm than good. Published in JAMA, the results of a 15-year trial showed one in six cancer diagnoses was a false positive result. The authors found the, often criticised, PSA test (prostate-specific antigen) blood test used to screen for prostate cancer had a minimal impact on reducing deaths, but overall it led to a worrying level of over-diagnosis and even missed early detection of some aggressive cancers

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  • Seasoned investigative reporter, Sharyl Atkisson, pulls no punches about those controlling the narrative in health journalism in her new book “Follow the $cience: How Big Pharma Misleads, Obscures, and Prevails“. ANH-USA President and Medical Director, Ron Hoffman MD, spoke to Sharyl this week about her upcoming book and how Big Corporate interests dictate the information we’re served up in terms of health related news by mainstream media companies. Knowledge is power. Definitely worth a listen.

>>> Listen to Part One of the discussion between Dr Hoffman and Sharyl Atkisson

>>> Listen to Part Two of the discussion between Dr Hoffman and Sharyl Atkisson

  • Big Telecom companies trying to install wireless infrastructure without environmental reviews could face challenges in the US, after a Los Angeles judge found US Counties are governed by State law and cannot give a free pass to the unfettered installation of wireless systems such as 5G small cells. The Defender has more…
  • Belgium’s national health agency is supporting EU proposals to effectively deregulate gene edited plants. This is in stark contrast to the opinion of the French agency ANSES, which released a critical report of the proposals recently – despite attempts by the French government to block it
  • Casein – from potatoes? This is one of the latest products in the ‘plant molecular farming’ space to join an increasing tsunami of new to nature ‘food’ products. In this instance, Israeli start-up Finally Foods is genetically modifying potatoes to produce ‘environmentally-friendly’ casein to make ‘cheese’ – sans cows…
  • Since 2019, there’s been an explosion in the number of people seeking autism assessments in the UK and being prescribed ADHD medication. The surge seems to be related to increased awareness of the conditions, more adults seeking assessment and support (particularly as covid made such conditions more visible due to covid restrictions) as well as increasing numbers of children experiencing difficulties and parents looking for support. This appears to be an issue that’s going to grow and grow and one that the NHS is increasingly struggling to deal with. Should we be asking what can be done to support those dealing with such conditions using dietary and lifestyle changes rather than relying solely on the use of medications and diagnoses?
  • Microplastics have been found in the arteries of heart patients. Patients with heart disease, where microplastics were found in carotid artery plaques were found to have a higher risk of heart attack, stroke or death from any cause, up to 34 months following surgery according to a recent study published in The New England Journal of Medicine
  • Salt crystals are being sprayed into the atmosphere in a hush-hush experiment (allegedly to prevent public backlash) being conducted in San Francisco. The Coastal Atmospheric Aerosol Research and Engagement’s (CAARE) aim is to increase the density and reflective capacity of cloud cover to reduce climate warming. Scientific American has the full details…
  • Following the decision to regulate vaccines in plants as drugs, the US state of Tennessee has passed a bill outlawing a form of Geoengineering. The Bill specifically bans the “intentional injection, release or dispersion” of chemicals into the air, which might affect temperature, weather or the intensity of the sun
  • The EU’s Nature Restoration Law, created to stop and reverse biodiversity loss is under threat. Having been adopted by the EU Parliament in February, the law, which enjoys widespread support across the EU, has been prevented from being signed into law because the Environment Council of Ministers couldn’t produce a majority agreement, after Hungary withdrew its support, leaving its introduction in limbo.

ANH-USA Update

  • Big Biotech lobbyists in the US are likely rubbing their hands together in glee as the US Food and Drug Administration published new guidance for industry on how to get gene-edited foods onto Americans’ dinner plates, without regulatory oversight or safety testing because they will be treated as conventionally bred plants. Help protect your food supply by letting your representative know this not acceptable…
  • There’s only a short time left before unelected bureaucrats put policies in place that will decide how a future pandemic will be dealt with. It’s essential we come together to prevent this abuse of power over YOUR health. Find out more…

Covid Update

WHO Pandemic Treaty and IHR amendments

  • The World Health Organization is continuing its efforts to steamroller its Pandemic Treaty/Accord/Agreement into being, along with amendments to the International Health Regulations that threaten our sovereignty both as a nation and individuals. A new Open Letter authored by Dr David Bell, Dr Silvia Behrendt, Amrei Muller, Dr Thi Thuy Van Dinh and others, calls on the WHO and member states to extend the deadline for the adoption of both the IHR amendments and Treaty to safeguard the rule of law and equity. If you are concerned about the significant impact of these legally binding agreements, our the sovereignty of states and individuals, please add your support to the letter. Dr Bell sets out why the letter has been written and takes the form it does.

>>> Sign the Open Letter

  • US non-profit, Door to Freedom, founded by Meryl Nass MD, has published a collection of extremely useful background documents and information for activists and US-based local organisers opposing the adoption of the WHO Pandemic Treaty and IHR amendments. The collection is still very much of use internationally and provides one of the best repositories of such information that we’ve found to date.

>>> Download the background documents

Find out more about the proposed Treaty and IHR amendments

>>> Why the WHO’s pandemic plan transgresses medical ethics

>>> The plan for WHO supremacy over human health

>>>  The WHO pandemic treaty: a backdoor to global governance?

Free speech under attack

  • Stringent new laws designed to beat online ‘misinformation’ and hate speech into submission are being implemented across the globe. Below is a round up of what’s happening currently:
    • Scotland’s new Hate Crime laws, which present a serious threat to free speech, came into force at the beginning of April. The new legislation will allow complaints to be made about things said in your own home, however it’s currently scoring somewhat of an own goal, as Police struggle to cope with the tsunami of complaints
    • The Canadian government recently published the text of its Orwellian ‘Online Harms Act’, which partners with the ‘Online Streaming Act (Bill C11)’, which became law in 2023. As with other such legislation, it’s being brought in under the guise of protecting children online, however it will also usher in the ability for authorities to put someone who is thought likely to commit a future crime under house arrest along with tagging. Choose not to cooperate and you could be jailed, plus its provisions could be applied retroactively. All of this will be overseen by the Digital Safety Commission without oversight
    • Brazil is currently at loggerheads with Elon Musk as he refuses to censor individuals targeted by the government. He’s now in a stand-off with Brazilian Supreme Court judge, Alexandre de Moraes, after he announced X would not submit to the censors. De Moraes is wanting to impose fines on X of 100,000 reais (£15,700) per day per account that the company reinstates against Brazil’s Supreme Court orders
    • Ireland passed hate legislation last year although it’s yet to be enacted. Worryingly, the Bill doesn’t define what hate is and as it stands, Police will be given carte blanche to search homes, phones, computers etc for supposed ‘hateful’ material.

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  • Pfizer has been found guilty of discrediting the pharmaceutical industry by UK regulator, the Prescription Medicines Code of Practice Authority (PMCPA) after employees shared tweets about the supposed efficacy of its covid shots. The PMCPA is a self-regulatory body, that’s a closely aligned with the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI), the trade association for over 120 companies in the UK producing prescription medicines for humans. The current President of the ABPI is Pfizer President, Susan Reinbow. The penalty for the transgression – a measly £38,400 fine
  • Over a quarter of participants surveyed in Saudi Arabia, said they’d suffered heart-related issues following receipt of mRNA covid shots. The results of the self-reported complications, which have been published in Cureus, also reveal just under 15% of reported problems started within a month of receiving a covid shot
  • Dr Ros Jones, writing on the Health, Advisory & Recovery Team website (HART) digs into serious medical ethics issues highlighted by Moderna researchers offering money to children to take part in mRNA jab trials.

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  • Takeaway food reigned supreme during covid and it seems in the UK it continues to do so. A new report from the Institute for Fiscal Studies shows takeaways and meal deliveries grew by more than 50% during the pandemic and have remained high, potentially adding to increasing levels of obesity and metabolic disease threatening to overwhelm health systems
  • When should authorities impose lockdowns and other “control strategies” in the event of a future health emergency being declared? The conclusion of a new preprint article based on a new modelling framework, is that a “stringent Suppression strategy” was optimal when a vaccine was included, otherwise prolonged lockdowns would be more beneficial if vaccine development were to take longer.


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