ANH News Beat (week 17/2024)

Apr 25, 2024

Date:25 April 2024

In Brief (click on the links to read more)

  • TikTok to start censoring health-related information
  • YouTube bans video update from covid conference plus interview with Dr Martin Kulldorff
  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy’s therapeutic benefits for cancer patients
  • American Diabetes Association’s cosy relationship with Big Pharma and Big Food
  • UK Home Office admits it was wrong about Jersey Hemp’s products
  • Western style diet is damaging teenagers’ memory
  • Big jump in number of young children using social media unsupervised
  • Singapore authorities launch consultation on ‘defined foods’
  • Open Letter to NI Legislative Assembly opposing introduction of dental amalgam
  • Dangers of vaping for young people
  • ‘Piggy Sooy’ – the next level of frankenfoods
  • ANH-USA Update
  • Covid News inc:
    • Don’t celebrate IHR amendment changes too soon, they’re hiding stuff in the appendices!
    • Graphene oxide coating for masks
    • Dutch Parliament instructs government to request Pandemic pause
    • Excess deaths

Natural News

  • From May 17, 2024, TikTok will start implementing new rules affecting health-related content appearing on the app’s For You feed. The new rules rely on a very broad definition of content that is considered misleading, and “could potentially” cause harm to public health. In the US, Congress has passed a Bill that could ban TikTok in the US, unless it’s sold by its parent company in the next year
  • YouTube is continuing its censorship of health information countering ‘approved’ narratives. This time it banned a video featuring Prof Norman Fenton, MEP Rob Roos, and others discussing a recent conference in Rome, challenging the WHO and the ‘official’ covid narrative, under its medical misinformation policy. The move adds to the ever growing pile of evidence of the suppression of health-related information by Big Tech, which is why we launched our FreeSpeech4Health campaign last week to get YouTube to change its medical misinformation policy
  • Both epidemiologist, Dr Martin Kulldorff and biostatistician Max Towey have been censored by X after they both shared an interview of Dr Kulldorff discussing problems with covid vaccines.

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  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is a widely accepted adjuvant treatment for cancer patients. Two new studies, published in Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine (ahead of print) and JAMA Oncology, further reinforce the effectiveness of HBOT for cancer patients receiving radiation treatment. The first shows improved outcomes and reduced mortality in patients with radiation cystitis, while the second found a reduction in pain and fibrosis in breast cancer patients receiving radiation treatment.

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  • The American Diabetes Association’s (ADA) guidelines are considered to be a treatment bible by hundreds of American doctors dealing with type 2 diabetes. However, the ADA is far from the neutral organisation its thought to be. Neil Barsky’s op-ed in The Guardian reveals the ADA’s dismissal of the ability of low-carb diets, calling its advice “…worse than the condition itself”, to reverse type 2 diabetes and it’s close ties and conflicts of interest with Big Pharma. A second op-ed highlights the direct interference of Big Food companies to promote their products, even when highly inappropriate, and one nutritionist’s stand against such practices.

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  • Jersey Hemp was forced to close its business after the UK Home Office (HO) prevented it from exporting its products to the UK in 2023 due to a small of THC content in its products. Jersey Hemp’s commercial director, Craig Dempsey took the HO to judicial review, forcing the HO to concede that Jersey Hemp’s products were, in fact, compliant and therefore legal. Jersey Hemp now has to take the HO to civil court to reclaim costs and damages
  • A western style diet causes problems with teenagers’ memory due to a reduction in acetylcholine levels according to a new rat study published in Brain, Behavior, and Immunity.

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  • A chilling report from the UK’s OFCOM reveals a surge in the number of young children using social media unsupervised in the past year, up from 30% to 38%. Shockingly, it also reveals that nearly a quarter of 5-7 year olds own a smartphone while three-quarters have their own tablet, with online gaming increasing by 7%. The report follows the passing of the Online Safety Act into law under the guise of protecting children online, however it also poses a massive threat to freedom of speech online.

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  • The Singapore Ministry of Sustainability and the Environment (MSE) and the Singapore Food Agency (FSA) has launched a consultation seeking comments on draft regulations, to be added to the local Food Safety and Security Bill (FSSB). The bill covers a new ‘defined foods’ category, which will include genetically modified, insect-related and novel foods. The proposed regulations tighten up existing regulations around these foods. Food Navigator USA has more
  • Following the victory in the EU of campaigners seeking to ban the use of mercury in dentistry, attention has now turned to Northern Ireland. A coalition of organisations, including the ANH, has published an open letter setting out the harms of mercury to the health of both humans and the environment and calling on the NI Legislative Assembly to prevent the use of dental mercury in Northern Ireland
  • We’ve been warning of the dangers of e-cigarettes and vapes for many years now as public health authorities push them as a way to stop smoking cigarettes, despite increasing evidence showing their harms. A new report from Health Behaviour in School-Aged Children (HBSC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) raises a red flag in terms of the increasing adoption and use of e-cigarettes by teenagers.

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  • The latest Frankenfood to be approved by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) combines plant and animal genes through what’s known as ‘molecular farming’. Moole Science has created genetically edited, ‘Piggy Sooy’, combining pork DNA with soy plants to make them more meat like and create ‘cruelty-free’, “plant grown animal proteins”. The USDA has decided that combining plant and pig proteins is safe and therefore not subject to APHIS (Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service) regulations. As with all of these new-to-nature ‘food products’ there is little to no safety data available either in regard to human or environmental health. Combining plant and animal DNA is not something Nature engages in.

ANH-USA Update

  • Last week saw the launch of our global FreeSpeech4Health campaign. We’re asking 1 million people to step forward and sign our petition calling on YouTube to change its medical misinformation policy that’s preventing freedom of speech about natural health and putting the US’s coveted First Amendment at huge risk. Find out more, sign and share the petition!
  • A loophole in US law, that ANH-USA fought against, which allowed meat produced overseas to carry a label declaring it’s a “Product of the USA” has been shut down. Read more…

Covid Update

  • Not yet time to celebrate! With the publication of the latest draft amendments to the International Health Regulations many are celebrating a perceived success in getting them changed. However, US based sovereignty and freedom organisation, Door to Freedom, has dug deep into the document and found many of the issues posed by the amendments still remain buried deep in the appendices. Find out more…
  • Joel Smalley has revisited a previous analysis of excess deaths in England & Wales, updating it with newly released data from the UK’s Office for National Statistics. It makes for sombre reading as it reveals more people dying unexpectedly in 2022 than 2020
  • The Dutch Parliament recently directed the Dutch government to request a postponement of the vote on the WHO Pandemic Treaty as it’s being rushed through too quickly, without full review and recognition of its far-reaching consequences
  • Researchers have developed a graphene oxide coating for face masks to ‘improve’ their anti-viral properties. The researchers are quick to point out the coating doesn’t affect the masks, but no mention is made of the safety of the coating for those breathing it in.


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