ANH News Beat (week 18/2024)

May 2, 2024

Date:2 May 2024

In Brief (click on the links to read more)

  • Weight loss drugs drive Big Food ‘innovation’
  • EU Parliament digs in on deregulated gene edited plants
  • Cattle farming can be carbon negative
  • US authorities scaremonger over avian flu in cattle
  • Pfizer’s new RSV vaccine causes premature birth
  • Oppose the ongoing satellite saturation of earth’s atmosphere
  • Aligned Council of Australia opposes WHO treaty and IHR amendments
  • Being in nature reduces inflammation
  • Healthy lifestyle trumps genetics in the disease stakes
  • UK’s first novel food approvals of CBD products
  • FDA turns people’s homes into healthcare centres
  • ANH-USA Update
  • Covid News

Natural News

  • A worrying turn in the conversation around weight loss drugs, such as Ozempic, is occurring as Big Food manufacturers looking to protect their profits, eye new market opportunities. As consumers using weight-loss drugs lose their appetites and desire for sugary foods and drinks and reduce their food product consumption it opens up the market for a new category of ‘nutritious’ food products featuring ‘natural ingredients’. However they label them though, they’ll still be highly processed energy dense foods that promote metabolic dysfunction.

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  • The EU Parliament confirmed its support for the deregulation of gene edited plants in a vote last month, opening the door very wide to their release into the environment, without any safety testing or traceability. The vote has resulted in huge pushback from multiple organisations including Eurovia and Friends of the Earth EU
  • Cattle farming can be carbon negative. The Archbold-Alltech Alliance, which started in 2019, brought ecologists and ruminant nutritionists together to investigate the impact cattle production has on the environment on a ranch in the US. Their findings support knowledge that grazing cattle and other ruminant animals benefit both the environment and carbon cycle through the sequestration of carbon in the soil. Done correctly agriculture can be one of the most powerful weapons to restore the environment
  • Meanwhile in the US, authorities are scaremongering over avian flu (H5N1), which has allegedly spread to cattle, with traces of the virus being found in milk. Extensive testing of milk supplies has found no danger to human health, yet the US Food and Drug Administration has insisted on testing ground beef for viral particles as well
  • Pfizer’s new RSV vaccine has been found to significantly increase the risk of women giving birth prematurely. A new preprint also found that the majority of adverse reactions occurred within a week of vaccination. The Defender has the full story
  • Thousands of satellites are being thrown up into space at an alarming rate in order to provide fast internet access to millions, without a thought or care for the environmental damage they may cause. The 5G Space Appeal has launched a petition calling on Elon Musk and Space X to stop the satellite programme to protect the planet along with the environment and its inhabitants
  • A collective of over 37 Australian organisations have come together to form the Aligned Council of Australia (ACA). The initial focus of the organisation is to raise awareness of the impact of the WHO Pandemic Treaty and International Health Regulation amendments on Australians. The organisation is holding a Press Conference on Saturday 11 May in Melbourne, with world renowned experts, to discuss the situation
  • Spending time in nature reduces levels of inflammation in the body. A new study published in Brain, Behavior, and Immunity, adds to the growing body of science supporting the health benefits of being outside in nature.

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  • Epigenetics – what and how you eat, exercise and movement, sleep quality, alcohol consumption can offset genetic risks. Adopting a healthy lifestyle can seriously reduce your risk of developing a broad range of chronic diseases, even if you have a genetic predisposition, including heart disease, autoimmune conditions, type 2 diabetes etc. A new study published in BMJ Evidence-Based Medicine, using data from UK Biobank, estimates adopting a healthy lifestyle to combat genetic risks can add up to 5 years to lifespan (not forgetting healthspan!).

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  • After five long years of prevarication, two companies have now received safety approvals for their CBD products under the UK Food Standard Association’s Novel Food process. The authorisations for Cannaray Brands and Chanelle McCoy Health are for CBD isolate products at a daily dosage of 10 mg/day
  • As healthcare systems start to implode due to the increase in demand, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has launched a new initiative to turn people’s homes into substitutes for hospitals. Known as ‘Home as a Health Care Hub’, the proposal is to turn homes into ‘virtual clinical sites’ under the banner of costs savings and ‘personalised care’. We would argue that government funds would be far better utilised on educating people how to reduce their risk of chronic disease and put disease states into remission, rather than moving healthcare systems into homes.

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ANH-USA Update

  • A sage warning is shared with Americans about the ongoing threats to their ability to freely access natural health products as the Natural Health Products Protection Association (NHPPA) leads the fight back against Health Canada’s proposals to bring in swingeing new regulations that could remove swathes of supplements from the shelves. Find out how you can stop Canadian style restrictions being implemented in the US
  • Efforts to push through the World Health Organization’s Pandemic Treaty and amendments to the International Health Regulations continue apace, with negotiations continuing up to the wire. Despite recent changes, both documents continue to pose a significant threat to our freedoms. Help the ANH-USA team oppose the changes
  • Have you signed our FreeSpeech4Health petition yet? We need your help to gather 1 million signatures, worldwide, to stop the assault on the freedom to share information that could improve your health. Sign the petition today!

Covid Update

  • A Midwestern Doctor uncovers the coordinated campaigns, funded by Big Pharma, to censor and defame anyone that dared to speak out against the covid response, especially on social media. The censorship didn’t stop when the pandemic ended though, instead attention has now turned to natural health options as platforms such as YouTube decide who’s voice should and should not be heard

  • The widespread use of psychological behaviour techniques and fear messaging during the pandemic is condemned in a new study published in Clinical Psychology & Psychotherapy. The team led by Laura Dodsworth, says these techniques should not have been used, that in a similar situation expertise should be drawn from a much wider range of disciplines and involve the public in decision-making to avoid repeating the mistakes of covid. Laura Dodsworth discusses the findings of the paper in an article for the Daily Sceptic


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