ANH News Beat (week 19/2024)

May 8, 2024

Date:8 May 2024

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  • Natural News
  • ANH-USA Update
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In Brief (click on the links to read more)

  • US FCC hid detrimental phone radiation data
  • Organophosphates harm gut health
  • Antibiotics affect sperm health in mice
  • Menopause hormone treatment doesn’t protect against heart or other chronic disease
  • Plant-based meat alternatives don’t lower risk of heart disease
  • Philippines court overturns Golden Rice approval
  • Big Food eyes up ‘healthy’ opportunities
  • Bite Back tackles junk food and kids
  • Florida Governor bans lab-grown meat
  • ANH-USA Update
  • Covid News
    • WHO update
    • Censorship update
    • Covid ‘vaccine’ harms
    • plus much more…

Natural News

  • The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) hid data showing cell phone radiation exceeded federal limits when smartphones were held near to the human body. The revelation comes from the Environment Health Trust as part of an ongoing Freedom of Information project
  • Organophosphate (OP) pesticides are damaging the gut health of humans according to a new study published in Environmental Health. Researchers examined the gut microbiome of Parkinson’s patients in California found a significant difference in microbial diversity in those exposed to OP pesticides compared with those with low or no exposure
  • Fertility rates around the world are dropping. As with many things, there are many factors influencing this. An interesting new mouse study, published in Nature, has found that giving male mice antibiotics affects sperm health and function, which in turn impacted placental health and development (healthy sperm are essential for a healthy pregnancy)
  • Menopausal hormone treatment (MHT) doesn’t protect against heart disease or other chronic diseases. The conclusions come as part of the Women’s Health Initiative Randomized Trials and Clinical Practice review, published in JAMA. The study authors are clear their results related to particular forms of hormone therapy, equine oestrogens and synthetic progesterone, hence the results cannot be extrapolated to natural, compounded, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT/cBHRT).

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  • Substituting plant-based meat alternatives (PBMAs) for meat doesn’t reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Research published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition also found PBMAs were often of lower nutritional quality and caused problems with blood sugar control due to the carbohydrate load
  • The Philippines was the first country in the world to approve GMO golden rice in 2020. In April 2024, an Appeal Court revoked biosafety permits for the commercial production of golden rice and BT eggplant (aubergine) due the uncertainties over their safety to human health. An issue that’s dogged golden rice since its inception
  • Once again Big Food is trying to absolve itself of any responsibility for the twin epidemics of obesity and chronic disease. During a recent panel discussion at Future Food Tech in San Francisco the focus was on not demonising any kind of foods but offering newly created ‘better for you’ alternatives, such as fats and oils from microalgae, created through precision fermentation. As we know only too well, such ‘foods’ have little to no safety data available and are completely ‘new-to-nature’ and most likely unrecognisable as food to the body, so their effects on human health are, as yet, unknown
  • A new campaign from Bite Back is calling for Big Food companies to sell less junk food, stop marketing junk to kids and stop green and health washing their products. Find out more about the campaign and sign Bite Back’s Open Letter
  • Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis is taking a stance against new-to-nature foods, as he signs Bill SB1084 into law banning the manufacture, sale and distribution of lab-grown meat in the state.

ANH-USA Update

  • Senator Dick Durbin has introduced yet another bill to Congress in an attempt to pass the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) more power to ban supplements such as CBD, NAC NMN and more. Oppose more supplement restrictions
  • Two new reports raise serious concerns about the levels of pesticides found on vegetables and fruits in the US. Despite warnings from scientific advisors, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) continues to ease restrictions to allow ever increasing levels of pesticides on foods, with little or no safety testing. Protect your food from pesticides!

Covid News

WHO update

  • The campaign against the introduction of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Pandemic Treaty and amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR) is gathering steam:
    • Last week, 49 US Senators threw down a gauntlet to President Biden calling on him to withdraw support for the WHO Pandemic Treaty and associated amendments to the International Health Regulations
    • Following on from the Senators letter, 22 Attorneys-General have written to President Biden telling him that the WHO will not be making public policy in their states and will not cede sovereignty to the WHO under any circumstance
    • Dr Meryl Nass asks if the IHR amendment negotiations are falling apart as she shares an Open Letter published by Feminists for an Equitable Vaccine, and signed by over 160 non-governmental organisations (NGOs) as the divide between developed and developing nations is exposed and widens
    • The World Council for Health (WCH), in collaboration with Swiss lawyer Philipp Kruse, has served notices of liability on the World Health Organization’s Director-General, chief scientist, technical lead and its Covid-19 technical lead. The letters invite them to attend a WCH-led event at which they would have the opportunity to “…explain, apologise and offer reparations for the immeasurable harm caused by their recommendations and GMO injections
    • UK news outlet, The Telegraph, claims that the British government will refuse to sign up to the pandemic treaty while there is a requirement to give away a fifth of its vaccine stock
    • Patrick Wood sounds a warning on his Substack, that US authorities have already rolled out the infrastructure needed to support the WHO Pandemic Treaty aspirations, while everyone was looking the other way, under its One Health project. Read the full article here
  • Covid vaccines are legally defined as genetically modified organisms and Julian Gillespie has the evidence to prove it. A fact that has been deliberately hidden from the public by governments and health authorities around the world. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) knew and hid it, the UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Authority (MHRA) knew and hid it, the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) knew and hid it. Now everyone knows about it after Dr John Campbell interviewed Julian Gillespie
  • Canadian journalist, Scoops McGoo, requested emails from Health Canada re the SV40 contamination in Pfizer covid shots. Unsurprisingly, they reveal that Health Canada knew the SV40 enhancer was in the jabs, deliberately concealed it and continued to tell Canadians the jabs were safe and effective.

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  • Covid genetic vaccine injuries are going mainstream thanks to an op-ed in the New York Times. The author of the article expresses surprise at the thousands of people that believe they’ve been harmed by covid shots and tries hard to defend the ongoing deflection of such concerns by authorities. However, the issue has now had a mass airing and will now be in front of many that may not have previously considered they may be vaccine harmed, or that covid vaccine harms exist
  • The more covid shots you receive, the higher your risk of catching covid. The warning comes from a new preprint study assessing the effectiveness of covid shots against the JN.1 covid strain. The researchers also found little effectiveness against preventing transmission of the JN.1 strain
  • A higher risk of adverse events in children aged 6 months to 17 years following covid shots, has been identified in a new study. Published in JAMA Network Open, researchers found safety signals for myo- and pericarditis for children aged 12-17 years, and seizures in children aged 2-4 years
  • Media reports have been trumpeting the news of a new vaccine technology that can be easily adapted to tackle a range of coronaviruses that have yet to emerge. Reports also share a new term, “proactive vaccinology”, as people are once again desensitised to accept further novel technologies with little to no safety testing
  • A new paper published in Vaccine, analysing data from 99 million covid vaccinated individuals raises major concerns over the levels of adverse events following vaccination. Dr Vinay Prasad takes a deep dive into the paper on his Substack
  • Jessica Rose PhD examines VAERS data related to clot-related adverse reactions following covid vaccination with many reports occurring 60 days following receipt of a shot. Nearly 70% of the VAERS reports examined by her were filed by medical professionals, showing they recognised the relationship between the shots and the development of clots
  • A new systematic review of case reports, published in Frontiers in Psychiatry, confirms what many already know. That people receiving covid shots developed psychosis within 7-days following vaccination. The researchers found the Pfizer mRNA vaccine caused a third of the cases, whilst Astrazeneca caused a quarter
  • The UK Health Secretary is reported to have requested a review of the Vaccine Damage Payment Scheme (VDPS) amidst claims that it’s struggling to deal with the huge increase in claims from those harmed by covid shots
  • Dr Sherri Tenpenny’s commitment, persistance and dedication to the cause has paid off. She stood firm against those who accused her, resulting in the loss of her licence to practice. She has now been vindicated in her stance after her licence was reinstated. 

Online censorship update

  • The full extent of the coercion of social media companies to censor covid misinformation has been revealed in documents released by the US House Judiciary Committee. Reclaim the Net has more
  • Facebook censored Robert Kennedy Jr’s new film “Who is Bobby Kennedy” released as part of his Presidential campaign leading to him filing a lawsuit against Meta.

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  • The Australian Prime Minister is seeking to bring in ever more stringent online censorship, this time using the banner of ‘protecting women’s safety’. Critics continue to warn of the impact on digital rights and freedom of speech. Reclaim the Net has the full story, including the Prime Minister’s desire to ban social media were he to have dictatorial powers!
  • Unsafe and Ineffective is a new film from Chakaruna Media that tells the truth about the lies told during covid about the biggest medical intervention ever unleased on a worldwide basis, all the while insisting it was both safe and effective. Watch the full film here
  • Authorities are being told to target the ‘moveable middle’ in future as part of attempts to counter ‘misinformation’. The recommendations come as part of a JAMA data brief discussing the recent KFF Health Misinformation Tracking Poll Pilot.

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