ANH News Beat (week 8/2023)

Feb 23, 2023

Date:23 February 2023

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  • Lidl to reduce its range of animal protein products
  • Netherlands plans huge increase in legume consumption
  • Combatting health issues associated with covid jabs conference
  • Stool test could predict onset of Parkinson’s disease
  • Checking social media changes development of children’s brains
  • Meal service for chronically ill could save healthcare costs
  • Caloric restriction slows aging
  • New film shares hope for millions of non-speakers and their families
  • Vaping damages your DNA
  • Covid News inc:
    • Covid injections mortality, injury, contamination…
    • Push back against WHO Pandemic Treaty
    • Canadian medical association ignores list of doctors who’ve died suddenly
    • Natural immunity rocks!
    • and lots more…


Natural News

  • Lidl has announced it will be reducing the amount of animal protein products it sells in order to focus on plant-based foods. It justifies the move by citing the need for food security for an increasing global population
  • Plans are afoot to significantly increase consumption of plant proteins in the Netherlands as part of efforts to combat ‘climate change’ via a new project called Economically-Powered Protein Transition through Innovation in Chains (EEPIC). The scientists behind the proposal estimate large-scale production of plant proteins, and a doubling in the amount of legumes consumed, can be achieved within six years
  • If you or anyone you know has been affected by covid injections then this conference is for you. Hosted by GMO Science, the two-day conference, taking place at the beginning of April, will explore issues such as how you can protect your long-term health from shedding by those who’ve been jabbed, how to minimise health issues after being covid jabbed, plus how you can regain your health if you’ve suffered adverse effects following covid injection. Full details of the conference here
  • A stool test may be able to identify Parkinson’s disease risk. New research has isolated α-synuclein in the gut, a key marker for the development of Parkinson’s disease, using a stool test. Although the researchers suggest the α-synuclein has come from the brain into the gut, there’s already good evidence to show that it can travel from the gut via the vagus nerve to the brain
  • Children that constantly check their social media feeds experience changes in the way the reward systems in their brains function particularly in relation to social rewards in the form of emoji reactions, or the lack thereof, to their social posts
  • Dipping back into published science from 2022, finds a study from the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy outlining the cost savings to be found from the use of medically tailored meals (MTMs). The study estimates using MTMs for people with chronic disease could save US insurers upwards of $13.5 billion per year and result in savings of more than $185 billion in healthcare costs along with a reduction of over 18 million hospitalisations. The big question? Would such a programme encourage those receiving the meals to make further changes that would benefit their health or could they become reliant on the meals, which if removed, would result in them sliding back into their previous health status or worse?
  • Eating less (caloric restriction (CR)) reduces the speed at which aging takes place and could have a hugely positive impact on people’s overall health. Despite the positive impact on the aging process the Comprehensive Assessment of Long-term Effects of Reducing Intake of Energy (CALERIE) trial, published in Nature Aging, also found CR did not lead to significant changes in biological age

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  • How would you feel if you couldn’t speak even though you wanted to? What if, with a little tech and training, there was a way for your voice to be heard – but mainstream media and education officials dismissed, ignored or actively prevented its use? A powerful and emotional new documentary, SPELLERS, sets out exactly this scenario and shares the life changing experiences of non-verbal kids and their families using a simple system, known as ‘spelling’. The SPELLERS website asks, “What if everything you knew about autism is wrong?” What if this film could help non-speaking children and adults the world over to finally communicate how they feel and who they really are… Join the mailing list to find out about upcoming screenings of the film
  • The more you use vapes, the more damage is caused to the DNA of the cells in your mouth. Damage to vapers’ DNA was 2.6 times higher and smokers’ 2.2 times higher, than those who had never smoked or vaped. Sweet flavoured vapes created the most damage. The findings are published in Nicotine & Tobacco Research.


Covid News Beat

  • The Florida Health Department has issued an alert due to the increase in VAERS reports following covid jabs, requesting health care providers in the State of Florida to ensure the risks of the jabs are communicated properly prior to injection
  • Following the publication of a report highlighting the increased risk of covid jabs for young men by the Florida Health Department, an anonymous complaint alleging the report was fraudulent was received, which sparked an investigation. The investigation was subsequently closed with no further Action. The Florida Surgeon General, Dr Ladapo, defended the report, along with his subsequent actions and continued stance on the risk of covid jabs to health
  • A study published in BMC Infectious Diseases in January that claims that up to 278,000 people may have died due to severe health problems following covid jabs, has attracted an expression of concern that states the claim is unsubstantiated and calls the peer review process into question
  • The Biden Administration is reported to be getting ready to sign the US up to the World Health Organization’s Pandemic Treaty without the support of the US Senate. The Treaty, contains a clause that acknowledges it must be ratified by national parliaments but another clause states the Treaty will take effect on a ‘provisional’ basis and become legally binding once it’s been signed
  • In response to the news, Senator Ron Johnson has reintroduced his ‘No WHO Pandemic Preparedness Treaty Without Senate Approval Act’, in order to protect the sovereignty of US citizens. The proposed legislation would require any agreement with the WHO to be supported by a super majority of the Senate before it could be implemented
  • The spike protein from covid infection and covid jabs could be travelling covertly in the body using nanotubes to move between cells. Such mechanisms can also be utilised by mRNAs. Not only can the spike protein and mRNAs move around the body in this way, they can also cross the blood/brain barrier
  • A new bill has been put forward in the US state of Idaho that would make the administration of mRNA jabs a criminal offence
  • German news outlet, Die Welt, has reported that the clinical trials of the Pfizer covid jabs were riddled with fraudulent activities. Igor Chudov has more
  • People who’ve received covid jabs are at higher risk of dying than those who remain jab-free. A new preprint finds individuals that have been jabbed have a nearly 15% increased chance of dying due to covid infection than those who chose not to be injected. The authors say calculation of the mortality rate is “…a necessary step toward satisfying the first principle of medicine – Do no harm”
  • Jessica Rose PhD, discusses Anandamide’s recent Substack revealing high levels of contamination in Pfizer covid injections including two antibiotic resistance genes
  • Children’s Health Defense reports on the dystopian views of the world in 2071 as predicted by the World Government Summit
  • The UK’s Office for National Statistics has finally released its latest Death by vaccination status, England report. Although it’s too soon for any deep and meaningful analysis to have taken place, Joel Smalley has taken a look at the raw data, which in itself paints an interesting picture
  • Covid injections are responsible for an increase in thyroid related issues according to a new study from Japanese researchers published in Frontiers in Endocrinology
  • Dr William Makis has once again written (his third letter) to the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) raising concerns over the number of Canadian doctors that have died suddenly or unexpectedly in 2022. The deaths now stand at 132 since the rollout of the covid jabs
  • Covid related lawsuits are expected to experience a huge growth over the next 10 years. The Covid Litigation Conference 2023 (CLC 2023), taking place on 24 March in Atlanta, USA, will help to educate lawyers on the best way to handle such cases
  • Canada’s Public Order Emergency Commission (POEC) has reluctantly concluded that the Canadian government’s use of the Emergencies Act to crush the Freedom Convoy in 2022 was justified
  • Doctors from the Coalition Advocating for Adequately Labelled Medications (CAALM), recently submitted a petition to the US Food and Drug Administration requesting labels on covid jabs be updated as they currently omit important information, which is preventing patients from making an informed decision about being injected. More from Maryanne Demasi
  • A new study published in Circulation detected full-length spike protein in the blood of adolescents and young adults who developed myocarditis following covid jabs
  • A second study from Scandinavian researchers, published in APMIS, found fragments of mRNA from covid injections in the bloodstream up to 28 days post-jab (the length of the study), dispelling claims by health authorities that the mRNA in the jabs is quickly broken down and metabolised
  • A new meta-analysis published in The Lancet, the funders of which included the Gates Foundation, has found that natural immunity following covid infection gives ‘substantial’ protection that’s at least equivalent to, if not greater than, any protection offered by two covid injections.


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