Are the jabs really worth it?

Jan 26, 2022

Date:26 January 2022

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  • Do the jabs stop transmission?
  • Disproportionate investment: covid versus cancer
  • Dying ‘of’ or ‘with’ covid – it’s important
  • ROI varies according to which side of the fence you sit
  • Good value?
  • Early natural treatment is the best protection against hospitalisation and death
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By Rob Verkerk PhD, scientific and executive director, ANH-Intl

A huge investment that saves human life may well be worth it, if lives are saved. That’s because each human life is priceless. But this equation changes if the ability of the jabs’  effectiveness to stop transmission is questionable, bearing in mind there are tried and tested early treatment protocols that have been proven effective.

Do the jabs stop transmission?

So where are we in understanding the jabs’ effectiveness? The simple answer is: it depends on how you measure