Counter culture revolution kicked off in Sweden

Oct 12, 2023

Date:12 October 2023

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There is increasing recognition that we are living in an era in which plans—which have been many years in the making—are beginning to unfold that will have massive implications on our health, that of future generations, as well as drastically limiting our personal freedoms while taking control of our assets.

The impacts are expected to be brought about by major changes in the operating and governance systems of human societies on our planet, these involving the substitution of individual and national sovereignty for centralised, global power and control. It’s of course not a done deal and we have the option to resist and not comply, something that becomes easier the greater our number.

We are being asked to blindly accept these changes because of a meta-crisis characterised by the breakdown of health, economic, financial, political and ecological systems.

Children’s Health Defense (CHD) Europe and The Doctors’ Appeal in Sweden invited 120 experts and leaders in the fields of health, media, finance and governance, including ANH’s Rob Verkerk PhD and Meleni Aldridge, for 2 days of workshops (29 and 31 September) at the Johannesbergsslott in Rimbo, Sweden, to share intelligence, identify solutions and find ways forward. On Saturday, September 30, selected experts presented their views in a remarkable one-day symposium that was recorded and live streamed by Oracle Films.



Symposium taster

Below you’ll find a montage of clips that we have assembled, introduced by Rob, to give you a flavour of incredible insights that were laid bare.

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Full Symposium review

If you want to know more, click on the link below to dive into, and navigate your way through, the full 9 hour conference.

Watch the full conference


Thanks to CHD Europe and the Doctor’s Appeal for a timely and one-off event that moved the needle in the direction of cross-disciplinary team building, cooperation and identification of solutions for a better, citizen-empowered, future.

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