Covid News Unwrapped (week 04/2022)

Jan 26, 2022

Date:26 January 2022

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The World Health Organisation’s European Director, Hans Kluge, has predicted the coronavirus crisis is coming to an end in Europe. His comments echo the positions taken by countries such as the UK and Ireland who are lifting covid restrictions and freeing people to be able to travel again following in the wake of omicron.

The positives and pushbacks are coming thick and fast as more and more people stand in sovereignty against the encroachment of further totalitarian measures by governments. The peoples’ voice is being heard and as more and more stand together each month, the fabric of the agenda that’s underpinned the last two years is wearing ever thinner.

Pushbacks & positives!

  • US Senator, Ron Johnson, held a panel discussion with experts entitled ‘COVID-19: A Second Opinion’ this week. He brought together a group of world renowned doctors and medical experts to give a different perspective on the global pandemic response, the current state of knowledge of early and hospital treatment, vaccine efficacy and safety, what went right, what went wrong, what should be done now, and what needs to be addressed long term. As it turns out it was a very different opinion to that of those raining restrictions on the populace and punishing those who refuse to conform. For those who don’t have time to listen to whole 5 hours there’s a 30 minute highlight video available
  • Top UK retailer, John Lewis, has stated it will not discriminate against jab-free employees who go off sick due to covid or who have to self-isolate. Saying it’s not right to treat jab-free and jabbed staff differently because of medical status
  • Orthopaedic surgeon, Ahmad Malik, discusses why you can’t have mandates as well as personal freedom, bodily autonomy and informed consent on GB News
  • The UK government has removed the requirement to self-isolate for travellers entering England whether jabbed or jab-free
  • German ministers have expressed their concern over the sheer number of individual protests taking place across the country as people continue to pushback against ongoing covid restrictions and pressure for people to be covid jabbed against their wishes
  • In a surprise move the Irish government lifted virtually all covid restrictions last Saturday as omicron infections wane across the country
  • In an interview with the Real Music Observer on YouTube, Eric Clapton discusses how he became aware of the manipulation of people over the past 2 years through the use of ‘Mass Formation’ to mould and ‘nudge’ people’s thoughts and behaviours to willingly give up their rights and freedoms
  • Canadian truckers are on the move as part of the the Canadian-US Freedom Convoy as they protest against enforced jabbing. In an astonishing show of support the team organising the convoy have raised over $4m in a couple of short weeks, however GoFundMe have frozen the account leaving organisers unable to access the funds currently. Canadian MP, Ted Falk, has expressed his support for the truckers in a recent video posted on his Facebook page
  • Following the recent imposition of a mask mandate across New York state, a judge in Long Island has thrown out the mandate because it was “enacted unlawfully“. The battle continues though as an appeal court overruled the lower court’s decision and reinstated the mandate. This is not the end of the matter as a further hearing is due to take place on Friday
  • Canadian citizens are being encouraged to add their voices to an official investigation of Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, after he called those who choose to be jab-free ‘racist and misogynistic extremists’ to assist a criminal investigation by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) following the high number of complaints already received
  • Former US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner and now Pfizer Board Member, Dr Scott Gottleib, is reported to have called for the US administration to lift more covid restrictions as ‘cases’ decline dramatically
  • A group of 30 mayors in The Netherlands are calling for covid restrictions to be lifted in an open letter published in De Volkskrant newspaper saying it’s time to move on and focus on other issues
  • A petition calling for the Quebec health minister’s removal due to his imposition of some of the harshest covid restrictions in Canada has attracted more than 230,000 signatures
  • A group of journalists who no longer wish to propagate the censorship, lies and propaganda that has exemplified the coronavirus crisis have come together under the umbrella of News Uncut
  • The Biden Administration has officially announced it’s dropping the emergency rule that would’ve required all large private employers to require covid jabs or regular tests after the Supreme Court blocked the policy and ruled the federal government had exceeded its authority in imposing it
  • In a recent substack article, Steve Kirsch reveals that doctors in Nebraska can prescribe ivermectin to treat covid patients and they will not have their licence to practice revoked
  • Over 17,000 doctors and scientists have now signed The Physicians Declaration created as part of the Global Covid Summit
  • The World Health Organization has urged countries to lift travel restrictions, bans and requirements to prove jab status because they “do not provide added value and continue to contribute to the economic and social stress experienced by States Parties
  • Croation MEP, Mislav Kolakušić, has denounced the ongoing repression of the French people by President Macron in a recent plenary debate. He also took EU President, Ursula Von der Leyden, to task for her role in restricting EU citizens rights and freedoms throughout the coronavirus crisis
  • The knives are out in the UK for Professor Neil Ferguson, responsible for many of the models used to invoke lockdowns during the coronavirus crisis. In a heated debate in Parliament MPs called the reliance on modelling a national scandal and that government scientists used the data to create an atmosphere of fear. Writing in the Daily Mail MP Bob Seely sets out his stance on the issue writing “I do not have, as Professor Neil Ferguson of Imperial College London has implied, ‘an axe to grind’. I do, however, care about truth.”
  • Peter Doshi, Fiona Godlee and Kamran Abbasi writing in the The BMJ are calling for full vaccine transparency with all raw data related to the development and trial of covid jabs to be made public immediately. In their conclusion, they decry the fact that pharmaceutical companies are reaping huge profits with little to no independent scientific oversight of the claims made for their products.

A Canadian truck in the US-Canadian Freedom Convoy.


  • New Zealand Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, has brought in yet more harsh restrictions as omicron reaches the country. People that test positive, along with household contacts, will have to isolate for up to three and a half weeks. Warnings are being sounded that many may choose not to be tested and carry on as normal
  • The Quebec government has extended its vaccine passport to cover large stores as it continues efforts to force people into being covid jabbed through punitive restrictions on those making an informed choice. In Toronto, Canada, a popular restaurant has been ordered to close, putting the business at significant risk of folding altogether, after its heated outdoor patio set up to circumvent restritions and keep the business running, was deemed to violate the rules
  • A newborn baby was removed from his mother shortly after birth when her older daughter was told she had been in contact with someone who had tested positive for covid, while she waited for the results of a PCR test
  • On 25 January 2022, the Czech Parliament will discuss an amendment to the Pandemic Act (Pandemic Act 2.0). This time, the act will not have an end date and will contain a series of heavy penalties for violating pandemic measures. Czech lawyers have prepared a detailed legal analysis of the ways in which this amendment will affect Czech citizens rights and freedoms


A criminal complaint has been filed by Jack E. Boteler with the Office of the Texas Attorney General against a number of individuals laying claims of murder and crimes against humanity on behalf of all those who have been covid jabbed.


Founder of Healing the Divide, Iris Koh, has been arrested in Singapore after a doctor linked to the group was charged for submitting false information about people’s covid vaccine status to the Ministry of Health. He allegedly recorded people as having been jabbed when they hadn’t. Healing the Divide, set up to protect Singaporeans medical rights and freedoms, is being slammed in the media for being an anti-vax group.

Exposing covid conspiracy

  • The UK Health Secretary has admitted the number of covid deaths being reported is too high as many people are dying from other unrelated conditions after testing positive for covid. The admission comes after discrepancies between the data shared by the Office for National Statistics and the UK government came to light
  • South African doctor, Angelique Coetzee, who first publicly reported the circulation of the omicron variant, has given an explosive interview in which she said she had been told to label the variant as serious rather than mild by European scientists
  • Ontario’s chief medical officer has followed the UK by admitting to misleading the public as he revealed up to 50% of hospitalisations recorded as due to covid are in fact as a result of other conditions due to admissions being recorded as covid related after patients test positive following admission. He also said covid death rates may be misleading because it’s not clear whether people died from or with covid

Child health

  • The true impact of the coronavirus crisis on children’s mental health has been exposed in a report published by Horizon, The EU Research & Innovation Magazine. The report brings together research from range of sources highlighting the very real problems being experienced by children and young people as a result of continued restrictions and fear messaging around the crisis
  • A new bill has been introduced to the Californian legislature that would, if passed, allow children as young as 12 to consent to receive any ‘vaccine’ approved (they can currently consent to receive HPV vaccine and Hepatitis B) by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) without their parents’ knowledge or consent.

Covid injections

  • The UK Medical Freedom Alliance and Class Action Covid UK have published a new legal summary to help people navigate the legal issues around obtaining a clinical/medical exemption from covid jabs, which may be required for their job
  • Healthcare workers in the UK are waiting to hear whether the government will ‘delay’ the introduction of mandated covid jabs as the realisation of the severe damage to the NHS and associated organisations seeps through
  • A new paper co-authored by Dr Stephanie Seneff and Dr Peter McCullough, published on the preprint server Researchgate, warns of the diverse and varied dangers to human health through the disrution to our immune systems caused by covid jabs. 


  • The US Food and Drug Administration has announced it will be expanding the use of Remdesivir, now renamed Veklury, to people with mild to moderate covid, that are deemed to be at high risk of developing severe illness, but are not hospitalised
  • El Salvador has taken a very different approach to protecting its citizens’ health during the coronavirus crisis. Rather than coercing its citizens into being jabbed with experimental covid injections, it has provided kits that include vitamin D, zinc and vitamin C for early treatment of covid at home. El Salvador President, Nayib Bukele, recently tweeted a new video ad campaign encouraging people to live healthy lives and highlighting some of the groups at highest risk of dying from covid. The World Council for Health has commended the El Salvadorian approach to protecting its people’s health
  • Doctors in the US state of New Hampshire could soon be able to prescribe ivermectin for the off-label treatment of covid if Bill HB 1022 is approved and passed into law.

Other News

A survey from the Maru Group in Canada of 1,506 people reports that 37% of those surveyed agreed it would be acceptable to deny jab-free people healthcare, while 27% thought it would be OK to jail people for not being jabbed.


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