Guest feature: Beware of the grey industrial wolf in ‘green’ fleece

May 12, 2022

Date:12 May 2022


“Alexander Pohl is a former sustainable finance banker with over 20 years experience, including with KPMG and HSBC in London. Always wanting to help people and the planet, he tried to use finance and technology to fix the world’s problems. Discovering that these as well as our disconnection from Nature were the source of the problem, he left the corporate world and London to set up a permaculture and ecovillage inspired smallholding and retreat business called Be Human Natural in the forest village of Borgvattnet, Sweden. After discovering industrial wind farms that wouldn’t fix climate change threatening his Eden, Alexander has become one of the leading activists in Sweden challenging both the legitimacy of wind power and the “green” industrial revolution more generally. He is also a qualified Wim Hof Method instructor, passionate about relearning our indigenous ways, takes inspiration from the likes of EF Schumacher, Emmanuel Swedenborg and Peter Wohleben and is certain that Nature will save us all if we let it.”

We appear to be at a crossroads, but few of us actually know how we got here. Like the Amish who go on Rumspringa, we humans have left our indigenous home in Nature to explore the world of technology, electricity and the temptation of convenience. Many of us have been gone so long that we have forgotten who we really are. However, now is the time to decide if we choose the technology-dependent, electric, synthetic, soulless and Nature-destroying Matrix, or we return home to reintegrate ourselves back into Nature with appropriate technology to support us. If you don’t understand the term ‘appropriate technology’, I highly recommend you read ‘Small is Beautiful’ by EF Schumacher (book summary).

Who am I and why I am contributing to this week’s newsletter usually filled by so many inspiring people talking about natural health? Well, I’m Alexander Pohl; born in Germany, I grew up in the US, worked 20 years in Sustainability for some of the biggest corporates in the world, including KPMG and HSBC in London, and now I think I have discovered how they will launch the ‘Green’ New World Order and how we can all stop it.

Did I get your attention?

The ‘green monster’

During my career, I worked for the love of life, Nature, beauty and the notion that money can fix anything. My clients included many household names such as BP, Shell, Walmart, H&M, Unilever, Starbucks  — and I was heavily involved in climate change and renewable energy. However, a few years ago things started to not feel right. It was then I realised that my career was essentially pointless and a fraud. I panicked and tried to abandon the city life by putting as much distance as I could between my family and the ‘green monster’.

I thought we had escaped to the most remote place I could find, which was a small house in a little forest village called Borgvattnet, Sweden. It has a rich history, what seemed like nice people and was a place we could live more naturally. We moved and even set up a business called Be Human Natural, that focuses on helping people reintegrate Nature into their lives using the Wim Hof Method, nutrition and indigenous ways, but little did I know that the ‘green monster’ I was trying to escape was lurking in the shadows.

How did the ‘green monster’ reveal itself?  Well, through vast industrial wind farms being built in the remote forests near us where it wasn’t even very windy. I looked into them and quickly recognised that the ‘green industrial revolution’, as the World Economic Forum often calls it, won’t fix climate change, but instead is actually a war on life as part of a wider agenda. I was so shocked by what I discovered that I made a free YouTube film called ‘Headwind 21‘, which I encourage you to watch.



I followed the money and corruption in wind power through the courts, police, politicians, regulators, NGOs, EU, corporations and beyond, back to the United Nations and their Sustainable Development Goals that I saw popping up everywhere, even on the local council’s annual free calendar.

Do you play chess or love problem solving? Thinking ahead and being creative are magical attributes that if used correctly have an almost infinite potential for good. Sadly, they can also be used to create something that is supposed to save us, which actually turns out to be the system they will use to control us all. Who is they? The answer is very complex, but I’ll leave it with sharing that their motto is genuinely “…to be, but not to be seen”, and the fact that the United Nations is their front organisation. You may now take a sharp intake of breath but stay with me for a minute longer.

Dark industrial agenda in disguise

The year is 1972 and the UN holds the first Stockholm Convention on the Human Environment. This meeting is sometimes referred to as the most important multilateral meeting ever held and kicked off everything from the Millenium Goals, to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and the Paris Agreement, to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. It also led to the establishment of a vast network of Non-governmental Organisations (NGOs) that have shaped global policy and our minds for the last 50 years. I came across an exchange in the UK’s House of Lords that really puts things into context and helps you understand how this was always a dark industrial, not a green agenda.

Would you be surprised to hear that the United Nations General Assembly (which is essentially one of the world’s leading governing bodies) is holding an extraordinary meeting called the Stockholm+50 meeting to commemorate 1972 to highlight how far we have all come, but how much further we must still go and much faster?

What incredible timing, just after the tragic Ukraine crisis makes the world feel helpless without strong global action, climate change has exacerbated pandemics with the next one just around the corner (time for a quick shameless plug for Marijn Poel’s new Pandemic film called ‘Pandamned’ which was released 10 May 2022), just after the World Health Organization (WHO) is delegated the power to declare a loosely defined ‘emergency’ at the One Health Summit and just after ‘Don’t look up!’ became the most watched Netflix movie in history (please watch the BBC documentary ‘The Century of the Self’ to understand the real purpose of Netflix).

Wouldn’t you expect such a momentous event to be well publicised? Just google it… what did you find?



How did they lay the foundations to launch the ‘Green’ World Order at Stockholm+50 without us noticing? By connecting everything from the pandemic to food supply to energy to war to gender to inequality and beyond to climate change and the environment, getting everyone into a panic mindset and then offering them salvation just as they think they can take no more.

What does salvation look? The 4 pillars of the mysterious Stockholm Declaration of 2022, which it’s suggested will be signed at Stockholm +50 are incredibly simple, but effective.

  • Principle 1 – Protect our ‘global commons’ aka Nature, which will accelerate locking humans out of 30% of the land areas by 2030
  • Principle 2 – Accelerate climate action to achieve Net Zero by 2050, which will accelerate the green industrialisation of the remaining rural areas, vast electrification, 5G networks, Internet of Things, industrial healthcare, synthetic food production, more urban ‘densification’ and the build-up of vast wind and solar farms, mines and heavy industry as well as to greatly restrict the freedoms of common people
  • Principle 3 – Make sufficient finance available, which will unlock the floodgates of taxpayer money, pensions and various other channels to funnel wealth from the many to the few, and finally
  • Principle 4 – establish strong global governance to drive it all, which will cement the UN as the new ‘One World Government’.

Playing our part – making our choice

It’s incredible that the UN built the ‘Green’ New World Order while we were all distracted by the World Economic Forum, pandemic, various wars, natural disasters, our increasing debt slavery, fuel and energy inflation, scandals, Netflix, etc.  But they have done it and I predict they will ratify everything during Stockholm+50 on 02-03 June 2022, and then launch it all on the UN’s World Environment Day+50 which is on 05 June 2022. Conveniently, this is also the Queen of England’s 75th Platinum Jubilee when people in the UK and other Commonwealth countries will be distracted by the celebrations. They have even arranged more staged protests with Greta Thunberg and her Fridays for Future (who are mostly innocent and passionate victims sadly) and NGOs putting in fake statements to make it all look real.

However, we are not going to let that happen and I am asking everyone to help by doing three things:  

  • Please look at your own life and reflect if you are living an appropriate, purposeful and Nature-integrated life. This means looking to Nature as your first port of call for everything from health to food to happiness and doing everything that you do in as Nature sympathetic a way as possible
  • Please start asking people if they have heard about Stockholm+50, asking them if they want to choose ‘the Matrix’ or Nature and then ask them to take action if they do not choose ‘the Matrix’
  • Please think about what role you can play in actively making the world a better place and, if you aren’t doing it already, go out there and act. If we all give our best (which doesn’t mean you have to be the best), the outcome will always be the best we could have achieved and we should be proud of that.
  • Finding your whale…

    Finally, I am not fond of most organised religion, but am spiritual and want to leave you with a story.  

    On a recent trip to Stockholm, I attended the Emmanuel Swedenborg church (Emmanuel Swedenborg is Sweden’s unknown Leonardo da Vinci) where the pastor told the story of Jonah. In simple terms, God asked Jonah to help the people of Ninevah who were acting badly, but Jonah didn’t want to go there because they were his enemies and he felt they deserved punishment. Instead, he ran away and was swallowed by a whale that he thought would kill him but actually saved him. After he was saved, he went to the people of Ninevah and saved them by telling them his story.

    The moral of the story for me is that we have all been asked to help save those who are acting badly and sometimes act like we are their enemies, so find your whale and hang on for the ride as it will be a wild one and keep telling your story along the way. However, take comfort that in the end it will all be OK, as love and Nature will always win in the end.


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