In case you missed it – April 2023

May 4, 2023

Date:4 May 2023





28 Apr 2023

FEATURE: Medical ethics – our best chance of restoring distorted health systems?

A tragic story of loss underlines the need for a new ethical framework for how we manage health

28 Apr 2023


Tribute to a legend of the organic, natural health and freedom movements

We celebrate the life of visionary and veteran organic and freedom campaigner, Ronnie Cummins (1946-2023), who passed away this week

28 Apr 2023


Peeling back Apeel

We take a look under the skin of a new product promising to stop wastage of fruit and vegetables and do away with plastic packaging to see if it’s as appealing as the hype suggests

28 Apr 2023

Pandemic Treaty and IHR debated in UK Parliament

On the 17th April 2023, the WHO ‘Pandemic Treaty’ and amendments to the International Health Regulation were debated in the UK Parliament

28 Apr 2023

Rob Verkerk PhD & Meleni Aldridge on TNT radio

ANH founder, Rob Verkerk, along with ANH executive coordinator, Meleni Aldridge stayed up into the wee small hours to join the Sky Dragon Slaying team on TNT Radio

20 Apr 2023

Guest Article: Revealing the Dark Matter of Cancer

Jerome Burne’s latest article explores Mark Lintern’s new theory of cancer development

13 Apr 2023

Rob Verkerk to lead ANH both sides of the Atlantic

With challenges to natural health and freedom mounting in the USA, the UK and Europe, ANH USA and International teams consolidate, with Verkerk as leader

13 Apr 2023

Regulatory limbo: the case of NAC

The more effective a natural product, the greater the risk if it sits in an uncertain, regulatory ‘no man’s land’

05 Apr 2023

VIDEO: Building resilience offers best chance for navigating the future successfully

Rob Verkerk’s stirring talk from last weekend’s #CrowdResilience On Tour event held live in Austin, TX, USA