In case you missed it – August 2023

Sep 6, 2023

Date:6 September 2023





03 Aug 2023

The Beljanski Foundation honours ANH-USA

ANH-USA to receive prestigious award for its work in the field of integrative health

03 Aug 2023

Is vegan better for planetary health?

It all depends on the headlines! We consider a new study supporting vegan diets to combat ‘climate change’ and dig into the ANH archives to look at a complex and often divisive topic

03 Aug 2023

BREAKING NEWS: New courses now available from ANH Health Creation Faculty online!

We’re thrilled to launch 5 new courses on the IPAK-EDU online university platform and to welcome Geert Vanden Bossche, Dian Shepperson-Mills, Zakia Mance and David Cordes as expert facilitators

03 Aug 2023

August Acceleration 2023: Reclaiming Our Potential

Meleni Aldridge introduces this year’s self-development track and gives context to the nature of the theme

09 Aug 2023

August Acceleration Series – Episode One: Emotions — The Bridge to Consciousness

An interview with psychotherapist and psychic medium, Xandra Hawes as she weaves together the many strands needed for emotional wellness

16 Aug 2023

Igniting a new, much brighter future at Campout 2023

Members of the ANH team joined this year’s Campout event co-organised by Dan Astin-Gregory for four days of co-creation, inspiration, transformation and celebration

16 Aug 2023

FEATURE: Nucleotides – the next frontier for anti-ageing?

Emerging science is revealing the crucial role played by nucleotides in slowing the ageing process through their action on telomeres.

16 Aug 2023

August Acceleration Series – Episode Two: Bio-energetic healing — releasing the emotions that bind and freeing your potential

Join Meleni for a lively, life-changing, discussion with natural health and wellbeing coach, Sam Cooper

23 Aug 2023

Learning. Unlearning. Relearning: a New View on Humans and Their Health

Rob Verkerk PhD heralds in a new educational collaboration between ANH and IPAK Edu

23 Aug 2023

What’s driving turbo cancers and autoimmune flare-ups?

Vaccinologist Geert Vanden Bossche DVM PhD explains the possible mechanism for the widely reported spikes in aggressive cancers and autoimmune flares. Introduced by Rob Verkerk PhD

23 Aug 2023

August Acceleration Series – Episode Three: Your Akashic Library of soul records — a portal to deep healing and transformation

If you’re unfamiliar with the Akasha or its relevance to us, join Meleni for another fascinating conversation with Erin Burke, who brings yet another facet to the concept of healing

30 Aug 2023

Rob Verkerk PhD on the Nathan Crane podcast in the USA

ANH founder, Rob Verkerk PhD, joined Nathan Crane recently to discuss natural health solutions to the health issues facing the planet and humanity

30 Aug 2023

TNT Radio, uncensored: Health authority driven disease, falling birth rates and PFAS

Rob Verkerk PhD joins Jeremy Brett on the Dean Mackin show on TNT Radio to discuss a range of topics that the media censors don’t want you to hear about

30 Aug 2023

August Acceleration Series – Episode Four: Quantum tools to accelerate your potential

Ready to accelerate your life to the next level? In the fourth and final episode of Meleni’s August Acceleration series, she talks to Peter Benson who explains how his quantum tools can help you do just that