In memorium: Dr Rashid Buttar

May 24, 2023

Date:24 May 2023

His mission: Making the Change the World is Waiting For

Medical maverick, health freedom warrior, trailblazer, friend, speaker of truth. These were among the words often used to describe Dr Rashid Buttar who passed away unexpectedly on May 18 2023.

Born in England, his family moved to the US when he was 10 years old. He trained as an osteopath and went on to work as a brigade surgeon in the Department of Emergency Medicine at Moncrief Community Hospital during his time in the US Army. Once he left the Army, he specialised in working with alternative treatments for patients with autism, cancer and heart disease. He subsequently became an advocate for children who were vaccine injured and founded the Advanced Medicine annual conference, which, in it’s 5th year has been cancelled due to Dr Buttar’s sudden passing.

Dr Buttar was a committed and dynamic health freedom activist. Controversy wasn’t something he shied away from – he would passionately confront it. He came to global prominence as one of the first healthcare professionals to speak out publicly against the draconian measures that aimed to tackle the covid pandemic. He soon had a large following through his regular Telegram and YouTube videos as the full bite of the pandemic was felt in early 2020. When others were hushed into fearful silence, Dr Buttar spoke out.

Dr Buttar was particularly outspoken against covid vaccine mandates, always questioning safety and the impacts to people’s health, that earned him 6th place in the Center for Countering Digital Hate’s (CCDH) ‘disinformation dozen’, alongside other health freedom advocates such as Robert Kennedy Jnr, Dr Mercola, Ty Bollinger and Sayer Ji.

He’d recently revealed in an interview with Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson (probably his last recorded interview) that he believed he had been poisoned following an interview with CNN in 2021.

Dr Buttar revealed in his last conversation with Sayer Ji of GreenMedInfo that he had been unwell at the beginning of the year culminating in a stay in the ICU, however he appeared to have recovered well and had even gone live on Twitter the day before his passing.

Live with Dr. Buttar

— Dr Rashid A Buttar, FAAPM, FACAM, FAAIM (@DrButtar) May 17, 2023

It’s not known how he died, but in a short video posted to TikTok Dr Buttar is heard to say if we were to receive the news that he’d died, he wasn’t depressed and he didn’t commit suicide. He continued, “if something happens to me it’s because I’ve been telling the truth, they don’t want the truth to come out and I’m excited to be alive at this time in history.”

ANH friend, Robert Scott-Bell, sums up all that Dr Buttar was and his legacy to all who knew him both personally and through his work over the past 3 years, in his recent show with a fitting celebration of his life. Farewell Dr Buttar, your legacy lives on and your passion for health sovereignty and freedom will never be forgotten.

RIP, Dr Rashid Buttar.

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