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Mar 18, 2022

Date:18 March 2022

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  • The Beginning…

We received the first copies of our first book, RESET EATING, two weeks ago giving us the opportunity to offer pre-publication copies to our supporters prior to its official launch on the 28th March 2002. We’ve been blown away by the response and the amazing feedback we’ve already received. Below our launch video, we share a short excerpt from the book along with some of the amazing testimonials we’ve already received.

The Beginning…

When it comes to food, we ignore our genes and evolutionary history at our peril. As well as being a carrier for energy, food is a profound source of biochemical information that needs to communicate in a language that our genes recognise and can interpret. While we’ve had the odd upgrade here and there, the main genetic blueprint we’re running is a Paleolithic one. That’s one of the reasons it’s struggling to cope with the incredibly rapid changes in our food supply since agriculture became industrialised. Changes that include much more processing (think additives, preservatives, artificial sweeteners), GMOs, a massively simplified diet as well as one that is frequently sterile. Because of this, we modern humans are at risk of losing a good deal of our ancestral vigour!


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“I love the way you impart your nutritional know how and put it straight into practice with some fabulous recipes.”
– Rachel H


“I have often thought it would be great to have such a book to hold up as a point of reference for the people trying to find a better way to live. …. and here it is!!”
– Donna

Food literally changes the way our genes express. Far from being set or static, our genes are constantly being turned on or off – amplified or silenced. And this process is what dramatically affects our response to changes in our environment. Our health depends on our ability to adapt, to become resilient in the face of change.

You may have heard the term ‘epigenetics’, which refers to the effects of diet, lifestyle and environmental factors on our genetic expression. But the exciting bit of this is that changes in the expression of our DNA towards either health or disease are significantly under our direct control. This is because of the power of the foods we eat, the amount of activity we engage in, how we manage our stress and how much sleep we get to shunt our gene expression in a certain direction.



“I’ve got a vast collection of food/cookery/nutrition books acquired or donated over the years – most of which have become redundant. I received my copy of RESET EATING yesterday and I think it will lead to the remaining books mostly becoming superfluous too! I think the book is excellent – its energy, its fact-filled content and its broad scope embracing diverse dietary choices. I can’t wait to dive in deeper.”– Caroline B


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When we make the right food choices to inform healthful gene expression we open up to a new world of health and healing with metabolic flexibility at its core. It’s very hard for disease to flourish in a resilient, vital body that adapts to change easily. It’s why we’re still here as a species and it’s how we find the road back to health again.



“Arrived yesterday, really impressed with the look and feel! It’s going straight at the top of my list of recommended books for clients, it’s full of critical nutritional science yet presented in a very accessible way.”
– Silvia G


Please share widely and help us to expand the community of Health Creators. All proceeds from the sale of RESET EATING go towards ANH-Intl’s non-profit funding, with deep thanks for your support.


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