Natural News Roundup & Covid Corner (week 11/2022)

Mar 18, 2022

Date:18 March 2022

Content Sections

  • Earthworms v artificial fertilisers
  • Microwave radiation symptoms caused by 5G
  • Vegetables and fruit on prescription
  • Agricultural nirvana or nightmare?
  • UK GMO safeguards under threat
  • Covid Corner

Earthworms v artificial fertilisers

The humble earthworm is perfectly designed to improve soil health. It’s now being suggested that they could be used to replace synthetic fertilisers. A new study from researchers in Dublin has found a previously unknown (unless you’re an organic gardener of course!) mechanism through which earthworms can rapidly enrich soil and plant health through the excretion of nitrogen in their mucous. The new research has also found that the uptake of nutrients created by earthworms by plants is much quicker than previously thought. Once again nature has provided the perfect antidote to industrialised agricultural practices that are stripping our precious soils of the life they need to nourish the plants grown to feed us.

Microwave radiation symptoms caused by 5G

Swedish researchers, publishing in Medinsk Access, have found that radiation from 5G masts can cause symptoms typical of ‘microwave syndrome’, now known as electromagnetic hypersensitivity. It also also confirms that non-ionising radiation, well below levels allowed by authorities, can cause health issues. The researchers measured emissions from a mast placed on the roof of a building both before and after 5G attenae were installed. After 5G was switched on, the emissions were found to have increased by 118 times causing significant health issues for the residents in the flat below the mast.

A recently updated article from Electromagnetic Radiation Survey highlights the risks to human health from electric vehicles, for which people are being increasingly coerced to purchase, billed as part of the solution to climate change. Due to the extremely low frequency (ELF) electromagnetic fields (EMF) that they emit there are concerns that they pose an increased risk of cancer to their occupants. The article summarises the available science, which is limited and often industry funded, warning far more research is needed before the regular use of such vehicles can be considered safe. Given the health risks caused by electromagnetic frequencies are well known, Big Tech and governments still continue to engage in silence and cover up. Once again, it’s up to us, the people, to stop the continued roll out of this technology. 

Vegetables and fruit on prescription

The UK government has unveiled plans to pilot a three-year ‘Community Eat Well programme’ which will enable GPs to ‘prescribe exercise and healthy food’ as part of its levelling up plan. The announcement accelerates recommendations made as part of the National Food Strategy carried out by Henry Dimbleby. The health prescriptions will also provide food-related education and social support to those suffering, or at risk of, diet-related illness or food insecurity. If you would like to RESET your health today so you CREATE HEALTH for life, please check out our brand new book RESET EATING, chock full of healthylicious recipes packed to the gunnels with a diverse range of colourful vegetables and fruit. It’s all about real food that the body recognises, that conveys a plethora of the right kind of information to our DNA.

Agricultural nirvana or nightmare?

Researchers publishing in Communications Earth & Environment have re-imagined where we should grow crops. At first sight the aspirations of the plan sound very sensible – to make use of land more suited to growing crops, increase carbon capture and biodiversity, allow huge areas of current farmland to be restored to its natural state and reduce agricultural use of freshwater to zero by planting in areas with sufficient rain fall. That is until you realise that the plan assumes the use of high input, mechanised farming practices rather than regenerative agricultural practices. The plan appears to have the right motives, but will reality match the agricultural nirvana offered by complex modelling? It’s worth noting though, that there’s no mention of the funders of this particular study….

UK GMO safeguards under threat

Not for profit campaign group GM Freeze reports on the ongoing dismantling of safeguards against the wholesale introduction of genetically modified and engineered organisms provided by EU Regulations now Brexit has been completed. After intense lobbying by large corporates with heavily vested interests, the UK government appears to be ignoring the consensus reached by those who responded to its 2021 consultation. Instead of the desired moratorium on GMOs, the govt seems hellbent on a course to create a GMO free-for-all putting not only our farms, but our food and the environment at great risk in the process. The GM Freeze team is calling on everyone to get involved and take action to help defend the loss of effective regulations and legislation to protect the UK.

Covid Corner

  • United Airlines employees who refused covid jabs and who have a religious or medical exemption, will be allowed to return to work from the end of March. The change comes as the airline’s jab mandate was challenged in court
  • The Mail on Sunday has started a new series questioning ‘the science’ used to justify the restrictions imposed in the name of covid. In its first expose, Jo MacFarlane, examines the still controversial topic of PCR testing to detect ‘cases’ of covid. Her conclusion? Yes, cases were overstated using this testing method and the use of PCR tests should have stopped once the jab programme started rolling out
  • South African non-profit organisation, Dear South Africa, has started legal proceedings to have the South African National State of Disaster lifted. Despite the South African government’s promise to lift the emergency status it has indicated it will oppose Dear South Africa’s action putting the government’s true intentions to lift the legislation in doubt
  • Professor Aditi Bhargava from the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) has set up the PROVES (People’s Response to COVID-19 Vaccine Efficacy and Safety) study to independently answer questions about COVID-19 vaccine safety and efficacy. The study, which has the approval of the US Institutional Review Boards (IRBs), and is in the form of a survey, hopes to collect feedback from 2.5 million people worldwide on vaccine safety, severity of COVID illness, health outcomes, course of recovery, and mortality in vaccinated and unvaccinated controls. The survey is open to all regardless of jab status. Click here to complete the study
  • A new preprint study from Spanish researchers strongly supports the pre-covid scientific stance that masks don’t stop transmission of respiratory pathogens. The researchers, who looked at transmission rates amongst children in Spanish schools aged 3-11 years, found that the wearing of face coverings in schools did not reduce transmission of covid suggesting their use was not an effective intervention
  • US based lawyers Greg Glaser and Ray Flores are suing the President of the USA on behalf of The Control Group. Their action seeks a Court Order that 1) recognises vaccines are causing a national health epidemic 2) upholds that control group studies of vaccinated v unvaccinated are scientifically advantageous and 3) exempts all persons from mandatory vaccination
  • A new study published in The Lancet claims covid mortality has been vastly underestimated. It’s interesting to note that the study was funded by none other than the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the researchers have used somewhat dubious modelling techniques to reach their conclusions.