August Acceleration: Passing the baton to the youth

Aug 3, 2022

Date:3 August 2022

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You may remember that we introduced you to Dr Mark Trozzi and his son, Rain, in early June this year. Meleni Aldridge was thrilled to be able to catch up with Rain this week and her conversation kicks off our August Acceleration series this year. Rain is a remarkable young man who has a very wise head on young shoulders. His passion for his new pathway in life is evident, yet so too does his humility and love for humanity shine brightly.

Considered a bit of a dissident at school, which left him firmly in the ‘out’ group, Rain has turned this negative into a positive because it removed any blinkers and gave him a unique view on the world. Fueled by supporting his father’s activist work, Rain was feeling the calling to do more and to step up. The result led him to founding Over to the Youth, a C-19 era support group for young people.

In their heart to heart, he shared with Meleni how a documentary called the Rise of the Warrior Apes had a huge impact on him as he saw clearly its relevance to the tribalisation of human society what’s occurred as people scrabble to find something to give their lives meaning and ‘fight’ against the external threat from covid.

Honest to the core, Rain disarmingly describes himself as a work in progress at the start of his journey in life. He’s unequivocal on one thing though – the respect the young should have for the elders who have paved the way for them and the need to step up and be ready to take the baton when the time is right.

For any young people who’re interested in joining Rain in his work, just put your details into the contact form on his website to start the conversation and your journey on a new, consciously coherent path.

Listen to Rain’s conversation with Rob Verkerk PhD, Dr Naseeba Kathrada, Dr Mark Trozzi and Meleni at ANH HQ in June

Watch the interview

Listen to the interview


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