Better Way in Vienna

Sep 14, 2022

Date:14 September 2022

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The Better Way Conference returns, this time in Vienna, Austria, as the ‘covid elite’, thought leaders, experts, truth-seekers and pioneers gather once again to share, learn, explore and collaborate on how we create a better way for a better world. A place to meet world experts in the fields of health, law, economics and science, along with independent journalists from all walks of life.

The Date

September 15th – 19th 2022

The Venue

Event Hotel Pyramide, Vösendorf, Vienna, Austria

What’s Happening?

Better Way Media Conference

Thursday 15th September

Join the speakers live online free of charge

Friday 16th September

Join the speakers live online free of charge

In-person workshop

The Future of Medicine- Today! with Prof. Dr. Stephan Becker & Jan Wellmann. 9 am – 3 pm

Frequency Medicine and advanced alternative methods are opening the door to a paradigm shift in healthcare. Join Prof. Dr. Stephan Becker & Jan Wellman to explore what the latest applications can offer to both doctors and patients.

Better Way Conference

Saturday 17th September 2022

Join the speakers online, including ANH founder, executive & scientific director, Rob Verkerk PhD

Freedom Rally and March

Sunday 18th September 2022

Watch the rally and march live in the World Council for Health Newsroom

Press Conference

Monday 19th September 2022

Follow the Press Conference live in the World Council for Health Newsroom


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