Cause for concern: an evidence trail

Feb 16, 2022

Date:16 February 2022

Content Sections

  • Introduction
  • Evidence trail by subject matter


What do you do when you’re confronted by someone who buys the line toed by the mainstream media?

Do you walk away and say to yourself, “each to his or her own”?

Or do you believe you may be able to share knowledge and information with that person in ways that may allow him or her to re-evaluate the world as portrayed through the lens of a corrupted mainstream media? 

If you fall into the latter group, the document you can download below is meant for you. It’s a 7-page PDF download you can share electronically, or print off and give, to point people to some of the key scientific rationale that contradicts the mainstream narrative.  

If you’ve decided mass covid-19 injection programs, especially when delivered to children, or compulsory masking, lockdowns, deliberately-induced financial instability or the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset don’t make a lot of rational sense, this document we hope will be a useful aide.