The Canadian Truckers: an inspiration for global freedom

Feb 16, 2022

Date:16 February 2022

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Canadian prime minister, Justin Trudeau, just threw away the rule book and removed democracy from the people of Canada.

February 12th saw thousands of people flood into Canada’s capital city, Ottawa, to support the Freedom Convoy and call for the lifting of crippling covid restrictions foisted on Canadian citizens. Despite the loving and peaceful nature of the protest, the Canadian government, spurred on by Justin Trudeau, has repeatedly refused to engage with any and all attempts by the protestors to discuss the situation.

Such is the cause that the Truckers represent, people around the world have been generous in their financial support of the protestors, giving millions of dollars thus far. Following the refusal of, US for-profit crowdfunder, GoFundMe, to release millions of dollars raised to support the protests, organisers switched to GiveSendGo raising circa CA$8 million only for the Ontario government to seek and obtain a court order to freeze all funds raised. In response to the order, GiveSendGo tweeted that Canada has zero jurisdiction over how it manages its fund and that all funds would go to support the cause for which they were donated.

Sunday, 13th February saw a cyber attack on the GiveSendGo site. In a tweet, GiveSendGo said no credit card information was taken and that after stringent security checks the site was back up and running. In a defiant message the company admitted that they’re in a battle and will not back down. Following this, the news came that the Toronto-Dominion Bank had frozen accounts holding around CA$1.4 million donated to the Freedom Convoy protestors and had asked the Ontario Superior Court to take charge of the money.

In a further, more sinister, turn of events Trudeau has now all but suspended democracy in the country by enacting the Emergencies Act in a desperate move to quash both the protestors and the protest itself. The Deputy Prime Minister has announced that banks will be able to freeze the bank accounts of those protesting, and those associated with the protestors without a court order. The banks will be protected from any civil liability, and Canada’s anti-money laundering and terrorist financing rules have also been changed to include crowd funding platforms and the payment service providers they use. This will also allow the government to go after those who support protests financially.

The battle continues with a broadside from the Canadian Civil Liberties Association (CCLA), which said in a tweet that the federal government, “…has not met the threshold necessary to invoke the Emergencies Act”. Supporting the CCLA, the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms also announced its opposition to the implementation of the Emergency Act, declaring it will immediately file a court application seeking to overturn the declaration. MPs from across the political spectrum have spoken out in opposition to the government’s latest moves. While in Parliament this week, opposition party leader Candice Bergen, harranged Trudeau accusing him of using a sledgehammer to deal with the protests.

In an interesting development, the Canadian Government announced yesterday that covid border checks will be relaxed from the 28th February 2022 as the peak of the omicron outbreak passes.


Source: Sky News Australia 10th February 2022

The rest of the world

Inspired by the Freedom Convoy protestors in New Zealand are also attempting to face down the government to force it to remove draconian restrictions. Having brought Wellington to a standstill, protestors have set up camp outside the Parliament building. In an attempt to drive the protestors away sprinklers were turned on leading to trenches being dug to divert the flow of water and hay being put down to reduce the mud. Barry Manilow songs were played on a loop by the NZ Government, which was met by Twisted Sister’s, “We’re Not Gonna Take it”, from the protestors. A letter sent to all MPs requesting urgent dialogue with the government, has been stonewalled.

A new Freedom Convoy is due to take place on Saturday 5th March 2022 in Socal, Orange County, California (40 miles from Los Angeles airport). Further details and logistics will be released closer to the time via Del Bigtree and The Highwire.

Meanwhile the sabre rattling between Russia and NATO countries continues, yet not much appears to be being publicised about the situation in Canada by other Western nations. All of which indicates that the mainstream media (MSM) is not the place to turn for a realistic view on what is actually happening around the world. Definitely not news to our regular readership, but it should give one more patience with those that still believe they are being told the truth via the MSM.

We leave you with the words of Dr Robert Malone at the recent Washington DC, Defeat the Mandates, rally, quoting Augustine of Hippo, “The truth is like a lion. You don’t have to defend it. Let it loose. It will defend itself“.


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