Covid News Unwrapped (week 05/2022)

Feb 5, 2022

Date:2 February 2022

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There is an air of cautious positivity in the air in a number of countries as they start the process of de-restricting and opening up. Too good to be true? Very possibly, but if you’re in one of the countries getting a break, like the UK, the respite is welcome. Unfortunately, there are still countries suffering unnecessary tyranny where leaders are doing their utmost to force individuals to be covid jabbed, whether they consent or not. Restrictions are being ramped up in places such as Australia and Austria, while Germany mulls over the possibility of following Austria down the road of mandating covid jabs for all. Our newest infographic (perfect for sharing!) gives you the most recent snapshot related to ‘covid tyranny’ around the globe.

The good news is that pushbacks and positives are coming thick and fast. People power – and people pressure – ramp up as more and more stand up who will no longer accept the ongoing restrictions, coercion and damage to their lives. They’ve done all they’ve been asked of and now want to continue with their lives. Jab mandates threatening NHS workers in the UK have been challenged and lifted, pending further consultation, while Canadian truckers take action against Justin Trudeau and his government as they work to defeat the totalitarian regime. It’s definitely worth remembering that we, the people, are the 99% and we need to stand together and say Enough!

Pushbacks & positives!

  • NHS workers have received a reprieve from mandated covid jabs as the UK government bowed to significant pressure from sources both inside and outside of the NHS, to rescind the requirement. However, there’s a sting the tail as the government is undertaking a consultation on ending the jab mandates, the outcome of which will inform the final decision
  • John Sortiano was a top pharma executive who’s been covid jabbed. When the Biden administration attempted to mandate covid jabs and his company followed suit he quit his job and decided to speak out about why he made that decision and his opposition to jab mandates even though he has been jabbed
  • Higher education establishments in the US state of Virginia have been told they are not at liberty to require students to receive covid jabs as a condition of their education by the state Attorney General
  • South Africa will no longer require people to isolate if they test positive, but are asymptomatic. It has also reduced the isolation period for anyone with symptoms by three days from 10 to 7 days
  • Thousands of truckers along with tens of thousands of Canadian citizens descended on the Canadian capital, Ottawa, to protest against mandated covid jabs. The ‘Freedom Convoy’ reportedly grew to 45 miles in length as more and more people joined in support of the action. In an effort to censor the Convoy, Facebook deleted the group’s 600,000 strong page, while Go Fund Me briefly froze the more than CA$7.3 million that was raised to pay for expenses. The protestors say they’re in it for the long-haul and won’t move until the mandates are removed. Meanwhile Canadian Premier, Justin Trudeau, was moved to a place of safety and the Canadian government is fighting back by threatening to bring in even more stringent jab requirements for truckers as a punishment for daring to stand up against the draconian restrictions imposed by the Canadian government on its citizens
  • Coinciding with the Freedom Convoy, a new survey of Canadian citizens found that 54% of Canadians now want restrictions to be lifted across the country
  • The Supreme Administrative Court of the Czech Republic strikes down vaccine passes for restaurants, clubs, and hotels. The Court has set a one-week deadline for the government to react saying “Measures cannot aim to indirectly force citizens to be vaccinated.

  • Catalonia, an autonomous region of Spain, scrapped the requirement for a covid pass to enter bars, restaurants, cultural events, and all other establishments at midnight on the 27th January

  • Denmark has ended all covid restrictions and laws saying covid should no longer be considered critical to public health. If you become unwell you won’t have to isolate and if you do it will only be for three days
  • Finland, Sweden and Malta have also announced they will begin the process of lifting covid restrictions in February
  • Attempts to extend coronavirus crisis powers by the Czech government have met with significant resistance resulting in the amendments being vetoed by the Freedom and Direct Democracy Party (SPD)
  • A group of 40 UK psychologists led by Dr Gary Sidley, has written to the UK Parliament’s Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee to highlight the harms caused by the government’s “grossly unethical” use of nudge tactics during the coronavirus crisis. The letter has prompted MPs to launch an investigation into the use of scare adverts. Dr Sidley wrote to the British Psychological Society in December 2020 to warn of the harm posed by the use of covert psychological strategies to promote compliance with draconian restrictions
  • Saskatchewan Premier, Scott Moe, publicly admitted vaccine passports were introduced to the region purely to increase the jab rate, but that they have now run their course and are no longer necessary as part of a recent podcast. He also said that lockdowns and restrictions don’t work
  • A petition calling for the European Parliament to reconsider covid policies affecting children, was lodged on 25/01/2022 by Prof Dr Martin Zizi on behalf of 200 doctors and scientists from Europe and the world. The petition has also been sent to all MEPs, the European Ombusman and European Medicine Agency (EMA)
  • A newly proposed Bill in the US state of South Carolina would make it illegal for certain institutions to request an individual’s jab status
  • Austria’s Constitutional Court is seeking justification of coronavirus restrictions implemented by the Austrian government after it received a number of complaints. In particular, it’s focusing on the claim that healthcare systems would’ve been overwhelmed by jab-free people without implementing restrictions and asking for more detailed information on hospitalisations and deaths due to/with covid. Two days after the letter was sent, the lockdown for jab-free people was lifted
  • UK charity Consent, has published an ad in The Metro newspaper, seen by tens of thousands of travellers every day in the UK. In it, Consent called for the UK government to ensure parents are given sufficient information to make an informed decision on whether or not to allow their child to be given a covid jab. Such consent is imperative given the high risk of children suffering adverse reactions to the jabs such as myocarditis
  • The Quebec government has announced it will not be imposing a ‘health’ tax on those who choose to remain jab-free after it received huge pushback. Health Minister, Francois Legault, insisted the tax had been pulled as it would have further divided people.


  • Two US men are being denied lifesaving transplants because they refuse to be covid jabbed. Chad Carswell, who needs a kidney transplant, says he’s prepared to die rather than be covid jabbed. In Boston, DJ Feguson, has been told he can’t have a heart transplant due to his refusal to be covid jabbed
  • Jab-free workers in Germany could lose the ability to claim unemployment benefits if mandated covid injections are brought in by the government. Such mandates would also give employers the right to refuse to employ jab-free individuals
  • The Supreme Court in New South Wales, Australia, will now require anyone attending court to be double jabbed as a minimum. They will also be required to test and wear masks when in court 
  • Over 500 serving members of the US armed forces have been discharged from service because they refuse to be covid jabbed
  • An attempt by some German parents to home educate their children to protect them from coronavirus restrictions and jabs have been thwarted after armed police officers stormed the house where they were being taught. The children were allegedly separated from the adults and told they would be removed from their parents if they did not provide required information
  • Top US university, Yale, is being criticised for encouraging students to turn against each other by instituting a system allowing students to report on other students who are perceived to be flouting coronavirus restrictions on campus. Some students have gone one step further and reported behaviours seen via social media
  • People who want to visit friends and relatives in hospital in Western Australia will be denied entry if they are not jabbed under some of the most sickening restrictions seen to date. The order will also prevent parents of sick children from being with them unless they obtain a special exemption
  • Using its emergency coronavirus powers the Nova Scotian government has declared it illegal to finance, organize, aid, or participate in a truck convoy or line the roadside in support of a truck convoy. Anyone found violating the new rules face fines of up to CA$10,000.


  • A group of students in Los Angeles that were roped off from their classmates and denied entry to classrooms because they’re jab-free is suing the school involved to protect their constitutional rights. The school is defending its actions by saying it was enforcing a board-approved policy
  • The Australian Vaccine Network (AVN) has filed a request for a Judicial Review against the Australian government, asking the court to stop or suspend provisional approval for the ongoing covid jab programme in Australia due to the lack of informed consent and risk of harms posed by covid jabs
  • The Canadian Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms (JCCF) has filed a lawsuit in the Federal Court seeking to strike down the federal government’s mandatory Covid-19 vaccine requirements for air travellers. The main applicant in the court case is former Newfoundland Premier, The Honourable A. Brian Peckford, the only living author of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. In a press release, Peckford states the requirement is discriminatory and violates his rights under the charter
  • More than 100 people are suing the Mayor of New Orleans over covid jab and mask mandates after it was announced anyone over the age of 5 would have to show proof of being jabbed to enter certain businesses. The wearing of masks by anyone aged over 2 years old was also mandated. The complaint accuses the Mayor and New Orleans Health Dept of causing “social, economic and cultural harm” through “authoritarian actions under the pretext of an emergency without end
  • Parents in Wellington, New Zealand have applied to the High Court for an interim suspension of the programme to jab healthy kids aged 5-11. The court agreed that there are serious risks to children’s health from covid vaccines. A decision is currently being awaited from the court.


  • Calls have been made to censor Joe Rogan’s popular podcast on Spotify. Amongst those ganging up to gag him are veteran artists Neil Young and Joni Mitchell who threatened to remove their music from the platform if Rogan’s podcast remained. Even US Surgeon General, Vivek Murthy, has suggested Rogan’s podcast should be censored. The move comes following his highly acclaimed, open, honest and transparent discussions with Dr Robert Malone and Dr Peter McCullough. In what can only be seen as support for Rogan, Spotify has now removed Neil Young’s music but it has also caved into critics by adding a content advisory to podcasts that discuss covid
  • Following a court’s decision that the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) must release Pfizer documentation relating to the approval of its covid jab at a rate of 55,000 pages a month, the FDA has returned to court just days before the next release of data is due, to ask for a further delay to the start of publication of information. It also claims it will not be able to meet the required release rate. It’s of no suprise the FDA has now been joined by Pfizer as it attempts to block access to the documentation making you wonder what they’re so desperate to hide
  • The Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) has popped its head above the parapet again with a new report aimed at those opposing covid mainstream narratives via Substack accusing those publishing via the popular platform of profiteering from the coronavirus crisis
  • Martin Kulldorf, co-author of the Great Barrington Declaration was recently deplatformed by LinkedIn. Following publication of the article discussing the deletion by the Brownstone Institute the account was reinstated.

Child health

A new article in UK newspaper, The Guardian, sets out the harms to young children caused by coronavirus restrictions. The article describes how children have been affected, including a four year old who cowers if a shopkeeper tries to speak to him. For many children, the wearing of masks and constant use of hand sanitiser has now become a part of everyday life, despite the health issues associated with these measures.

Covid injections

  • US children under the age of 5 are likely to be given three doses of covid vaccine once it’s been approved according to Anthony Fauci speaking at a recent press conference. The speed of the potential approval and willingness of regulators to allow young children to be jabbed without the necessary supporting evidence is causing some vaccine experts to question the plans amongst fears it could put the whole jab programme in jeopardy
  • Four renowned chemistry professors have sent a letter to BioNTech founder, Uğur Şahin, expressing concerns and asking questions about possible quality issues with its covid jabs
  • The FDA has given full approval to the Moderna Spikevax covid jab. However, it would appear that the FDA is once again playing smoke and mirrors as there isn’t enough supply of Spikevax for general usage. It’s also become apparent that the data used to support the approval is pre-omicron
  • The UK’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has given regulatory approval to the Novavax covid jab for use in adults, however it’s planning to apply for authorisation for children over the age of 12 and for use as a booster
  • The remote island of Kiribati has managed to keep itself free from covid – until now, after incoming visitors to the island brought the virus with them despite strict rules in place to keep covid out. Even though all the visitors were fully vaccinated, masked, quarantined before departure and on arrival as well as testing negative not once, but several times 36 out of the 54 visitors tested positive for the virus on arrival at the island. This led the island being plunged into lockdown, which is reportedly failing to halt the spread of covid amongst the population 
  • In an interesting twist to the coronavirus saga, a former Blackrock executive is claiming that if any of the pharma companies supplying covid jabs are found to have committed fraud they will lose the blanket protection that’s been afforded to them thus far leaving them wide open to prosecution
  • Researchers have developed a way to put the mRNA from covid jabs into a tablet that would then release its payload into the stomach wall
  • A new study describes an unexpected mechanism that could explain thromboembolic events occurring with DNA-based but not with RNA-based vaccines. The authors draw attention to the potential for serious adverse reactions to be caused by covid jabs 
  • A US Navy pilot suffered severe chest pains following being covid jabbed, which led him to eject from his fighter jet as he tried to land on the aircraft carrier USS Vinson
  • In this new pre-print paper, the authors examine 13 possible unintended consequences of the use of covid vaccine passes across society arguing that they may cause more harm than good
  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is “pivoting” the language it uses to describe people’s jab status. Instead of using ‘fully vaccinated’ they will now use the term ‘up-to-date’, which will allow it to add as many additional jabs as it wishes to existing schedules
  • Two new papers (here and here) report on the incidence of myocarditis following covid jabs.The first published in the New England Journal of Medicine concludes there is a higher risk of myocarditis leading to hospitalisation in young men aged 12-17 following a second covid jab. The second published in JAMA also found an increased risk of myocarditis in young men following a second covid jab

Natural Immunity

Malawi may have reached the holy grail of herd immunity against covid. The evidence comes from a study conducted by Kondwani Jambo, an immunologist based in Malawi, which reveals the majority of Malawians were infected long before omicron arrived. Because most people got through the illness with little issue they were neither tested or logged. Jambo’s data came from blood bank samples, which are collected monthly, leading to the conclusion that up to 80% of Malawians had been infected with some strain of covid before Delta hit.


  • Japanese trading and pharmaceuticals company Kowa Co Ltd, has said that ivermectin has shown an “antiviral effect” against Omicron and other coronavirus variants in joint non-clinical research
  • Controversial scientist, Andrew Hill, who deliberately changed the conclusion of a study that supported the use of ivermectin to treat covid to please his funders, has published a new sub-group meta-analysis in Open Forum Infectious Diseases. The paper is designed to denigrate the volume of evidence showing ivermectin as an effective treatment for covid. The new analysis suggests the positive results of previous studies, referred to by Hill as fraudulent, were due to poor quality studies. It’s of no surprise that Hill fails to mention high risk studies are often massively under funded and clinicians are trying to do their best under tough conditions. Clinical experience, not RCTs and meta-analyses, is what’s really driven the use of ivermectin and the saving of tens of thousands of lives!


A new systematic review and meta-analysis of the use of lockdowns as part of covid control restrictions, from John Hopkins University, finds they had little positive effect but have created enormous social and economic costs. The authors conclude “lockdown policies are ill-founded and should be rejected as a pandemic policy instrument“.

Other News

  • Three doctors from the Isle of Wight have been found guilty of taking tens of thousands of pounds worth of bribes from pharma companies to promote prescription drugs. The doctors visited GP surgeries on the island to change patient medications to ones they were paid to promote in a practice known as ‘switching’
  • Hooman Norrchasm MD has released an open letter to Drs Peter McCullough, Robert Malone and Pierre Kory questioning their promotion of early treatment protocols and warnings of the dangers of covid vaccines, which he believes could result in people choosing not to be jabbed.