Video: Planet in crisis

May 19, 2022

Date:19 May 2022

We’re passionate about what’s going on outside, what’s happening in nature – you know, the planetary crisis?

So Rob Verkerk – our founder – has made a short video plea (yes – it’s under 5 minutes!) drawing attention to his incredibly important article from last week – looking at the environmental crisis – beyond climate change.

As Rob often says, we are “of nature” – so we better do what we can to preserve not only where our physical bodies come from, but also where they end up. Technology and human greed have been the two most destructive forces on the environment. It’s time to get things back on track. To do that, we need to understand what’s actually going on.

Check out Rob’s introductory video below and download and read his Planet in Crisis article if you haven’t already. Then share it avidly.

Thank you.


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  • reply

    20 May 2022 at 1:10 pm

    Dear Robert,
    Thank you for your presentation this morning which I enjoyed, but it leaves me astounded that you fail to mention geo engineering and chemtrails. This Ariel spraying of toxic chemicals on a daily basis containing barium, aluminium, strontium, nano particles of graphine oxide etc. are sprayed in our upper and lower atmosphere on a daily basis.

    Bill Gates has a programme of ariel spraying to cause ‘global dimming’ his mad theory is to block out the suns’s rays and therefore protect us from global warming. www.geoengineering

    You mention carbon emissions as the main cause of anthropogenic global warming, are you talking about the carbon emissions caused by the burning of fossil fuels or are you lumping this together with Co2, a naturally occurring important atmospheric gas without which this planet would die?
    Co2 is plant food, it is the main component for the operation of photosynthesis which is why they pump it into green houses to make things grow.
    Many people are confused about exactly what this man-made carbon is.

    This can be blamed on anthropogenic pollutants, we have not had a good track record of dealing with planetary waste, but we cannot be blamed for the destruction of the structure of our skies by a programme of weather modification using chemtrail spraying, causing droughts and flooding all over the globe resulting in population displacements that we the public in many countries in the western world to deal with.
    This practice is impossible to stop, it has been carried out for about 70 years and is increasing in intensity as the globalists attempt to destroy human cultures by moving people around the planet therefore diluting cultures and destroying indigenous populations.
    The NWO has arrived, welcome to dystopia!

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