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Jan 13, 2022

Date:13 January 2022

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With rapidly changing information, extreme censorship, escalating authoritarianism and a need by citizens to make informed health choices that could have lifelong consequences, there’s rarely — if ever — been a more important time in living memory to protect what many of us have considered, for the last 7 decades at least, to be our inalienable right to freedom of expression.

In Western, industrialised countries, that have traditionally been the vanguards for the protection of this and related rights, we’ve seen an unparalleled erosion of freedom of expression and a straight-jacketing of the information stream released through mainstream media channels.

Perversely, while the delta variant of SARS-CoV-2 has been displaced by, or is in the process of being displaced by, the omicron variant that evades jab-induced and natural immunity acquired from previous variants, booster jabs are being foisted with ever increasing vigour on the public. All with precious little evidence of benefit — and at considerable, often unspoken, risk to the public.

This is no time to hide from knowledge or information that might lead to improved outcomes for individual and public health.

Now is the time to realise what our rights to free expression are – and to engage in sharing as much meaningful, factually-based information as possible to help the maximum number of people to make informed health choices.

Find out more about this critically important subject from our founder, Rob Verkerk PhD, in the following video piece. 



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  • The UK has opened a consultation on Human Rights Act Reform – which is an attempt to create a modern Bill of Rights – the consultation closes at 11:59pm 8 March 2022


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