Free healthcare from the forest

May 11, 2023

Date:11 May 2023

How time flies!

Meleni first talked to Gary Evans of the Forest Bathing Institute back in August 2021 to introduce the concept of what the Japanese call ‘Shinrin Yoku’ – the art of forest bathing. At the time, much of the world was still held in the grip of lockdowns, mandates and pandemic fever. We’re so thrilled to hear from Gary that our interview inspired so many to make contact and get outside – something we all prioritise in our week at ANH.

Whilst we humans are of Nature, and have lived with and depended on Nature since time began, using Nature as a recognised means of healthcare was first developed in Japan and now features prominently on conventional medical prescriptions for some conditions as a choice – drugs or forest bathing? I know what we’d choose! Forest bathing sessions have now spread across the world, but Gary and his team at the UK’s Forest Bathing Institute (TFBI) are intent on progressing the science to prove why thousands of people reconnecting to Nature in these sessions are rebalancing, resetting and restoring their health and emotional wellness.

Join Meleni and Gary to hear how the TFBI (the natural one!) is uncovering the potent secrets of the forest when it comes to our health and wellness. We hope it will inspire you to get out into Nature on a regular basis and never underestimate the good it will do you. If you hug a few trees whilst you’re at it, you’re only going to maximise your gains! Watch Meleni’s interview with Gary to find out why…

>>> Catch Meleni and Gary’s first interview about the art of Shinrin Yoku (forest bathing) and you might like to deepen your experience with the Sovereign Breath Practice whilst you’re out in nature.



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