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Mar 31, 2022

Date:31 March 2022

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  • Introduction to quantum medicine
  • Introducing wave genetics information medicine
  • Quantum cosmetics
  • Informational matrices increase energy levels 
  • Reality check
  • Why a photo?
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The following main article is a modified version of original content written by Professor Petr Petrovich Gariaev, director of the Institute of Linguistics Wave Genetics, in Moscow.

The article has been edited by Roger Meacock BVSc MRCVS and Melissa Smith.
Rob Verkerk PhD has provided an introduction.


“Roger Meacock is an Alternative Vet who specialises in advanced medical technologies and alternative medicine for animals; mostly horses and dogs. He also treats people as an Alternative Practitioner. Many of his clients have come to him for treatment when they have been given little hope of recovery using more conventional techniques, or to speed up healing. He has a high level of success, and as a result now treats up to Olympic level for horses and people. Roger also helps those who suffer poor health due to exposure to artificial electromagnetic frequencies. He has recently adopted using Wave Genetics, which was developed by Russian scientist Prof Peter Gariaev and his team, and is their official representative. Prof Gariaev was nominated for a Nobel Prize in Medicine for this work.”


Introduction to quantum medicine

Quantum medicine, sometimes also referred to as informational or frequency medicine, is itself a huge and burgeoning field that uses lessons learned from quantum physics to deliver highly advanced diagnostics often as well as treatments. Quantum physics is the scientific area that attempts to explain the nature and behaviour of matter and energy at the atomic and subatomic level. This brings us into the realm of electromagnetism and frequencies, as all matter contains energy and resonates (vibrates) at a particular frequency.

Quantum medicine is without doubt one of the major and most promising ‘new’ frontiers of medicine, despite it often being seen as an anathema to mainstream medics who have yet to gain an understanding of the field. Chemistry and biochemistry – the scientific disciplines on which the current, dominant yet failing medical paradigm is based – just doesn’t work well enough to mediate whole-person health in our modern world. It benefits a small proportion of those exposed, while also benefiting the tiny band of people involved in making and delivering patented pharmaceutical new-to-nature molecules. Its early promises, built on antibiotics like penicillin, created enough momentum to create a business model that’s now deeply entangled with the fabric of governments and the global media machine. In the process, it has strangled any innovation or system that might be in a position to compete with it. That is until, the system fails so badly large numbers of people are forced to look at alternatives.

The fascinating element of quantum medicine is it relies on one thing the biomedical model fails to even consider: frequency or resonance. Secondly, it chooses not to be a slave to something the biomedical model cannot separate itself from: linear time. Even a discipline like nutrition has often been limited by it being viewed under a chemical and biochemical lens. We know, for example, the vital energy (resonance) associated with foods that are derived from ecologically-balanced regenerative agricultural systems, and that are delivered to our bodies with care, respect and love, have a profound and different effect on our bodies compared with highly processed foods derived from industrial food systems. The frequency at which the molecules in the wholesome foods is higher – end of. So while we can apportion some of the beneficial effects of wholesome foods to their chemistry, such as their being a better balance of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients, they literally resonate differently.

The article below that Roger has edited is a sneak preview into one branch of quantum medicine. We’re always very interested in systems of medicine that work well in veterinary medicine as there’s likely to be a lesser interplay of placebo or nocebo effects.  

Have a read and see what you think. Can I also suggest you separate any concerns you might have over what is currently happening in Ukraine with some of the extraordinary work in the quantum field that has been ongoing over many decades in Russia.

Introducing wave genetics information medicine

Wave Genetics ‘information medicine’ is a treatment system that uses information copied from the quantum state of a healthy human being. Listening to the resultant sound matrix containing this information enables the body to correct deviations from the normal state.

The Institute of Linguistics of Wave Genetics invented and is developing “bio-spintronics” technologies that open up wide possibilities in the field of informational medicine. They offer Individual Matrix programs – as developed by Prof Peter Gariaev – based on photographs, or umbilical cord blood or placenta, or the bulb of the hair roots.

Using their technology, sound recordings are generated within the human audible range. These matrices, remarkably enough, help the body to transform from an unhealthy medical state into a healthy state.


The technology can be accessed via an Individualised Matrix based on a youthful, healthy photograph of the subject (or of a close blood relative) or the umbilical cord blood and placenta of a new-born baby.

The two benefits tend to be an improvement in health, and rejuvenation, i.e., a return to a more youthful state.

While most might want to reverse the aging process as quickly as they can, the process of rejuvenation mediated though ‘wave genetics’ comes over time after repeat runs of the Individual Matrix programme from the laser survey of the placenta, the cord blood of a new-born or a childhood photo. There is a limit to how fast the process can go, although this phenomenon is not linear, and there are exceptions.

The Individual Matrix programs are compiled using the technique developed by Prof Gariaev, and complemented by universal and other programs that utilise the wave (bio-spin) information captured from various bioactive substances of natural origin with a long history of use in medicine.

One of the many practical results of Linguistic Wave Genetics has been the development of Informational Creams using programming derived from biological substances, prepared in unique ways.

Individual Matrix programs (based on a photo or biological material) can be used by the donors of these biomaterials, as well as their immediate family. For example, if an Individual Matrix has been generated for a child, it can also be used by the parents, siblings and grandparents which makes an Individual Matrix even more cost-effective. Prevention is always better than cure, and what better way to optimise health than through listening to your Individual Matrix regularly, although this is not a replacement for basic good health practices.

Quantum cosmetics

The methods of Linguistic Wave Genetics have been used to create a new direction in cosmetology (which strictly means beauty treatments) – quantum information cosmetology. Thanks to these new techniques, the properties of many biologically active substances can be transferred to specially designed creams. This enables the use of ingredients that cannot physically be included in the creams because the required physical processing would result in the loss of beneficial properties.

Informational inclusion also bypasses issues of physical instability during storage and toxicities that are frequently associated with chemicals used in conventional creams. The quantum healing information included gives a boost to the entire reconstruction and rehabilitation of the skin, which is a vital component of a healthy body.

The uniqueness of these ‘quantum cosmetics’ is the result of collaboration with academics, technologists, and cosmetologists.

Informational matrices increase energy levels 

During the process of developing the Linguistic Wave Genetics technology in relation to health correction, many people have reported that their energy levels increased significantly. This has been attributed to the information captured from a person’s more youthful state, using the Individualised Matrix from an earlier photograph.

Of course we all know that the vast majority who reverse their biological age will also become more energetic. It may also potentially be related to the activation of processes in the body, previously not known. The Institute of Linguistics Wave Genetics is now further researching this area with promising results.

Research work also continues to assess whether bio-spin information from unrelated individuals with certain characteristics can be transferred, such as enhanced physical development, intelligence etc.

Reality check

Information medicine should not be considered as a total replacement for other systems of medicine. It is complementary. In general, it is a corrective process that takes commitment and time, although wave genetics practitioners  have received plenty of anecdotal positive feedback over fast-acting beneficial responses too. We are all different, and not everybody can or will respond quickly, although everybody will improve over time, provided they honour the process and take care of themselves through appropriate diets and lifestyle choices too.

People should also be aware that during the early days of listening to either a Universal Matrix, as well as an Individual Matrix, there may be some short-term (no more than 5 days) healing adjustment and detoxification, because your body is undergoing changes, in essence, being rebuilt. This is a positive indicator for the long-term benefits, but should you experience such an effect, you should take a break from listening for 1-2 days to give your body a chance to settle down, and then start listening again.

Why a photo?

The process of obtaining information from the photograph of a person, particularly from children is based on quantum physics, specifically laser physics. The theoretical terms and ideas are based on the work of David Bohm, a well-known specialist in the field of plasma physics. Significant contributions to the understanding of human photo-image spectroscopy were made by famous physicist GI Shipov, who developed the theory of torsion (spin) fields.

Relevant ideas from Bohm can be briefly summarized as follows: everything that exists in our world appears in the universal hologram, and this applies to all living beings, people included. Each one of us has imprints in the universal hologram, of all our life events from birth to death. Each imprint with all its characteristics and with all its genetic information will be stored forever in the hologram. If we can connect to this hologram using a photograph, we can take this complete information about this person at that age. The person can be treated using his/her information from a childhood photograph because in most cases that child was healthy and had not yet struggled with the diseases that became problematic in his or her later life.

Contributions to overcome the problems of recording quantum information from photographs were made by geneticist, professor Petr Gariaev, leading to a different understanding of our genetic coding in comparison with the more conventionally established and well-known canonical model.

The work with photography was preceded by research carried out by Prof Gariaev’s group on the transfer of genetic information over long distances using a torsion field. When the possibility of wave transmission of genes over large distances (measured in kilometres) was confirmed by

experimentation, Prof Gariaev proposed the idea of obtaining the genetic information using pictures of people. A photograph of a person is not just a flat picture copy of that person. It is thought to also contain a lot of quantum information about that person, including information about the person’s genetics at the time the photograph was taken.

Prof Gariaev was often asked about the validity of information retrieved from images using laser because “the images are only photo emulsions”. But this, proposed Gariaev, is a profound mistake. The photograph of a person contains their photonic image, soaring above the photo. The special laser beam photons, which are used for the retrieval of information, interfere with the photonic image of the person in the photo. The technique is more fully described Gariaev’s 2015 paper published in DNA Decipher Journal. The most important thing is that the sound range of the photograph acts as a health correction factor, and this is the practical verification of the effectiveness of the spectra.



Listening to your Matrix tends to be more effective first thing in the morning, but remains beneficial, although less so got a given time exposure, during the afternoon and evening. Sometimes, with very painful or severe conditions, the program can be used 24 hours a day in repeat mode. Many people listen to their Matrix overnight during sleep whilst the body is naturally doing most healing. You can listen just once through, or loop play to keep listening. If time is an issue to listen all the way through, then you can split the program into 2 or 3 sections to listen to at different times. The volume does not need to be high. The Matrices can be used with other background music if this helps someone sleep.

When will a mainstream primary care physician be considering such therapies? This might depend on how many people ask for it and how strongly people who use it feel about its benefits. Try as mainstream medicine has to destroy homeopathy – another form of quantum or energy medicine – interest in it has continued to grow because practitioners and members of the public alike, have championed its benefits, supported by a growing and increasingly robust body of evidence.  

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