Is Pfizer going to go down?

Mar 10, 2022

Date:10 March 2022

Content Sections

  • Introducing Steve Kirsch, Big Tech legend
  • The data doesn’t look good for Pfizer
  • When science meets law
  • Big Tobacco comparison
  • Introducing Edward Dowd, investor and fraud detector

As further tranches of Pfizer’s clinical trial data get released, it’s looking increasingly like one of the world’s top 10 drug companies knew it was up to no good before it rolled its fast-tracked gene therapy injections out on a global population desperate to see a return to normal life.

You may recall Pfizer wanted to hold back releasing all the documents it relied on to get FDA approval of its covid-19 injection for 75 years. It’s a convenient timeline when one considers the typical lifespan of human beings and to anyone with a modicum of healthy distrust of pharma companies it should have rung some very loud alarm bells.