Rob Verkerk PhD\’s Walk & Talk from Mexico

May 4, 2022

Date:4 May 2022

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  • Watch Rob’s video message from Mexico
  • Gates’ empire strikes back
  • Latest New Zealand findings
  • Should we be more tolerant of those with differing worldviews?

Watch Rob’s video message from Mexico

For those who prefer to read, the following is a short article that Rob provided us with from Mexico that informed his Walk & Talk.

Gates’ empire strikes back

It’s clear that Bill Gates, along with his massive funding and publicity machine, is building up for the next phase of the global surveillance and control system, justified as necessary because it is designed to look like the best way of preventing a future pandemic. There are of course many options that could have been provided that don’t involve a global control mechanism. Gates has now written a book and delivered a TED Talk on the subject (see links below).

His proposed approach relies on gene sequencing and vaccine technologies that have failed spectacularly during the covid-19 pandemic. One of the key differences is that the approach sets the scene for ongoing genetic surveillance of the world’s population, with logistical experts delivering interventions in outbreak areas as soon as infections arise. This is all meant to happen through a team of 3000 full-time staff (with estimated costing of £1 billion pa) comprised of epidemiologists, data scientists and logistical experts coordinated through a group that Gates’ names the GERM team, where GERM stands for Global Epidemiology Response & Mobilization. It looks to us like the man whose team attempted to monopolise the internet space through an illegal monopoly is up to his usual tricks. This time the control centre isn’t Microsoft, it’s his beloved World Health Organization, of which the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is a major donor.

There is no doubt that Gates’ initiative slots straight into the planned WHO ‘pandemic treaty’, which we wrote about previously (here and here).

>>> Bill Gates’ article on his new book, How to Prevent the Next Pandemic
>>> Bill Gates’ promotional video about his book
>>> Bill Gates’ TED Talk about his GERM/WHO collaboration

Latest New Zealand findings

I also would like to draw your attention to some interesting findings by a New Zealand microbiologist and forensic chemist, Dr Robin Wakeling. Dr Wakeling’s work provides extensive evidence of disruption to red blood cells in blood taken from those who have suffered harms following receipt of covid-19 and influenza injections, as well as evidence of unusual inclusion bodies. These appear similar to those found by Campra and others following Raman spectroscopy and electron microscopy (see our previous article on the subject) which appear to be comprised of graphene and are capable of self-assembly. Dr Wakeling’s investigations primarily involve dark field, bright field and phase-contrast microscopy so they provide visual information, not information on the chemical composition of ingredients or inclusions.

>>> Access videos and further information about Dr Robin Wakeling’s findings

Should we be more tolerant of those with differing worldviews?

Finally, I summarise my own perspective about why we are surrounded by so many different and polarised views over what is really going on during this extraordinary time of transition in which we currently live. I suggest that each of our worldviews is dependent on the way the four factors in our Worldview Matrix (below) play out.

In a world where research (information) is heavily controlled, restricted and manipulated, where freedom of expression and discourse is massively throttled by authorities and power brokers in ways that try to ensure only one worldview becomes dominant, it is more and more difficult to find a consensus in worldviews.

Those of us who are adamant that the dominant narrative and ideology as portrayed through the mainstream media is inconsistent or defective are more likely to seek out other information and knowledge. Accordingly, we have different experiences and develop different belief systems. The inevitable consequence is increasing polarisation between different groups in society. In-groups and out-groups are formed (see my previous article linking to the work of leading psychologist and genocide researcher, Ervin Staub), some deciding it is easier to conform with the requirements of the in-group in order to appease their security or belonging needs. This affinity for the in-group and tendency to become what Staub calls a ‘passive bystander’ occurs even when there is recognition that the ideologies are flawed.

I hope that this Worldview Matrix might provide a helpful mental model to help promote tolerance, as well as knowledge sharing between those of us who hold different or opposing views.


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