Understanding vaccine causation

Feb 10, 2022

Date:10 February 2022

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  • Exploring the Continuum from causation to association
  • Conference Agenda
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Saturday 5th February 2022 saw a groundbreaking online conference take place. Organised by the World Council for Health, the inaugural ‘Understanding ‘Vaccine’ Causation: How are adverse effects proved?’ Conference brought together doctors, lawyers and scientists, from around the world, as they explored the issue of causation of injury or disease following administration of genetic ‘vaccines’.

Conference organiser and advocate Shabnam Mohamed said the vast majority of injuries are not reported as many people fail to realise when they become ill following covid jabs that the jabs could be responsible for their problems. They don’t report the issues to government recording systems because they are unaware of their existence or their concerns are dismissed by the very professionals they seek help from. Many don’t receive the support and care they need to help them deal with their injuries nor do they apply for any compensation that may be available.

Introducing the conference, Dr Mark Trozzi from Canada, said “For those of us who have done extensive research over the last two years, it is difficult to imagine that there is still a dispute regarding forced vaccine injections. It is my submission that they are both dangerous and ineffective…

The one day conference featured 18 international speakers including ANH founder, Rob Verkerk PhD. You can watch Rob’s presentation below.

Exploring the Continuum from causation to association

>>> Watch the full conference: World Council for Health’s Newsroom
Scroll down beneath the ‘live’ video box and click on Understanding Vaccine Causation Conference.

Conference Agenda

Speaker time cuts


Time cut

Dr Mark Trozzi introduction

00:30 – 04:10

Megha Verma

04:37 – 23:30

Dr Herman Edeling

22:50 – 57:20

Adv Sabelo Sibanda

59:15 – 01:22:15

Dr EV Rapiti

01:47:15 – 02:18:45

Dr Shankara Chetty

02:19:20 – 02:48:30

Dr Arne Burkhardt

02:51:45 – 03:18:15

Dr Ryan Cole

03:19:00 – 03:45:50

Avital Livney – The Testimonies Project

03:46:45 – 04:14:30

Ted Kuntz – Vaccine Choice Canada

04:15:05 – 04:44:50

Shabnam Mohamed – SA VAERS

04:46:45 – 05:16:30

Dr Jessica Rose

05:17:00 – 06:04:45

Rob Verkerk PhD

06:05:30 – 06:36:20

Deanna McCleod

06:38:10 – 07:09:00


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