Covid News Unwrapped (week 06/2022)

Feb 10, 2022

Date:10 February 2022

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The process of opening up and loosening restrictions is continuing in many countries. However, there’s still a sense that it’s maybe a little too soon to start the victory parties. Leaders in countries like Canada, New Zealand, Austria and Australia are still hellbent on doing their utmost to force individuals to be covid jabbed, whether they consent or not.

Below we have another smorgasbord of news items from around the world bringing a round up of the good, the not so good, and the interesting to bring you up to date without having to trawl the internet. Do please share with your networks by clicking on the share links above.

Pushbacks & positives!

  • German Attorney, Reiner Fuellmich, has convened a panel of international lawyers and a judge to hold a Grand Jury Proceeding to hear evidence of criminal acts committed under the guise of the coronavirus ‘pandemic’. The opening statements can be heard in English and German
  • Thousands converged on Ottawa as part of the peaceful Freedom Convoy 2022 to protest against covid jab mandates and restrictions. As more and more people joined in to support the movement police began arresting protestors and blocking access to fuel and food deliveries. After more than a week the mayor of Ottawa declared a state of emergency saying the blockade poses a threat to the safety of residents in the city. Politicians and other high-profile people are openly supporting the campaigners in their efforts. The City of Hamilton’s transit union has also announced that it’s going to fight the mandates. For trusted coverage and the latest information on the campaign visit Dr Mark Trozzi’s website as he stays in close contact with the organisers
  • Inspired by the Freedom Convoy, plans for a Convoy to DC in the US are being made. Details of the route or date of the Convoy have not yet been confirmed. In New Zealand, a convoy reached the Parliament building and blocked surrounding areas. As with Canada, the Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, has dismissed the protest and refused to engage with protestors. Many other countries are taking Canada’s lead and organising their own convoys including Belgium, Alaska and the UK
  • UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced yesterday that, all being well, he plans to remove all covid restrictions including the requirement to self-isolation a month earlier than originally planned
  • Spanish pharmacovigilance expert, Dr Joan-Ramon Laporte Roselló, spoke at the Spanish Congress recently to warn against continued use of covid jabs. He said the mRNA jabs are drugs based on a technology never used until now and that the mass vaccination of the population is a “global experiment with precedent in the history of mankind”. He also told the Congress there is no evidence the jabs protect against omicron and booster jabs are not justified for children and young people
  • Yet another UK doctor is speaking out about all that’s happened over the past two years. In a substack article, he describes how he realised things didn’t add up, along with his questioning of ‘the science’ used to justify many restrictions and his opposition to jab mandates
  • Bolivian lawyer, Marco Antonio Cardozo Jemio has defeated the introduction of covid jabs mandates in the country after the head of Tarija’s Covid Unit said jab-free patients would not treated there
  • Bulgaria could abolish its green pass in March, as it becomes a political hot potato that’s becoming too hot to handle
  • The New Jersey Governor has announced an end to school mask mandates in the state
  • New Zealand is set to relax its border controls and end the need for quarantine in military camps for travellers entering the country. The government will continue to impose quarantines on international travellers and anyone who is jab-free
  • Calls are being made for healthcare workers in England, who lost their jobs for refusing to be covid jabbed, to be reinstated as the UK government steps back from imposing mandated jabs
  • French TV is reporting that Olivier Véran is predicting the removal of vaccine pass requirements in France by June. Given the desire of President Macron to punish anyone who’s jab-free, it remains to be seen if this will actually happen
  • Thousands of protestors marched on Canberra calling for an end to all covid jab mandates. The protestors have put out a call for 5 million more people to join the protest whether jabbed or jab-free
  • The Governor of Iowa has announced the state of emergency will be lifted after emergency legislation expires on the 15th February 2002 along with the end of covid restrictions in the State
  • Senator Ron Johnson has written to the Secretary for the US Department of Defense calling for information to confirm allegations shared during a recent roundtable by lawyer Thomas Renz, of a significant increase in many medical conditions in 2021. Since the revelations, the DoD has seen fit to release an update to Politifact alleging data from the previous five years was incorrect because of a glitch in the database rendering the allegations made in relation to 2021 data invalid
  • Israeli citizens no longer have to provide proof of covid jab status to access the majority of venues. The requirement will remain in place for large events such as weddings and parties for the time being
  • As debate rages over the continued hosting of the Joe Rogan podcast by Spotify, Rumble CEO, Chris Pavloski, has offered Rogan $100 million over four years to move all of his shows to Rumble to facilitate uncensored conversations and make the world a better place.


  • Jab-free people, unless exempted, in Sri-Lanka will be unable to enter public places or use public transport from 30 April 2022 after the government issued a jab mandate. Only those who have received three jabs will be considered ‘fully vaccinated’ under the law
  • A jab-free Canadian father has lost joint custody of his three children because the judge deemed him to be too big a risk to his children, one of which is immunocompromised. The judge also ruled their mother could have them jabbed dismissing their father’s concerns and research as being unscientific. He will now only be allowed contact with the children via phone or Zoom. Should he agree to be jabbed he will be allowed to apply for the order to be withdrawn
  • The European Commission is proposing to extend the use of EU digital covid certificate for an additional year, beyond the original date for its withdrawal of 30 June 2022
  • Police in Australia raided the home of husband and wife pub owners who defied lockdown restrictions to save their business. After patrons of the pub faced down Police who tried to close the pub, the police then resorted to breaking into their home in the middle of the night to arrest and intimidate them. Despite their treatment the couple show no sign of giving up their fight
  • At least ten people in New York have been arrested after entering a cinema to protest against restrictions against those who are jab-free
  • Scientific advisors to the UK government are advising jab passports should be adopted for Summer festivals purely to force more young people to be jabbed even though they acknowledge they do nothing to prevent the spread of the virus
  • US doctor, Dr Edith Behr, has been sacked from her job after she was accused of prescribing ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine to treat covid patients because the drugs haven’t been approved by the FDA for use to treat covid
  • Medical insurance companies in the US could force jab-free people to pay increased premiums because they are deemed to be at higher risk of being hospitalised if they contract covid
  • Athletes at the Winter Olympics in Beijing are being subjected to enforced quarantines in isolation wards if they are deemed to be covid positive. One Polish speed skater was released from quarantine, but then taken from her room and returned to quarantine at 3am in the morning after she was told a mistake had been made. Many competitors are still being held in isolation amid fears they could miss the games entirely
  • As the UK government appears to have stepped back from mandating covid jabs for healthcare workers a letter signed by the Chief Nursing Office, Chief Midwifery Officer, Medical Directors and others along with Prof Chris Whitty, has been sent to all NHS staff pushing them to get jabbed. There are fears that the government may try to implement mandates through the back-door by requiring jabs as part of people’s professional registration, to move between care trusts, for promotions or new positions.


  • Up to a third of those who tested positive for covid by PCR test were not contagious and should not have had to self-isolate. UK researchers using data from 300 Freedom of Information requests from WhatDoTheyKnow have published a report on Collateral Global, which found significant issues in the way laboratories ran tests, a lack of validation of results and huge variables in the number of cycles used to create results, which were then used to force people into self-isolation even though they were not infectious.


  • The covid jab programme in schools in Northern Ireland has been terminated following a Judicial Review challenge, removing the ability of children to be jabbed without the knowledge of their parents or their consent. A further hearing on the matter will take place on the 21st March 2022
  • A new legal challenge against jab mandates in the US has been filed by Attorney Generals from 16 states. The lawsuit seeks to block mandates for healthcare workers in 25 states. The lawsuit contends the mandate was in response to delta variant and is therefore now obsolete as omicron has taken hold
  • The FDA along with its crony, Pfizer, has lost its bid to delay the release of documents relating to covid jab safety data used as part of the EUA approval of the Pfizer covid jab. The FDA will have to start producing documents on or before the 1st March 2022.


  • Governments around the world, including Canada, are threatening freedom of speech with the introduction of new laws purportedly designed to combat misinformation and improve online safety for individuals. In the UK, under the draft Online Safety Bill being introduced, the UK government will be able to force social media companies to directly censor legitimate free speech deemed by ministers to be undesirable. Please sign the petition to remove the provisions that target lawful expression and protect UK citizens Freedom of Speech.

Covid injections

  • The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has indicated it will be changing covid jab schedules to increase the length of time between jabs, in an attempt to reduce the number of people suffering post-jab heart inflammation
  • Prof Jacob Giris, director of Ichilov Hospital’s covid ward has said that 80% of seriously ill covid patients in Israel have been jabbed and that this shows the jabs clearly do not prevent serious illness as is being claimed
  • Talented young Danish golfer, 17 year old Viggo Sorenson, has died suddenly after suffering a heart attack
  • Pushback against mandated jabs continues with the publication of correspondence in The Lancet by an infectious disease specialist from the University of Colarado, Carlos Franco-Paredes. He writes that the ability of vaccinated people to spread the SARS-CoV-2 virus is not significantly different from that of jab-free people thereby negating the scientific rationale for jab mandates
  • Researchers publishing in Cell have found the mRNA from covid jabs in germinal cells of lymph nodes up to 60 days (the length of testing by the researchers) following injection. They also report finding the mRNA from the jabs outside of the lymph nodes. Of most concern is the finding that levels of spike protein in jabbed people are higher than if they were sick with covid. This suggests that production of the spike protein is not being turned off as has been suggested by Pfizer and Moderna.

Natural Immunity

  • Natural Immunity trumps that provided by covid jabs. A recent report from the CDC shows natural immunity against covid was at least three times as effective at protecting against infection and hospitalisation from the delta variant.


  • Daily Mail health correspondent, Barry Calman, has been up to his old tricks again following news that actor turned politician, Laurence Fox, is using ivermectin to help him combat covid. Despite an hour long conversation with Dr Tess Lawrie to discuss the merits of ivermectin, how it can help prevent severe covid illness along with the presentation of supporting evidence, Calman has, as always, dismissed such evidence instead promoting the proclamations of disgraced researcher Andrew Hill, who changed the conclusions on an ivermectin study to satisfy his funders and discredit ivermectin’s use for covid
  • A new study published on the preprint server, Researchgate, using data from Itajaí in Brazil, has found not using ivermectin prophylactically against covid resulted in a significantly increased risk of dying from covid
  • In a highly unusual move, but one that seems to be increasingly used to discredit ivermectin studies supporting its use as a covid treatment, another preprint paper has been removed by the preprint server hosting it. SocArXiv withdrew a paper from a the team studying the use of ivermectin in Mexico City that found a significant reduction in hospitalisation of covid patients that used a kit containing ivermectin, saying the work is misleading
  • Covid patients treated with vitamin D3 in the form of extended release calcifediol (ERC) experienced increased serum levels of vitamin D and improved recovery times according to a new preprint study from researchers in the US
  • The findings of the previously mentioned study support those of a new study published in PLOS One from researchers in Israel who found patients with higher levels of vitamin D are at lower risk of serious illness or death from covid.

Other News

  • An international treaty on pandemics? The World Health Organization (WHO) has kickstarted a process that would potentially allow it to override the constitutions of member states in the event of another pandemic. Following a Special Session of the Health Assembly in December a decision entitled “The World Together’ was adopted establishing an intergovernmental negotiating body designed to strengthen pandemic prevention, preparedness and response, but which could potentially further remove citizens rights and freedoms
  • Sir Jeremy Farrar is to be interviewed under oath by the US Congress over concerns he was at the centre of a cover up of the origins of the SARS-CoV-2 virus after he was instrumental in the publication of a letter in The Lancet in February 2020 dismissing claims the virus originated in a lab. The Congressional Committee will question him over his conflicts of interest and attempts to suppress scientific discussion
  • Scientists in the UK have carried out a small human challenge trial in which people were deliberately exposed to the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Just over half (53%) of those that were exposed to the virus developed symptoms. The use of human challenge trials remains controversial however
  • Pregnant women are being put under significant pressure to be jabbed against covid despite a paucity of safety data. A Daily Sceptic reader who is herself pregnant took a look at data related to maternal covid deaths and found a somewhat different story to the one being pushed by mainstream media and medical personnel
  • A new preprint study from Spain looking at the transmissibility of the omicron variant of covid found covid jabs did not appear to reduce the spread of the virus.


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