RESET EATING - heet van de pers! Grijp nu uw voorpublicatie-exemplaar!

mrt 3, 2022

Date:3 March 2022

We’re so thrilled to announce that our brand new book — RESET EATING – Reset your health and resilience by turning what and how you eat into powerful medicine — is hot off the press! We have a limited supply of pre-publication copies available (with a healthy discount for our Pathfinder Members) before they go on general sale on 28th March 2022.

What a day! We can’t quite believe that after a long gestation, our book baby is birthed! Here’s our unboxing video so you can share our excitement as we got the first long-awaited glimpse of our books.

We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it and look forward to engaging with your comments and questions. We have a dedicated Facebook and Insta page, so stay tuned for HERVATTEN lives and chat.

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“A unique and easily accessible book – including delicious recipes – that reveals the science and practicalities of turning what, how and when you eat into powerful medicine!”


Click on the image below to read the press release or download a PDF copy.

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