Covid News Unwrapped (week 08/2022)

Feb 23, 2022

Date:23 February 2022

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Covid restrictions continue to be scaled back. Even Austria has indicated it is considering lifting the recently implemented universal jab mandate and New Zealand PM, Jacinda Ardern, is hinting at a lifting of restrictions come mid March as it becomes overwhelmingly obvious that the data do not support the restrictions or mandates.

The Freedom Convoy in Canada has sparked similar actions in other countries as citizens look for new ways to show their continued displeasure and resistance to restrictions that have divided families and destroyed livelihoods. The situation in Canada continues to be difficult but pushbacks and protests carry on, moving away from Ottawa as the Police crackdown on protestors. Pushed through with the help of fellow Global Young Leader, Jagmeet Singh, Trudeau’s instigation of the Emergency Act has immediately been met with lawsuits and rejections by the leaders of Alberta and Quebec and the Canadian Civil Liberties Association. In breaking news, Justin Trudeau has rescinded the Emergencies Act because the protestors have now left Ottawa. The RCMP are now working to unfreeze banks accounts affected when the Emergencies Act was initiated.

Please dive into this week’s covid news roundup in which the good far outweighs the negative once again, regardless of what the mainstream media may be saying.

Pushbacks & positives!

  • UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, announced all covid restrictions in England will be lifted this week (w/e 25/2/22),. Free testing will be scrapped from the 1st April as the government recognises the huge financial burden of ongoing restrictions and testing and starts its attempts to balance the books. The NHS Confederation and a group of charities have called for self-isolation and testing rules to remain in place despite the introduction of the government’s plan for living with covid
  • Scottish First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, has followed suit announcing all legal covid restrictions will be lifted by the 21st March
  • The situation in Canada is a mixed bag currently. On the positive side despite Prime Minister Trudeau bringing in the Emergency Act, the Freedom protestors decided to make a tactical withdrawal from Ottawa rather than continue to be used a punchbag by the Police and supporting forces. Alberta Premier, Jason Kenney, has written to Trudeau to register Alberta’s opposition to the imposition of the Emergencies Act and calling for end to the jab mandates
  • Quebec has rejected Trudeau’s imposition of the Emergencies Act saying it should not and must not apply in Quebec. The state also announced the lifting of more covid restrictions including the removal of all jab passport requirements by March 14
  • Also in Canada, the Canada Science & Policy Committee to Exit the Pandemic is calling for the immediate end to all covid restrictions in the country as covid has become endemic and the pandemic is all but over
  • A group of leading Israeli physicians and scientists have written an open letter to Justin Trudeau to chastise him over his use of inflammatory and discriminatory language in his attempts to stigmatise those involved in the Freedom protests in Ottawa
  • Citizens around the world are being exhorted to sign a petition calling on world leaders to condemn the actions taken by Trudeau to rout the Freedom protestors, despite the peaceful and loving nature of the protest
  • The US People’s Convoy will be rolling across the US to Washington DC today (23rd February) calling for all covid restrictions to be removed across the US. Starting from Southern California the peaceful Convoy is about freedom and unity with an aim to unify people regardless of their ethnicity, religious or political beliefs
  • Iceland has lifted all covid restrictions including border restrictions. There will no longer be discrimination against those who choose to remain unjabbed
  • People power is having an effect in New Zealand as protestors remain encamped outside the Parliament building. Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, has indicated covid restrictions will start to be lifted in mid-March as the omicron surge subsides. She refuses to accede any ground to the protestors though, saying their action has had no impact on the decision
  • In a huge about turn, Austrian authorities have announced they will relax virtually all covid restrictions including ‘Corona Apartheid’ rules introduced to punish those who refuse to be jabbed from 5th March. Austrian paper, Kronen Zeitung, reported that since the compulsory jab mandate came into force on February 5th there has been a reduction in the number of people being vaccinated
  • Protestors in Paris were joined by scores of Police officers over the weekend as protests continued for the 32nd weekend in a row
  • Students in the UK are being called on to go on strike on the 9th April to raise awareness of the issues and discrimination facing students from ongoing covid restrictions. The action will take place outside of Imperial College London, home of infamous modeler Neil Ferguson to highlight the damage his modelling has done to people’s lives. In California hundreds of students walked out of their school in protest against mask mandates and the removal of students from class for not wearing masks. Later that day the school district sent a letter out to say it would be changing its policies
  • Washington DC Mayor, Muriel Bowser, announced an end to its jab mandate for businesses on the 15th February followed by a dialing back of its indoor mask mandate on the 1st March. New York governor, Kathy Hochul, has also announced that she will allow the state jab mandate to lapse on the 10th February along with universal indoor mask requirements
  • In the UK, Therapists for Medical Freedom published an open letter calling for an end to the use of jab passports in September 2021. They are now calling for support from the public and signatures can be added to the letter to demonstrate the widespread opposition to the use of jab passports
  • Six organisations have come together to publish an open letter to Australian medical and political leaders calling for an end to the covid injection programme for children as new data reveals the previously undisclosed risks of harm from the jabs
  • When it was asked to disclose user data and freeze Bitcoin accounts by the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, Bitcoin wallet provider, Nunchuk, informed the Court in no uncertain terms that they do not have the data nor the means or willingness to be able to shut down users’ accounts.


For the 32nd Saturday in a row, Paris protests to end COVID law today.

— Aaron Ginn (@aginnt) February 20, 2022


  • Canadian Deputy Prime Minister, Chrystia Freeland, who sits on the Board of Trustees for the World Economic Forum, wants to make some the financial powers gained under the Emergencies Act permanent in order to be able to target crowdsourcing and payment platforms in future
  • US President, Joe Biden, extended the covid national emergency beyond the anniversary date of its declaration in a letter released by the White House this week. The reason given is to be ready for the next phase of the coronavirus crisis as omicron fades
  • Sonic weapons were deliberately deployed by Australian Police against peaceful freedom protestors in Canberra. Multiple videos are being shared claiming to show injuries that have been caused by the devices even though the authorities are trying to dismiss the concerns, claiming they were only used as loudspeakers to convey ‘messages’ to the protestors
  • Supported by fellow World Economic Forum Young Leader graduate, Jagmeet Singh, leader of the New Democrat Party, Canadian PM, Justin Trudeau, was successful in pushing the Emergencies Act through Parliament despite fierce opposition. The crackdown on protestors in Ottawa has seen multiple incidents of police overreach and brutality targeted at peaceful protestors. Trudeau has been forced now to rescinde the Act, but is citing the departure of the protestors as the reason, not the strong pushback and slew of legal actions his actions provoked. The RCMP are now working to unfreeze people’s bank accounts
  • In an, as yet, unexplained outage, five national Canadian banks were offline for several hours following the introduction of the Emergencies Act last week, sparking fears there had been a run on the banks as people tried to remove their funds due to the freezing of protestors accounts.


  • Levels of titanium dioxide that “…systematically exceeded the acceptable exposure level” have been found in medical face masks commonly used by people to prevent the spread of covid, according to a new study in Scientific Reports.


  • Whistleblower Brook Jackson filed a $2 billion lawsuit against Pfizer and BioNTech in January 2021 alleging the pharmaceutical companies fabricated and falsified covid vaccine trial data. The lawsuit was unsealed this week after the US Department of Justice refused to intervene
  • The Canadian Civil Liberties Association (CCLA) is taking the Canadian federal government to court over Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s historic move to invoke the Emergencies Act this week
  • Alberta Premier, Jason Kenney, announced on Twitter that his government will be filing a court challenge against the imposition of the Emergencies Act by Justin Trudeau’s government. He also said they would consider supporting other legal challenges such as that being brought by the CCLA.

Covid injections

  • An Israeli preprint study has looked at how much difference a fourth Covid vaccine dose makes compared with a third dose to antibody levels. The study was restricted to triple-jabbed healthcare workers. Measuring antibody levels, the researchers found an increase to the peak levels they hit following the third dose, though no higher, suggesting the fourth shot does little to improve an individual’s protection against covid
  • Efforts to develop an updated covid vaccine against omicron are failing as studies in animals show they provide no more ‘protection’ than a third shot of the existing jabs
  • In Australia, people are being told they could need up to five covid shots to be considered up to date with their shots, whilst in the UK a fourth dose is being recommended for the over 75s and the over 50s from the autumn
  • Public Health Scotland is to stop publishing covid hospitalisation and death stats because they are apparently being used by ‘anti-vaxxers’ to scaremonger and prevent people from being jabbed. Instead, officials will focus on publishing more robust and complex vaccine effectiveness data. One wonders why data needs to be hidden if the vaccines are so effective.


  • A new study published in JAMA by researchers in Malaysia, concludes that ivermectin does not prevent severe covid infection or hospitalisation. In a post on its Telegram channel, the BIRD Group highlight the problems associated with the trial and its conclusions. In an article on his website, Prof Norman Fenton, is scathing about the study calling it “scientific publishing fraud” as it failed to be clear about the lower number of deaths in the ivermectin group (3 of 241 patients) compared to the control group (10 of 249 patients).

Other News

  • Yesterday saw a statement issued by the Metropolitan Police (London), saying they will be taking no further action on the complaint filed by campaigners to stop the ongoing jab programme as they deem no criminal offences have taken place. The team behind the complaint has acknowledged the statement and are working on an official response. However, the Metropolitan Police are just one of many police forces in the UK
  • Moderna shares have reportedly taken a spectacular fall in value on the stock market after poor results from ongoing studies and the news that Moderna executives were dumping their stock
  • Professor Mark Woolhouse, a member of SPI-M, the modelling group within the UK government advisory body, SAGE, has written a book – The Year the World Went Mad – in which he expresses deep regret that he and the Government’s other scientific advisors got almost everything completely wrong. In other words, those who favoured ‘focused protection’ over universal restrictions were correct all along. Harry de Quetteville in the Telegraph has more
  • The CDC has admitted it’s withholding critical covid data due to fears it could stop people being covid jabbed. In essence it’s telling the public that they can’t be trusted to make an informed decision based on all available data rather than the meagre amount that’s been shared to date.



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