Navigating mass formation

Jun 23, 2022

Date:23 June 2022

By Rob Verkerk PhD; founder, scientific & executive director, ANH-Intl

Few of you reading this won’t have heard of Dr Peter McCullough. He’s been among the most outspoken, highly credentialed, highly published, US doctors pushing for non-mainstream protocols for those with covid-19 disease, then calling out safety issues linked to covid-19 genetic vaccines, especially in relation to myocarditis risks in young people. As a world renowned cardiologist and internist, his concerns were heard by a huge number of people. His views were clearly expressed when he was interviewed alongside Dr Geert Van Den Bossche and myself by Professor Paul Mills last November.

Several things have conspired to make the system close in around him. The gravitas that comes from his professional position, his experience, his publication record, his persistence, his clarity of expression, and, of course, his choice to be heard on a wide range of media channels including those which are widely censored.

For someone who’s managed to get over 600 articles through peer review, Peter McCullough now finds his articles being withdrawn, retracted or impossible to get through peer review. Fortunately, he still has champions in influential places – including Sen Ron Johnson, who is calling on a public hearing to address the American Board of Internal Medicine’s decision on  “whether to recommend any disciplinary sanction against” Dr McCullough for his views on covid-19.

McCullough is far from the only target of the mainstream. Other doctors who have been in the frontlines, saving lives, and doing their level best as doctors, such as Dr Pierre Kory are now, like Dr McCullough, at risk of having their medical licenses revoked. Then there’s Dr Paul Marik, who was sacked from his hospital job after he took legal action against the hospital which stopped him from using life-saving drugs and nutrients on his patients.

Rather than lambasting these doctors, we should be celebrating their metal for being among the few who stayed true to the 4 guiding principles of medical bioethics as proposed by Tom Beauchamp and James Childress: autonomy, non-maleficence, beneficence and justice.

But it gets worse. A US initiative called No License for Disinformation has been set up by two young doctors and a nurse. The initiative gets non-medically or scientifically trained citizens who’ve bought into the narrative to snitch on doctors who’re not toeing the narrative.

Those medics who speak out against the abominable decision by the FDA to authorise covid-19 vaccines for infants and children 6 months through 5 years of age will no doubt find themselves in the cross-hairs of this initiative. How much can the public understand about mechanisms such as original antigenic sin, antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE), vaccine-driven immune escape, innate immune erosion, T cell dysregulation, or the strange killer clots in the blood supply being discovered by pathologists and morticians that appear to be be unique to those who have been covid-19 vaccinated and suffered severe injury and death as a result?

It beggars belief that we now rely on lay fact checkers and brain-washed members of the public to marshal the quality of medical and scientific information.

How on Earth did we get here? Mass formation is the short answer.

Technocratic revolution

Technocracy and hyper-specialisation in academia and a plethora of industries have contributed to many remarkable technological innovations. From aeroplanes and mobile phones, to drinking water for cities resident to millions. From antibiotics that have saved countless lives, through to our ability to access more information with a few clicks on our personal computers than can be found in all the libraries in the capital cities of the world.

This same myopic focus that has driven human innovation has also led to some of the biggest abuses of humanity and the planet, from processed foods that have contributed greatly to a global metabolic disease crisis, the devastation and pollution of the natural environment and now, the largest mass formation in human history.

“…surely we shouldn’t discount our vulnerability to being drawn into an opposing, but smaller, mass formation, where our belonging needs are satisfied through our connection with anti-lockdowners, vaccine and mask refuseniks – or even Del Bigtree?”

– Rob Verkerk PhD

Imperfectly formed masses

Many of you will already be familiar with the concept of mass formation, also known as crowd or mob psychology, from the work of the Belgian professor in clinical psychology, Dr Matthias Desmet. I pre-ordered his latest book, The Psychology of Totalitarianism Chelsea Green Publishing, 2022, after skimming someone else’s copy while in the US a few weeks ago and could barely put it down. I was ecstatic to receive my copy of the book this morning! But I’d already listened to Del Bigtree’s interview of Dr Desmet released on June 17, such was my enthusiasm to delve into what I feel may be the most complete theory that explains the netherworld we currently inhabit. As we sit at the cusp of what will almost certainly become one of the defining bifurcations in the evolution of both our species and human civilisations.

Rob’s copy of Matthias Desmet’s The Psychology of Totalitarianism (2022) arrives in the ANH office today!

Now we get to my main ‘ask’ and central purpose of this blog. Please consider doing one or both of the two things below.


‘Read Matthias Desmet’s new book 


Watch or listen to Del’s interview with Matthias Desmet

Desmet’s explanation of the greatest mass formation in history, that is still very much in process all around us, provides what many of us believe to be the most comprehensive explanation for the human response to covid-19.

Three things set the scene perfectly for what was to come: the de-individualisation and isolation of people, the anxiety and myopic focus generated by an existential threat to life in the form of a novel virus, and the innate desire to then be connected with others through the mass media and social networks even if it meant risking all the values (and people) previously considered indispensable.

Just as another leading psychologist, Ervin Staub, had demonstrated with his comprehensive analyses of previous mass genocides, the scene was set perfectly for the marginalisation and stigmatisation of those who refuse to be party to the mass formation. Some of us still might find it necessary to research or collate the science, but, let’s face it, in a population that’s subject to mass formation, rational thinking is irrelevant. So is education. Except, if anything – says Desmet – it seems it might make people more prone.

Control group formation

Today we’ve just submitted our analysis and reporting of a subset of the Control Group Cooperative data to a peer reviewed journal (that we are choosing to not name for obvious reasons while we go through the peer review process) after an earlier manuscript was removed from the preprint server, ResearchGate, because it didn’t comply with the narrative and went viral.

The Control Group is a rapidly growing group, so far of over 300,000 people around the world, who have opted out of the mainstream’s mass formation and elected to avoid covid-19 ‘genetic vaccines’. As a scientist, as a parent and as someone devoted to doing what I can to help co-create a better world with likeminded people, I’d love to know what makes us less vulnerable to this primary mass formation.

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But surely we shouldn’t discount our vulnerability to being drawn into an opposing, but smaller, mass formation, where our belonging needs are satisfied through our connection with anti-lockdowners, vaccine and mask refuseniks – or even Del Bigtree? Or could it be, as the fact checkers like to suggest, that we’re just stupid so we’ve been disbanded to an out-group? But judging by the clearly defective science the mass formed intelligentsia are following, high intelligence and good quality education probably can’t explain the drive towards the primary mass formation.

While you ponder this, take on board one idea that many have been reticent so far to accept or even engage with, probably because it’s so alien to us and tears us away from the safety of what we know as humanity. Make no mistake that there are humans in high places who are planning that gene-edited, virtual babies might represent 20% of humanity by 2075. Unless we stop them.

Motor cars and vaccines are safe, viruses are dangerous – right?

I want to finish by saying a few words about our innate reaction to threats to life, be they a sabre-toothed tiger, a snake, or a new zoonotic bug from a wet market in China, or one tweaked in a lab as a bioweapon. All of these threats – to date at least – present much lesser threats than bad diets or motor cars. Yet we’re willing to risk everything, even the lives of our children, in the hope we can rescue them or others from the threat of covid-19, as we see in this week’s decision by the Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to authorise covid-19 vaccines for the under-5s. This could have disastrous long-term consequences for some children if they’re exposed to the spike protein via the vaccine before they’re exposed to circulating coronaviruses, including SARS-CoV-2, that would otherwise result in broader-based, more robust naturally-acquired immunity. Think what’s at stake when it comes to the potential damage by covid-19 ‘genetic vaccines’ to a child’s otherwise incredibly effective immune defences: original antigenic sin, antibody-dependent enhancement, eroded innate immunity, and disrupted killer T cell responses.

But rather than focusing on one virus, let’s try to get some context and understand a little more about the soup of microbes, including viruses, with which we’re continuously associated.

As a National Geographic article correctly asserted back in 2020 during the early stages of the pandemic, there are an “estimated 10 nonillion (10 to the 31st power) individual viruses….on our planet—enough to assign one to every star in the universe 100 million times over”. We live in a veritable viral soup. The vast majority of these viruses do nothing to us at all, while others are essential to life and are dominant drivers of evolution. Others help prime our immune systems and deliver a wealth of other benefits, even if they do a little more harm than good in the early period of spill-over into our species. Others remain latent in us, like varicella zoster that causes shingles in adults, until our immune systems weaken after another infection or a vaccination. Did Justin Bieber’s doctors who diagnosed Ramsay Hunt syndrome tell him about this possibility?

Reflection time is now

We may be in the calm before the next covid-19 storm given Joe Biden’s crystal ball is telling him there’s a second pandemic coming (has he forgotten the ones before covid?).

So it’s the perfect time to reflect. But when we do so, let’s think very carefully what we wish for and which part of our genetic and evolutionary programming we’re using when we make decisions we feel are best for ourselves and our loved ones.

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