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Apr 7, 2022

Date:7 April 2022

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  • Re-framing ‘healthy’
  • Regaining health is easier than you think

After the last two years, health empowerment – and improvement – should be top of everyone’s agenda. But it still isn’t for many. Waistlines seem to be continuing to expand, unhealthy foods and drinks are flying off the shelves and disease stats are rising off the charts. That’s why we’re kicking off a new series this week that focuses on some serious healthspan hacking.

It’s now abundantly clear that the most important determinants of our health are down to the things we do in our daily lives, that our under our individual control. Big Pharma, with its tentacles deep into governments, has assumed the role as the key provider of health-related products, yet exploits our ill health for maximum gain every step of the way. Appreciating the drivers of this ‘disease management’ corporatocracy makes it easier for us to never expect either pharma companies or governments to come up with innovative or effective ways of actually facilitating better self-care. That’s something we must do ourselves, independently, guided by health professionals who are awake to the distortions of the so-called ‘healthcare’ system.

But there’s also a more sinister edge: those who control health service provision, the food supply, energy and education, know full well that if we are not personally empowered, we are also more susceptible to control by the prevailing authoritarians.

Re-framing ‘healthy’

We know the process of health education sounds extremely dull to the people that often need it most. If you’re reading this article on our website, then we’re likely preaching to the converted. Hopefully you’ll share this article and video in the hopes of inspiring others that healthy doesn’t mean boring and free-from doesn’t equate to taste-free. It isn’t about becoming the ‘food fun police’. Becoming more knowledgeable about health is about creating vibrant, resilient health and longevity so you can live the life you want to live.

The toughest sell on healthy nutrition and lifestyle choices are those that cling to the “life’s too short and I have to die of something” line, but ask anyone who has suffered with chronic ill health and then regained their health if they agree. You’ll usually see them very committed to their path of nutrition and lifestyle change because going back to the days of crushing fatigue, pain, discomfort and under function just isn’t an option.

Without a healthy body, our lives are mere fragments of what they might be. That’s really story for many of us here at ANH too. If you’ve bought a copy of our latest book, RESET EATING, you’ll know that Rob, Meleni and Melissa have triumphed over their own health journeys and we really do live as we say – and recommend.

Going back is just not an option. We’d also not be able to accomplish as much as we do without our current levels of health and vitality we now enjoy.

Regaining health is easier than you think

Enjoy part 1 of our Hacking your Lifespan video below. Good health and function across multiple systems in our bodies is essential for building the resilience we need to deal with life’s challenges – and life is certainly throwing a lot of challenge our way these days.

Not enough of us learn how to be healthy or stay healthy. Staying healthy is also viewed as being too expensive and something that’s not relevant for people who have less means.

There is another way – one that promotes health and increases not just your lifespan, but, more importantly, your healthspan.

The good news is that you can make changes at any age, although the earlier you start the better. You no longer have to be defined by the health of your parents and forebears. Never underestimate what you can do with the right tools.

You’ll find a first set of tools to help you rewrite your book of life and embrace change so you, your family and friends can all enjoy a healthy, vital future living life to the full in the video below. If it’s not new to you, so much the better, but please pay the knowledge forward and share, share share!



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