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maj 17, 2023

Date:17 May 2023

Rob Verkerk PhD and Meleni Aldridge were delighted to attend Jonathan Emord Esq’s Health Freedom Forum last Monday 8th May, in Fredricksburg, Virginia, USA.

Jonathan Emord is not only a long-time friend of ANH, but is also one of the the leading constitutional, administrative and free speech attorneys in the USA. Uniquely, he has defeated the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in federal court more than any other American attorney, earning him the title “FDA Dragon Slayer”. Three of these cases were on behalf of ANH-USA. Jonathan is now running for the US Senate, with a bid to reverse growing authoritarianism, violation of civil liberties and the current normalisation of breaches of the US Constitution by administrative authorities.

The event was held at Matt Strickland’s restaurant, Gourmeltz, which has gained respect for some and notoriety for others for remaining open throughout the lockdowns, whilst also refusing to comply with any covid mandates. During the lockdown period, people travelled from far and wide to dine at Gourmeltz and show their support for Matt. After successfully winning the ensuing legal action to prevent his criminalisation for not following the mandates, Matt Strickland is now running for the state Senate in the district of Richmond, Virginia.

Both Jonathan and Matt are deeply committed to issues around health freedom, personal sovereignty and citizen rights. The video footage below was captured on Meleni’s phone (apologies for the sound quality!), but will give you a flavour of the passion and commitment in the room that night. The speakers, in order of appearance on our video collage, are:

Jonathan Emord, Esq.
Matt Strickland
Rob Verkerk, Ph.D.
Dr Thomas Roselle
Lieutenant Colonel Ruben G. Toyos
Dr Matt Irvin
Dr Sheila Furey
Jennifer Herget
Kristin Ball

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